A Congregation to Speak on the Arcanist Vidar

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A Congregation to Speak on the Arcanist Vidar

Post by Areia » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:54 pm

An RP resulting from this scene.
The Council Chamber
A well-polished steel harness stands here. (perfect)
A C-shaped table of polished hardwood stands here. (perfect)
(Translucent) Lustria is standing here.
Rut is standing here.
Ailyn is hovering here.
Andreas is standing here.

Ailyn descends and lands.

Areia nods at Ailyn.

Ailyn shrugs.

Lustria reaches up and completely removes her helm. A cascade of silver tresses spill down her shoulder and back to midback before she finds a seat at the head of the table.

Lustria puts a steel helm with minotaur horns in a small wicker basket.

Areia's mirth fades quickly when they enter the room. She steps toward the table, taking a seat to face Lustria.

Ailyn finds a seat next to you.

Lustria looks among the gathered, 'Sit whereever it please you. Or if your armor does not allow, stand.'.

Other players will see your pose as 'Areia is sat at the table, facing the towering aasimar.'.

Andreas's sabatons ring off the floor as he steps across the room to take a seat at the table.

Andreas sits and relaxes.

Ailyn sits down and relaxes.

Rut takes a seat and set his ever present sabre ontop of the table in front of him.

Rut sits down and relaxes.

Rut stops using a platinum sabre.

Lustria leans back in a sturdy chair seemingly built for holding armored individuals and says, 'Well, let us be orderly about this.' she looks to Andreas, 'The Sir knight contacted me first so I will hear what you wished to discuss first.'.

Lustria moves her hands, resting them on the table infront of her.

Ailyn leans back in her seat, watching and listening quietly.

Areia's dark gloves come to fold atop the table's surface, and she looks slowly over the congregation before she nods faintly in agreement with Lustria.

Areia looks at Andreas.

You hear paladins training in the Halls.

The Council Chamber
A well-polished steel harness stands here. (perfect)
A C-shaped table of polished hardwood stands here. (perfect)
(Translucent) Lustria is sat at the head of the table.
Rut is sitting at one of the chairs at the table.
Ailyn sits here.
Andreas is seated at the table.

Andreas bows his head to Lustria. 'I hath heard the tale from Master Jethral. Whilst I agree that the raising of undead is an unclean act worthy of punishment, I wonder if the punishment meted out might hath been too severe an' bordering 'pon torture.'.

Andreas asks Lustria 'What brought the to conclude that the cutting off of the man's arms wast justice served? Why didst thou not seek to consult with the Church of Kelemvor regarding an appropriate punishment for the crime of raising the undead?'

Areia's piercing greens shift toward Lustria to observe Lustria's answer.

Rut rubs a tusk quietly his eyes gazing about. One hand remaining on his blade at all time - though clearly his posture was not hostile in anyway.

Ailyn's hands pulsate and shimmer with soft light.

Ailyn sits quietly listening, hands resting on her lap.

Lustria looks steadily at Andreas for a small moment then simply states, 'Mine own church has a long history also dealing with necromancy of that type. Discarding the frankly patronizing insinuation in that question since everyone should be held accountable at some point and I do not believe you meant for it to be insulting. As' far as I knew there were no representatives of the kelemvorite church for me to call upon at the time."

Lustria maintains her relaxed posture in the chair, 'And even were there, the clerks that serve in these halls are trained to meet out justice with not only a keen mind but efficiency. If a clerk of the just hand cannot deliberate and give the law out in the wild then he or she has a long way to go before b' eing granted the title."

Lustria gestures to Andreas, 'As for the punishment's severity..., I deemed it appropriate based on the body of doctorin that i s used to measure cases of murder within civilised lands and appropriate punishments.'.

You nod.

Andreas asks Lustria 'Wouldst not a clean death hath been more appropriate rather than torture?'

Lustria says to Andreas 'He did not suffer long. And was healed before being sent on his way. I do not recognize that any torture occured.'

Andreas bows his head to Lustria. 'As thou wilt, m'lady.'.

Lustria nods slightly, her alien eyes melting with a deep thoughtfulness before they shift to curiosity at you, 'And the issue you wished to raise death lord?'.

Ailyn turns her gaze to you as she listens.

Rut eyes glances towards you in thought.

Areia dips her chin gently over her folded hands and answers softly, 'My own concerns have less to do with the past and more to do with the future. Though I would say for the record that while it is most ideal for the Death Clergy to handle matters of this nature, it is certainly not necessary and no offense was taken in your own capable handling of the situation.' Her eyes lift to fix on Lustria's and she says after a quiet and long-drawn breath, 'As you know, those willing to do as he did once overwhelmingly tend to do it again. Thus I wished to clarify some things for my own understanding. I have heard you found him guilty of dishonesty. In what regard?'.

