Judging a Necromancer - Council with Lady Gesine

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Judging a Necromancer - Council with Lady Gesine

Post by Harvin » Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:13 pm

Below is presented the third (chronologically) log from the story titled "Judging a Necromancer" and follows the events described in Spontaneous RP event - Judging a Necromancer (first log) and Judging a Necromancer - Aftermath (second log). The third part of this story presents the conversation during a private council in Waterdeep granted by Lady Gesine, the Mystran Teacher, to Vidar, the protagonist, and becomes the turning point for Vidar in terms of his viewpoint and his philosophy.
A Leafy Oak Clearing
E-Darkness S-Calamstyr Lane W-Calamstyr Lane
The pathway ends in a little grassy clearing, which hosts a prominent leafy
white oak tree, providing ample shade for those who rest under its leaves.
The grass is soft, thick, and lush, proving welcoming to those seeking rest
and to the wildflowers that dot its surface. The oak tree spreads wider than
it is tall, with its gnarled branches extending in all directions, with some
even bowing low to the ground. Rounded lobes on the leaves characterize the
tree as a white oak, and the tree's branches hold a healthy amount of
foliage. A small pond sits in the clearing, home to plants such as water
lilies and hyacinths. There is a little sign here.
The sky is cool and hailing and a cold northern gust blows.
River rocks enclose a cheery little fire pit. (very good)
( 6) A dragon shaped crystal vial lays here. (perfect)
Gesine is standing here.
Gesine gets an iron vial from black saddle bags.
Gesine holds an iron vial in her right hand.
Vidar walks in and greets Gesine 'Greetings, dear Lady. I thank you for allowing me to come.'
Gesine sprinkles some salt and soot into the vial as she swirls it over the fire 'Good morning.'.
Gesine brews up an iron vial of tongues.

Vidar looks upset 'However I must cancel this meeting, since there are some nearby, which I'd rather not have them see me'.

Gesine hmms 'Who?'.

Vidar replies 'I do not know by name, only by looks. And he is on the market square, so very nearby'.

Gesine says 'We can go elsewhere if you'd prefer.'

Vidar nods happily 'That would be better. Perhaps to the temple of Mystra?'.

Gesine nods.
Gesine says 'One more, then we go.'
Gesine gets a twisted blue vial from black saddle bags.
Gesine holds a twisted blue vial in her right hand.
Gesine drops an iron vial of tongues.

Vidar waits patiently 'I will follow you, Lady.'.

Gesine brews up a twisted blue vial of tongues.
Gesine says 'I've had an unusual amount of people wanting potions lately. I nearly completely ran out. That never happens.'
Gesine drops a twisted blue vial of tongues.

Vidar looks with amazement at the skillfulness of brewing, 'I can understand that. These...' points to the made flasks '...must be very potent'.

Gesine nods 'They are.'.
Gesine gets a bag from black saddle bags.
Gesine gets a bag from a bag.
Gesine puts a bag in black saddle bags.
Gesine fills a bag.
Gesine puts a bag in a wooden potion case stamped with Mystran runes.
Gesine walks east.
You follow Gesine.

*** Inside the temple of Mystra ***

Gesine is standing here.
Gesine Hmmmms...
Gesine says 'We'll go to the summoning room. We are less likely to be bothered there.'
Gesine walks west.
You follow Gesine.

*** Some seconds later ***

Summoning Room
E-Alchemist Labor
The stone floor of this chamber is inscribed with runes of protection
and warding against all manner of magical beings. The walls are covered
with lists of known creatures which might be summoned, and what spells
and bargains they might offer the summoner, for a price. A glowing
symbol of Mystra hangs above the entrance to this room, the final
ward against a summoned being's escape from this place without the
permission of the goddess.
Gesine is standing here.
Gesine nods.

Vidar nods 'Thank you, dear Lady'.

Gesine settles down onto the floor and waits.
Gesine sits down and relaxes.

Vidar sits down and takes his pack off of himself, resting it down onto the floor, and makes him comfortable.
Vidar starts 'As you know, my name is Vidar. And I am a Conjurer - I took lessons under Conjurer Master Trighten in <location name censored>.'

Gesine looks at you.

Vidar goes on speaking.

Gesine nods gently as she listens.

Vidar continues 'However recently I had to perform a specific spell for the first time. It involved telekinetically to mobilize the bones of a fallen kobold and by telekinetic magic to keep them intact and obedient to my words.'.
Vidar keeps on speaking.

