Adoubement of Sir Stigr Brandt of Mystra

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Adoubement of Sir Stigr Brandt of Mystra

Postby Elisabeth » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:09 am

Ailyn looks about over the gathered as she speaks 'He who would serve the Lady, declare yourself.'.
You hear the faithful chanting hymns to the Lady.
Stigr straightens himself and announces with clarity, 'I, Squire Stigr, stand ready.'.
Eira reaches to squeeze Aedlyn's arm gently.
Ailyn nods to Stigr lightly 'Squire Stigr, advance'.
Althasizor smiles at Stigr, giving a quick, encouraging nod.
Isla makes a small squeak, muffling it embarassedly with her hand.
Zhekrie offers the most subtle thumbs up in Stigr's direction as he can, otherwise standing at attention.
Ilaeya nudges Zhekrie.
Stigr makes his way over to the white marble altar, his gaze resting on the blue flickering flames.
Ailyn looks out once more 'And who will endorse him?'.
Cassia smiles proudly at Stigr, looking over the gathering after Ailyn's question.
Alinor watches as Stigr approaches the altar, looking briefly toward Ailyn as she speaks again before answering, 'I, Sir Alinor Evanara, endorse Squire Stigr Brandt.'.
Ailyn dips her head lightly to Alinor 'Sir Alinor Evanara, thank you.'.
Stigr clasps his hands behind his back, his gaze falling to Alinor and Ailyn with a small smile.
Ailyn says to Stigr 'Love magic for itself, not just as a ready weapon to reshape the Realms to your will. Remember always that magic is an Art, the Gift of the Lady, and that those who wield it are privileged in the extreme. Conduct yourself humbly, not proudly, while being mindful of this.'
Ailyn then motions for followers of Lady Mystra to move and stand next to her.
Stigr observes Ailyn's words in silence, a subtle bob of his head following.
Ilaeya makes her way through the crowd, politely excusing herself for anyone she bumps into. She advances towards the altar and stands near Ailyn.
Cassia makes her way up beside Ailyn.
Althasizor remains still for a moment, then starts and steps suddenly over to Ailyn's side.
Rakthar gives way for Ilaeya to pass.
Galeena departs from her sentry position in the rear, moving towards the altar. She carries herself with reverence, with only the sound of her armor coming from her. She takes up a position on the edge, defering to the others and their placement.
Ailyn offers a brief smile to those that gather, before turning her eyes once more to Stigr 'Lie down'.
A novice priest of Mystra walks in from the east.
Stigr nods once at Ailyn before lowering himself to his knees before the altar in respectful prostration and then ying down before it on his back.
Ailyn speaks to those that are gathered around Stigr 'Let us invoke the power of the Mother of All Magic.' She raises one hand towards Stigr, leading the faithful.
A mystical blue fire gathers up from the ground at the feet of the Mystran faithful....
Elisabeth leans forward a little on her feet with interest.
The mystical blue fire snake up each body and lifts Stigr up!
Rakthar blinks.
Aislynn watches with rapt interest, a soft smile playing at her lips.
Rakthar is slightly taken aback.
Andreas watches attentively.
Alinor looks on from his place off to one side, a faint smile softening his otherwise solemn demeanor.
Stigr is tugged up from the ground by the fire like a human-sized marionette, carried aloft by magefire into the air above him. His expression it's usual steely demeanor as his position shifts and he is set upright on his feet, sure as ever before.
Stigr now coruscates with this mystical fire, the flames licking over him without consuming him. Sparks and tongues of it spread in the space between the faithful, but burn none and nothing.
The fire begins, a moment later, to thin and Stigr is turned as he's slowly brought to his feet. When they touch the floor the fire recedes from him, through the faithful, into the ground...
Althasizor smiles faintly at Stigr as he watches on, remaining quiet, though his gaze does trade briefly down to the flames as they snake their way back down into the ground.
Ailyn says to Stigr 'Above your duties to the Lady as her servant, I charge you also to protect her servants as they worship, protect them as they expand the Art, and protect them as they protect the Art and the Weave. Will you do this?"'
Rakthar's eyes widen at the fire consuming but not-really Stigr.
Formyndare watches the spectacle with a rapidly growing smile spreading across his face.
Stigr has no time to be amazed by the coloration of his clothes shifting, he returns his hands back to the small of his back as he answers Ailyn true, 'From this day, until my last. And beyond, should our Lady demand it.'.
Ailyn dips her head to Alinor.
Alinor moves forward giving Stigr a small nod before stepping around behind him.
Alinor gives golden spurs with star-shaped rowels on silver hubs to Stigr.
