Unholy Alliance: Fall-out

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Unholy Alliance: Fall-out

Post by Hadwyn » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:55 pm

Rumors swiftly travel from Waterdeep's Market Square...

At the height of the Moonmaiden's passage in the night's sky, two creatures passed into Waterdeep. One under a flag of truce. The other under hidden means. The former made way to the center of the Market Square, where the Holy Champion of the True conversed among friends and acquaintances.

The tattooed giant of the Dark Sun seemed to stare deep into the Champion's soul with his red stained eyes as he towered over him in spiked blacksteel armor and claymore in hand. He spoke for and receive a semi-private conversation with the Champion.

The conversation inside the exhibit hall was hushed, almost conspiratorial. It was also brief. Joined by the one hidden, a creature of mauve skin glistening in slime with pupilless white eyes and four tentacles encircling a round, many-toothed mouth. The only statement discernible was the hidden's statement that the Champion spoke the truth.

Beyond such, little in facts can be discerned...

"... I heard mention of the Necromancer. Does the Mad Lord have visions of adding to his portfolio anew? To what end would approaching servants of the Loyal Fury have to such a goal?"

"... the True's Champion was a dwarf in comparison to the unnamed ghoul. I watched him quiver in fear as he would not even gain his shield and sword as the being talked with him of a renewal of a Holy War. How could the True give title to such an unworthy servant?"

"... How can it be that the Champion and the ghastly giant would speak in such hushed tones? To what ends would two mortal enemies speak as allies? Should we worry of another Tenwealth?"

"... A vaguely humanoid creature with slimy skin and tentacles about its toothy orifice was reading the mind of the Champion. What did the ghoul seek from him? It seemed definitive that whatever it was, it was found..."

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Re: Unholy Alliance: Fall-out

Post by Yemin » Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:19 am

*The overheard mutterings of a drunk who wonders the streets of Waterdeep.

Whats the city coming to? yesterday i saw a Tormite head off with some grim looking fella that gave me the shivers enough to get a good stiff drink through my bones and thats not even the part thats had me back to the drinking halls before work this morning.

Was minding my own business I tell you. MyY OWN damn business. Sitting right on diamond street. Back against the house of wonder and working off the buzz between taverns to pace myself and soon enough, screaming and all sorts of trouble. Soldiers and them mystic sword swingers causing a right racket. Shouting about an attack by the mad one's servants. Soon as I heard that I ran... well crawled my way away. I only needed to kill the buzz not myself.

Then! of all things I walk past one of those flipping adventurers that dress like clowns. Fella's eyes go wide and he says. I tell you he says the name Akerterina and looks like he could drown cats over it. Least its only woman trouble's what I'm thinking.
I trained up double-edged bananas because the uber-plantain of doom I scored from the beehive quest was the best weapon in the game. Now it's being treated like a bug and they have gimped its damage! That's not fair! My character is ruined!

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