Gesine purses her lips as she listens.

Vidar says 'I had to do so, to free a friend mage from the Kobolds Tower, and as I had no other means to secure not only my life but also his I had no choice as to use it. However...'.

an elegant silver pendant set with faceted sapphire stars glows briefly as Gesine activates it.
Gesine mumurs softly into her pendant and apologizes 'I am sorry, someone seeking lessons. Please go on, I am listening.'.

Vidar continues '... however, I was spotted by some knights of Tyr and Torm, who accused me of necromancy and was punished by them. I tried to reason with them, but they were convinced of necromancy. Now, I *felt* it that it was no necromancy, for I had used no blood nor ' flesh, just the bones telekinetically combined together and obedient to me.
Vidar adds 'And I believe I will be brought before the court of the Kelemvorites, which will be led by the Deathlord himself. And therefore I wanted to ask you.'.
an elegant silver pendant set with faceted sapphire stars glows briefly as Gesine activates it.

Vidar asks 'Because they accuse me of necromancy, of which I do not accuse myself, as I know better what I conjured, is there a way to convince these priests and servants of gods that I am not guilty of such accusation?'.
Vidar ends his story with a long exhale.

Gesine hmms softly at you 'First....there is always a choice. Always. The alternatives to what you choose may not be pleasant, but there is always a choice.'.

Vidar nods slowly and listens.

Gesine frowns faintly 'And, even if you did manage to perform the spell as you describe, which I have my doubts over and I'll explain why in a moment...to even use the bones is disturbing the dead.'.
You hear the faithful chanting hymns to the Lady.
Gesine says to you 'There is no need to include flesh for it to be an abomination.'

Vidar nods again and remains silent.

Gesine folds her hands in her lap 'I myself have studied necromancy a great deal. I have knowledge of raising corpses. And I know there are many times that if I had used such a tactic, that it probably would have saved my own life.'.
Gesine holds up a finger 'But just because I can, does not mean that I should.'.

Vidar raises eyebrows 'Have you then been brought before a trial as well?'.

Gesine says to you 'I've never disturbed the rest of the dead. I said I have knowledge...that does not mean I have done it.'
Gesine says to you 'I study it so that I can effectively defend against it and fight it.'

Vidar nods and looks down to the floor.

Gesine says 'There are other necromantic spells that are useful however.'
Gesine hmms softly 'And as for your description of how you actually used the bones...'.

Vidar raises his look and rests it on Gesine.

Gesine says to you 'There used to be a spell that I used, that allowed me to animate various objects. It sounds a lot like what you said you did. I could have taken a set of bones and rather than using negative energy...I would have been able to imbue them with magic and have them follow my command.'

Vidar nods hastily 'Excatly, Lady! That is of what I am speaking of.'.

Gesine folds her arms 'However, the tactics of that spell have become highly unstable. And I've not seen a wizard able to successfully do such a feat in...decades...'.

Vidar looks upset again and lowers his gaze 'Oh...'.

Gesine says to you 'If you could do that with bones, you should be able to do it with any item.'
Gesine says to you 'I'd be interested to see it. If you can do it, I might try again myself...perhaps we can teach others.'
Gesine digs through her bags and hmms.

Vidar adds 'I am afraid I am not able to do this. I just felt this surge of power in a moment of great peril and stress.'.

Gesine tilts her head 'Well then by that explanation you'd be a sorcerer, so something else that is amazing....the only person I've seen close to that is my daughter, and she has blood from the Lady herself that made that possible..'.

Vidar looks interested 'A sorceror? I have not heard of them, I am afraid, my Lady. Could you explain it?'.

Gesine says to you 'Well for myself, whenever I wish to cast a spell...I have to prepare it and study it in advance. I have to make sure my mind is in the right place, I have to have it memorized..'
Gesine says to you 'A sorcerer can cast spells spontaneously without preparation. They just come to them, like you said the spell came to you.'

Vidar nods with approval 'Yes, that is the normal way' and then hmms.

You hear the faithful chanting hymns to the Lady.

Vidar looks upset again 'The problem is that I am not sure if they will accept and follow my reasoning. They are highly faithful people who see only good or bad, and do not see the large area in-between.'.