Lustria's eyes immediately still their melting quality, her visage becoming momentarily unyielding without any movement of lip or eyebrow as she gives a chilled, 'Ah.' Shifting position she explains factually, 'He attempted to deceive the court by claiming the undead he created were transmutative constructs made from telekenetically bound bones.'.

You raise an eyebrow.

Ailyn nods softly.

Areia poses then to Lustria a soft, 'He claims himself a psionicist, then?'.

Rut Hmmmms...

Ailyn shakes her head, but remains quiet.

Andreas says 'E'en if such wert true, he wouldst yet be guilty of disturbing the dead.'

You hear paladins training in the Halls.

Lustria lifts her chin slightly as her eyes resume their usual motions, 'He claims himself to be some form of conjurer with a new quirk on forming constructs. A blatant lie as my faith banished the evil holding the souls tethered to the corpses.'.

Areia's hands lift, elbows now resting on the table and fingers steepling beneath her chin. She muses quietly, 'So he is to be regarded as either a liar or perhaps even mentally unstable.' She gives a very faint nod at her own words, then enquires of Lustria, 'To what if any degree did he show remorse for his actions?'.

Lustria says to you 'I would say he showed no remorse but regret at the punishment. But such is the way with almost all I punish. Occasionally some see their error at a later time. Others become content simply never to offend in the future.'

a tiny gauntlet with a heart on it glows briefly as Andreas activates it.

Lustria says to you 'I would say he is more of a liar than mentally unstable. But that is my own take on him.'

Rut nods quietly as he listens to the people who speak.

Ailyn hmms softly, continuing to listen.

Areia gives a faint, wry smile and replies, 'Everyone grows so very sorry when they are caught.' The expression fades quickly and she answers with a slight nod, 'Hardly one to be trusted, in either case. I presume you made a search of his belongings upon capture. Did you find any sign that would lead you to believe this is regular activity for him?'.

Areia motions slightly with one hand and clarifies, 'Holy symbols, necromantic implements, so on.'.

Lustria says to you 'I saw very little other than the implements of a young wizard. I confescated the onyx gems I could find and they now sit in our component stores.'

Areia gives Lustria a single firm nod, 'That was to be among my enquiries. Very good. He will have difficulty obtaining more, young and weak as he is.' She falls quiet for the span of a breath or two, seeming to give thought to her next words but for long enough that another might interject if desired...

Lustria moves her hands, laying one atop the other, 'Perhaps not. Through my mirror, I spotted him in company with a tiefling and a green eyed half elf in the leaky drum within the city some days ago.'.

Andreas says 'I hath met this Vidar of Silverymoon some months past an' verily didst I sense no darkness within him. I pray his actions are merely those of ignorance for the gravity of defiling the undead.'

Lustria tells Andreas, 'One need not be evil to do evil. He is of a chaotic bent.'.

Andreas says 'I also suspect he might hath some dealings with the lady Myn of the Maid of Misfortune. Most recently I hear tell that she seeks a bounty 'pon Master Jethral's life.'

Your ability to to decipher magical inscription fades slowly away.

What's bothering you ?

Your hands no longer stick to things.

Lustria replies to Andreas, 'I was informed by the Raven Nixa that such a bounty was long ago and was never formalized.'.

Ailyn glances about for a moment 'I speak from Gesine's words on this, for she has sat down and talked to him thoroughly as well, but I share similar feelings towards them'.

Andreas nods at Lustria.

Andreas says to Lustria 'I see. I didst understand it to be a recent thing per Master Jethral's words.'

Rut looks to Ailyn now still being ever quiet as he simply listens.

Lustria says to Andreas 'I will have to speak with him.'

Andreas nods at Lustria.

Lustria looks back to you, 'did you have more to speak on?'.

Areia emits a faint sigh, one perhaps more of weariness than anything else, before she murmurs, 'So his connections are already made,' to herself. She nods at Andreas and Ailyn, 'I shall hear what anyone who knows of him would say, for I intend to persue this issue and deal with him as I see fit as Kelemvor's chosen.'.

Areia adds a soft, 'And his future grows bleaker by the moment.'.

You no longer see invisible objects.

Lustria raises her top hand to call a pause then says, 'I would interject something now, before the situation becomes unnecessarily complex.'.

Areia dips her chin in deference to Lustria.

Ailyn quiets and nods before speaking further.

Rut eye turn to Lustria again, maintaining his silence for now. Though his brow was forward as if in deep thought.

Ailyn gets a grey copper ring set with a large bloodstone from a pocketed long coat stitched with a motif of midnight suns.

