The howling peak incident

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The howling peak incident

Post by Yemin » Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:20 am

*Intercepted field report to: "The organisation"

Goblins in Waterdeep aren't a new development as far as things go but its always a little satisfying seeing the surprise and disgust on the face of adventurers as one crawled up to them and begged for help at the market. Always amazes me that these so called worldly types know so little about where they come roost.

I report no public outcry at the creature though. Coming out of the shadows into plain daylight like that. I suspect the common populous must've thought it a particularly ugly child.

I followed a group with certain personages of interest to us. The old crow, the new death lord, the high artificer and 5 or so others as they flung themselves into adventure at the word of a goblin.

I pause to note here. The enigma that is the wisdom of adventurers tends to leave one boggled for logical thought and yet they are beloved, or wanted enough by this or that god enough that their endevors are always blessed.

To the Howling peak where a force of Duergar were exercising upon the goblins the adventurers did do battle and push within. I however felt I had already surpassed my mandate and appropriated a nearby valley to make stealthy camp within.

Rumour in coming days tell of a battle with a deep spawn and a new complex of duergar within the peaks but as your lordships have already chastised this agent once for overstepping. I return to Waterdeep and leave it to my comrades to infiltrate the matter further.
I trained up double-edged bananas because the uber-plantain of doom I scored from the beehive quest was the best weapon in the game. Now it's being treated like a bug and they have gimped its damage! That's not fair! My character is ruined!

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