Wear Under for scabbards is not working in the equip list

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Wear Under for scabbards is not working in the equip list

Post by Kielar » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:29 am

When I use wearunder for a studded blue leather scabbard and/or a heavy silver scabbard they do not show in my equipment list. The remove scabbard command also doesn't work. I have to remove the belt to auto dump it into my inventory to retrieve it and the weapon. Anyway, there goes an idea on hiding a knife sheath inside my pants.

wearunder scab
You pull your scabbard down your belt.

You are using:
<worn on finger> a moonstone ring set with a cloud and a tiny bird (perfect)
<worn on finger> a Waterdeep signet ring (perfect)
<worn around neck> an amulet of communication (perfect)
<worn on neck> an emerald pendant carved into an oak tree (perfect)
<worn on body> a money pouch (perfect)
<worn on body> a silver-adorned leather aketon (perfect)
<worn on body> a decorative brown cloak worked with platinum designs (perfect)
<worn on head> a studded leather helm (perfect)
<worn on legs> gold trimmed purple hose (perfect)
<worn on legs> studded leather leggings (perfect)
<worn on feet> fine wool socks (superb)
<worn on feet> supple brown leather ankle boots (perfect)
<worn on hands> silver-adorned ivory-white gauntlets trimmed with white fur (perfect)
<worn on arms> slim sleeves slashed with black (perfect)
<worn on arms> studded leather sleeves (perfect)
<worn about waist> a studded leather belt (perfect)
<worn around wrist> a studded leather wrist sheath (perfect)
<worn around wrist> a studded leather wrist sheath (perfect)
<floating around> (Glowing) (Humming) a tiny pet zombie (perfect)
<worn on belt> a leather belt pouch (perfect)

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Re: Wear Under for scabbards is not working in the equip lis

Post by Harroghty » Fri Nov 10, 2017 4:34 pm

Hm. So, two things.

First, layers on the belt location don't matter anymore. You can adjust them however you like for scabbards with that old program on them, but the belt just wears things in the order that they are worn.

Secondly, I can test this, but only with more detail. Do you mean you're wearing a scabbard on your belt, use the wearunder command, and it disappears? Probably what happens is that the object is removed when you change its layer while its worn, then you need to wear it again.
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