Ailyn stops using a ring of the Weave.
Ailyn slips her finger into a grey copper ring set with a large bloodstone.

Ailyn puts a ring of the Weave in a pocketed long coat stitched with a motif of midnight suns.

Lustria lowers her hand bakc to the table, 'Recognize I say this because of previous instances I have read on and experienced myself. Among the more horrific crimes on Toril, there is a tendancy to overreact. Very few things strike fear into the hearts of rulers and peasants as does a burgening nec' romancer in his barrony. Simply put, I do not expect any direct trouble from anyone in this room, but perhaps you might have a friend, a faith mate or follower that falls into this trap."

Lustria lets out a breath then says with slight fatigue, 'I do not wish to be forced into a situation where I have to put down an overzellous witch hunt. Vidar of Silverymoon may have evil intent, but I will defend him with all Tyr given power if necessary to protect the integrity of due process.'.

You hear paladins training in the Halls.

Rut nods quietly to Lustria words. He gives a grunt of approval even if none is needed. Though he than touches his symbol and murmers 'Midnight passes'.

Andreas says 'He hast paid for his crime. I wouldst not see him punished 'gain for it. But I pray that he might consult with thee, Deathlord, that he might gain a greater understanding of the nature of undeath an' why the raising of undead is an unclean act.'

Areia nods singularly in firm agreement with Lustria, 'We are in agreement, then, defendor. Just as does yours, my Master holds justness and the law at the utmost.' She steeples her fingers again, 'Thus why I have not already hunted him down. I intend to meet with him also and go from there.'.

Areia's green eyes narrow for the briefest instant, 'However, I do intend to and will carry out any punishments deamed necessary by Death's law if the need will arise.' then her features soften, 'I shall hope it does not come to that, but it is a possibility.'.

Areia nods at Andreas.

Areia replies, 'Just so I wish to impart on him, Sir Andreas,' to Andreas.

Lustria seems to breathe easier as she, also nods, 'Very good then. Is there anything else. Or shall we conclude?' she asks before looking to Ailyn and Rut in turn.

Ailyn sighs softly and nods 'We feel his sense of how magic works and the schools is because of lack of training. He was convinced to Gesine even that what he used was a form of telekinesis.'.

Ailyn says 'He also claims to have used the spell for his own defense in exploring the tower. A lack of other forms of defense for a conjuror is clearly a lack of teaching as well by a master.'

Areia utters, 'I shall also demand he permanently cut ties from those of the Keep's residence and cease any use of necromantic magic until I am satisfied that he is indeed well educated. Is there any opposition to this?'.

Andreas says ''Twould serve him well to not seek company of evil doers.'

Areia nods at Andreas.

Rut perks up 'Ah dae have some opposition tae this.'.

Ailyn frowns softly.

Ailyn rubs her brow lightly.

Lustria lifts her shoulders briefly, 'Demands are not illegal and while I find it a reasonable request, death lord. It is simply not in my hands unless he breaks a law against established or the law of hte common good.'.

Lustria's eyes swirl with hypnotic merth, 'Unless of course he submits himself to me for counselling. but I do not see that happening.'.

You say to Ailyn 'Your people and mine both will do well to work hand-in-hand to educate him. Seems he is in need of learning more than simply the hanousness of animating the dead. And I say that in the brightest light I can manage. I do not trust him at this moment.'

Ailyn rubs her brow and continues, even if speaking over someone else at this point 'Both of us feel it is more a lack of education then malice that he did as he did.'.

Ailyn says 'gesine plans to teach him, and if he shows a willingness to learn and to know of a spell but know not to use it, we would submit a request for these charges to be dropped.'

Rut takes a breath and quiets himself.

Andreas gives Rut an inquisitive look.

Ailyn's hands pulsate and shimmer with soft light.

Lustria again lifts her shoulders briefly and nods to Ailyn.

Rut grunts and says 'Never mind me, forget ma place. Said Ah wid only observe an' shall stick wi' that' towards Andreas.

Lustria says to Rut 'You may comment if you wish.'

Lustria waves a hand at the gathered, 'I believe we are past the bulk of the issues.'.

Ailyn says 'He should not be punished by every faith for a crime he only committed once, and I count both creations as one occurrence.'

Areia informs Ailyn gently, 'There are presently no charges against him, priestess. And aye I am in agreement on that. However I shall wish to be convinced of his compotency also.' Her head cants a touch to one side, '..As is, I have trouble believing it is truly misunderstanding. He has presumably gone through training both at the School of Wonder and his own conjury guild and with that knowledge, one should certainly know the difference between necromantic magic and psionics.' She looks then to Rut, 'Pray, say on. Why do you find my requests unfitting?'.