Alinor kneels and straps the spurs around Stigr's ankles.
Stigr returns the nod at Alinor before he kneels, a smile of appreciation present on his lips.
Stigr wears golden spurs with star-shaped rowels on silver hubs on his feet.
Ailyn says to Stigr 'You must protect the servants of the Lady as they serve her.'.
Alinor gives an adoubement studded with sapphire stars to Stigr.
Alinor stands and places a thick leather girtle around Stigr's waist, taking a brief moment to secure it.
Stigr wears an adoubement studded with sapphire stars about his waist.
Ailyn says to Stigr 'You are bound in this duty to the Lady.'
Alinor steps back and off to the side once more, looking Stigr over with a small smile of pride.
Stigr offers what hand he can to aid Alinor, shifting the adoubement before returning his gaze to Ailyn.
Stigr lowers himself to one knee before Ailyn.
Stigr bows their head and prays.
Stigr kneels down.
Ailyn gets a gradually tapered greatsword with parallel fullers from a large, leather-wrapped scabbard embossed with Mystran runes.
Ailyn takes a scabbard and pulls a sword from it. She then moves to tap Stigr first on one shoulder, and then upon the other with the flat of the blade.
Ailyn puts a gradually tapered greatsword with parallel fullers in a large, leather-wrapped scabbard embossed with Mystran runes.
Ailyn returns the blade to the scabbard and then lifts a hand and slaps Stigr across the face.
Ilaeya lifts her gaze briefly, then purses her lips and looks back at Ailyn and Stigr.
Stigr takes the blow with grace, his head casting to one side with it before straightening out again.
Rakthar blinks at Ailyn in disbelief.
Ailyn extends the blade to Stigr for him to take up 'Rise then, Sir Stigr, and remember your duty as you take this sword with which to carry it out.'.
Daerin blinks at Ailyn in disbelief.
Elisabeth smiles at Stigr.
Ailyn gives a large, leather-wrapped scabbard embossed with Mystran runes to Stigr.
Althasizor winces faintly, but smiles as he watches Ailyn and Stigr. He waits a moment longer, then brings his hands together, clapping for Stigr.
Cassia remains still beside Ailyn, watching the ceremony with a soft smile, her hands come together in gentle applause.
Daerin claps at Stigr's actions.
Some little tongues of blue flame momentarily limn Stigr's frame at Ailyn's words and his clothes are again transformed.
Stigr looks up at Ailyn and outstretches a hand to take the grip of the sword, slowly rising to his feet with the sheathed weapon. A smile present on his lips as he nods once at Ailyn.
Aoife clasps her hands in front of her, a hint of a smile growing warmer as she nods her head to Stigr.
Rakthar furrows his brows a moment, then starts clapping in unison with the rest.
Andreas smiles and applauds Stigr.
Zhekrie grins brightly as the applaud begins, joining in with ease as he whistles lightly in cheer.
Isla presses her lips together touching the back of her wrist to each eye quickly.
Formyndare throws his hands in the air and lets out a loud whoop and joins in the applause.
Galeena nods her head, 'Huzzah, Sir Stigr.'.
Stigr holds the weapon at his side by the base of the blade, lowering himself to the applause with a deep bow at the waist.
Andreas smiles at Stigr.
Rakthar whistles and cheers on.
Alinor clasps his hands together behind his back, his gaze shifting from Ailyn to Stigr.
Ailyn raises a hand and motions for everyone to remain quiet.
Althasizor glances at Ailyn.
Rakthar quiets down at the request.
Cassia clasps her hands together, looking to Ailyn.
Ailyn returns her gaze to Stigr.
Stigr rises from his bow to proclaim, 'Hencefourth, I do so swear this oath: as a servant to the Lady, I will keep that love for magic, her Gift as I defend her faithful, and all goodly Weavers who wish to expand their knowledge in her art. That we might all drink deep of it's bounty and live ' harmoniously in her glow, I will defend her gift fiercly to my dying breath and I will bring swift justice to those who would abuse her Gift for their own dark designs." He pauses, then reiterates, 'I do so swear this.'.
Ailyn smiles as the oath is taken, and says to those gathered 'Sir Stigr Brandt of Mystra!'.
A slender, disembodied hand appears and indicates Stigr, causing him again to glow with an ethereal blue-white light.
Someone inducts Stigr into the Paladins.
Stigr has been blessed by his patron!
Andreas smiles and claps again for Stigr.
Ilaeya pumps a fist in the air 'WOOO! SIR STIGR!'.
Elisabeth finally parts her lips to utter fondly, 'Sir Stigr.' She bows her head for Stigr.
Althasizor reaches a hand up, curling his fingers on the symbol hanging off his neck, lowering his head reverently.
Cassia claps once more for Stigr, 'Congratulations, Sir Stigr!'.
The plainsong of the Hymn to the Lady can be heard briefly across the Realms as Mystra's favored servants celebrate a new protector.
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