Gesine tilts her head 'Well I am having problems following your reasoning as well. You are trying to tell me that you have cast a spell, that no other wizard....myself included can manage even though I have studied those techniques extensively...'.
Gesine says 'And further, you are trying to justify disturbing the dead.'

Vidar looks straight into Gesine's eyes and utters 'Then I was punished accordingly to the present laws and rules...'.

Gesine nods gently 'I think you need to think on what you did. Those of us blessed with the gift have great power...and with that power comes great responsibility.'.
Gesine looks back into you 'You have the power to do -anything-. Anything. Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think of the consequences to your actions.'.
Gesine says to you 'And if you felt like that was your only choice to protect yourself....maybe that is something we need to work on.'
Gesine says to you 'Perhaps we should work on improving your defenses.'

Vidar nods slightly and speaks 'I must say, I have my mind more at ease after listening to your advice. And I agree with what you say, although there is some unrest in me. ' pauses after listening 'Perhaps it would be wise to practice some defensive wardings, you may be quite right, Lady'.

Gesine tilts her head 'Though...if you have been punished already, and you can prove to me that you are sufficiently sorry for what you've done, and you understand why it was wrong.... I can appeal to the church of Kelemvor on your behalf.'.
Gesine says to you 'I do have a bit of sway there.'

Vidar smiles slightly 'That is a great honor and I appreciate it. ' pauses for a moment to continues his speech.
Vidar continues 'And I understand it is not *deemed* goodly to conjure *abominations* as you say, but there still lies some unrest in me. Let me explain.'.

Gesine nods and listens patiently.

You hear the faithful chanting hymns to the Lady.
Vidar explains 'Even by goodly folks the necromancy spells are used, such as Astral Walk or raise dead, performed very often by the priests on a fallen corpses. And they do not meet any consequences by performing those. My case was similar, and the cause of conjuring the animated bones was only led by my best will to help the lost mage in the Kobolds Tower.

Gesine shakes her head 'Necromancy itself is not a bad thing. How some people choose to use it is.'.
Gesine says 'I use plenty of necromantic spells.'

Vidar adds 'And this is exactly why I feel I have been judged wrongly'.

Gesine shakes her head 'You used a spell, to disturb the dead. While your intentions were not in a bad place, that does not excuse the act...but in my opinion if you have learned from it..then perhaps people could go easier on you.'.

Vidar adds with a sigh 'And just after the incident and the trial performed by Lady Lustria, the Just Hand of Tyr, I was contacted by Sir Andreas, that the Deathlord of Kelemvorites want to speak with me. And I fear that those priests will not be as open-minded as you are, Lady.'.

Gesine says to you 'Then you need to think on what you've done, quit making excuses and own up to what you did, and why it was wrong.'

Vidar nods 'Yes, that is what has to be done' but then sighs 'Anyway, my fate will be dependent on this trial with Kelemvorites I fear...'.

Gesine says to you 'I do not believe you conjured the bones in any manner as you say. That is not something I can accomplish, and no offense...but if I cannot do it, I have a very hard time believing that you can.'

Vidar nods 'That is reasonable and I agree.'.

Gesine says to you 'I think I can ease your trial...but before I speak on your behalf, I need to see you've put real thought into it.'
Gesine asks you 'What was your punishment with Lustria?'

Vidar sighs 'I still need to bring these news to my Master Conjurer, Master Trighten...'.
Vidar replies and his face turns pale 'I was sentenced to lose my both arms by the cut of a sword. A diamond wand was taken from me as well'.

Gesine says to you 'Seeing as how I am married to a former Deathlord, and I've been one of the top allies of the church of Kelemvor for a great number of years now...they should listen to what I have to say.'
Gesine sighs gently 'Well that seems like a strong enough punishment if you are truly sorry for what you've did and you learn from this mistake.'.
Gesine clears her throat 'What you've done..'.

Vidar looks up to Gesine 'And therefore I ask myself what does the Order of Kelemvorites want from me?'.

Gesine wrinkles her nose 'If I know Areia, she'll want to see you dead.'.

Vidar turns white on face and remains without move.

Gesine nods 'I'll leave you here to think. Seek me out again when you've thought about what you've done and you can tell me why it was wrong.'.

Vidar barely nods and sits in silence...

Gesine rises from her rest.
Gesine gathers herself up and pats you gently on the shoulder before walking out.
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Re: Judging a Necromancer - Council with Lady Gesine

Post by Yemin » Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:14 am

Epic, a good read.
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