Lustria nods to Ailyn then shifts her attentions to Rut.

You say to Ailyn 'Nor shall I intend to punish him further for this crime. I meant only that if he should commit more in the future, I retain the right and ability to punish him then as I see fit.'

Rut grunts 'Ah dae no' believe barring him fae necromancy will help' he states 'While Ah agree cutting aff contact with... the dark hearted be indeed a good move'.

Areia nods, 'And why do you think it unwise?'.

Rut grunts 'Fur one... if he be a chaotic individual, restriction may instead lead tae rebellion an' furhter acts o' crime in necromancy' he states 'As such, instead, gaun alang wi' this education people are proposing, that wan instead openly albiet carefully teaches him o' necromancy. In this manner, if he be indeed bein' truthful aboot his ignorance, he may properly learn whit consitutes necromati' c spells, and which one are not considered evil and even in some cases good.

Ailyn nods her head in agreement with Rut.

Rut adds as a note 'As fur schooling. Ah have gone tae the school o' wonder, an' they taught no' o' necromancy. Ah cannae speak fur the shcool o' conjuration, as Ah be a transmuter. That bein' said Ah beleive ignorance be indeed a possibly... unles the school hiz changed form a'' those years ago"

You hear paladins training in the Halls.

Areia's lips purse a moment, 'So I ought not restrict him... because restriction runs the risk of bringing out his full and true nature. Hm.'.

You say to Rut 'I shall take it into consideration.'

Lustria comments, 'Some do not respond well to harsh rules, others not so well to the stick or the rod.'.

Rut grunts 'Ye should no' restrict him, because ye may push him doon the wrong path' he states.

Andreas tips his head at Rut in acknowledgement. ''Tis a risk,' he agrees.

Ailyn says to you 'As Gesine has put it, and you yourself also know most likely, that knowing of a spell and knowing when to use or not use it is important.'

Rut says 'Ah wid instead encourage a few lesson first, see how receptive he be, an' than change how ye want tae dae things accordingly'

Ailyn says 'Knowing the spell to animate the dead he does know. What he does not most likely is how people perceive the spell, and how it harms those it affects by binding the soul into a corpse.'

Rut nods his head in agreement with Ailyn.

You say to Ailyn 'One cannot know how to cast the spell and not know that it uses the souls of the dead as power. But in any event..'

Areia murmurs a soft, 'Very well. Again it will be taken into consideration. Still, I shall insist that he no longer employs the dweamer of reanimation. This rule I hold for all people of all places. The punishment for opposition to this rule is execution.'.

Lustria offers a simple nod, her silence maintained.

Areia's chin lifts, 'And as to that question I shall hear no arguement,' she utters calmly.

Ailyn says to you 'As Gesine and myself, and yourself, will see to. Not only that, but cutting contact from those of dark hearts is also encouraged, and he will be notified what continued contact will do'

You nod at Ailyn.

Rut grunts 'Wan kin know how tae cast a spell without knowing the intricies... especially if they have a bad teacher' he states. But he bows his head to you 'Nane the less.... this rule o' yours be something Ah dae no' contest'.

Lustria clears her throat quietly, the auditory nature of the chamber amplifying it. 'We are, I think then. Concluded? It seems we are in agreement that his punishment for previous crimes are done with and we look to educate and guide him away from walking that path that will lead to necessary further conflict.'.

Areia gives a nod, hands lowering to fold atop the table once more as she says, 'I have naught more to say on it, then.'.

You nod your head in agreement with Lustria.

Ailyn nods lightly.

Rut nods in agreement.

Lustria reaches for her helm and couches it in her elbow, 'Very good.'.

Areia bows her head before Lustria, 'Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, defendor.'.

Rut stands and offers a general bow saying 'Thank ye fur allowing me tae sit in oan this'.

Ailyn rises from her rest.

Rut rises from his rest.

Andreas says 'I thank ye all for this meeting.'
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Re: A Congregation to Speak on the Arcanist Vidar

Post by Harvin » Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:18 pm

On a humorous note: do you have Vidar for a lich? :D
Apparently news traveled to the bandit society as well :D
You approach a bandit wizard and prepare to engage him in combat!
Your slash nearly bisects a bandit wizard's abdomen.
Your slash tears a gaping wound into a bandit wizard's chest.

A bandit wizard begins to chant.
You attack a bandit wizard as he opens his guard.
A bandit wizard utters the words, 'disrupt undead'. <---- WHAT???
a bandit wizard aims too quickly and directs his ray of positive energy to the side of you.
No! I don't want to be a "Sword Novice"! I wish to be a "Whip" or "Crossbow Novice"! Swords are so... mundane...

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