Nixa meets with Rylee -- Nixa's Soul Search

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Nixa meets with Rylee -- Nixa's Soul Search

Post by Aysa » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:35 am

So Nixa has suffered at the hands of the Loviatans, and the Willing Whip has done her fair share -- though, it should be obvious that things are not over yet. Still, Nixa searches for solace in the halls of the Temple of Beauty. She finally meets up with Heartwarder Rylee.

@--->---- Start of Log ----<---@

A slender, red haired female human murmurs some quiet pryers at the altar before noticing you.

A slender, red haired female human looks at you.

Natania tells you 'Have you been talking with the Heartwarder yet? Forgive me if I've already asked you this.'

Nixa offers a hesitant, but polite smile. She even seems to fidget a bit, shifting her weight from one side to another.
You tell Natania 'I stumbled upon her just this second.'

A slender, red haired female human smiles warmly towards you after coming to her feet. She greets you with a 'Good afternoon.'.

A slender, red haired female human rises from her meditation.

You say 'Oh, I... I am sorry if I interrupted your prayers. I mean, I did not mean to intrude or anything like that. I mean, you know, because you are busy with your duties and well, I am ... well, you can see.'

A slender, red haired female human giggles to you and gives a shake of her head 'Oh no, you are not interrupting at all!'.

Nixa smiles brightly, but then it dims once more as she starts to fidget again. 'Um... I... I am not certain you know who I am, or if you have spoken with Meena or Natania or Seraphine... but um, I think I could use your guidance? Your wisdom. Your help.'.

A slender, red haired female human says over a warm smile to you 'I'm Rylee Ruessale, Heartwarder of Waterdeep, and you are welcome in Lady Firehair's Temple.' at the mention of help, she takes on a slightly worried expression, asking 'What can I help you with, dear? I have not heard anything, o... well.. perhaps just now. Are you Miss Nixa?'.

a ruby rose on a silver chain glows briefly as Rylee activates it.

Nixa nods her head in agreement, 'I am the Raven Nixa of the Wings of Charm.' She frowns a little as she looks down to herself, and then back, 'If you would have known me last winter season, you would know that... this is not me. Well, not the former me. I mean, you know, it is me because I am me. But like, this is not how I looked back then.' She waves her hand dismissively, trying to keep herself on track.

Rylee follows along with you, the look of concern still upon her face. She asks 'What has happened?'.

Nixa looks down for a moment, then looks at her hands. 'A moment of clarity, perhaps.' She looks back up to push aside her raven mask and to showcase the branding on her forehead. 'I was a Loviatan until I realized I was going to end up living a solitary life, filled with numbness and pain. A life that I did not want to lead...' She sighs quietly, 'And so I told Truescar Anastacia that I no longer wished to serve the Willing Whip.' She bites her bottom lip, 'The scars, the pain, and torture... I endured. However, She ripped my beauty from me.'.

Rylee's face adopts a slight frown as she moves to place a comforting hand upon your shoulder. She looks over the branding while murmuring a soft 'You poor thing..' to you.

Nixa smiles gently, 'And well, I have been studying the teachings of Lady Firehair. And perhaps my current appearance is based truly on who I was, my inner being was brought to the forefront.' She swallows, 'But, really... I want to live a life of love, providing acts of kindness and acts of love. I've been working on cleansing my inner core by helping at the orphanage and up at Silverymoon.'.

Rylee brings up a smile for you 'She does teach such. And, certainly, pursuit of the Lady would do well to overcome previous...' she ponders the next word for a moment, saying finally 'choices. I would suspect that the road to redemption would not be an easy one for you, but aiding the children of such a ravaged city is a good start.'.

Rylee asks you 'Might I ask, why you would have pursued a life of pain, in the first place?'.

Nixa looks down, 'I suppose the high level overview would be that I was a spoiled brat of a nobleman's daughter.' She looks up, 'I felt slighted by my Father, and a darkness inside me started to fester. As more and more things did not go my way, I started envisioning ... sadistic and cruel means to get revenge.' She shakes her head, 'I thought if I joined the Church of Pain, I would find like minded people who understood my pain and my need to get revenge and retribution, I would find my peace.'.

Rylee nods as she listens to you, her hand remaining awhile longer upon your shoulder. 'I see. I pray that you were not with them so long as to have done much harm to others.' she withdraws her hand back to her own side. 'The Loviatans are a frightening, strange sort. Their branding being more than enough evidence.'.

Nixa shrugs lightly, 'I would like to say that I have done minimal harm, but I do not think that would be just.' She does her best to smile, 'Though, I stopped myself from enacting a plan that... really could have caused some serious harm.'.

Rylee smiles warmly to you, 'Well, it is good that you were able to regain control of your actions, before things became worse.' she says to you after 'While it was by the hand of someone wicked, I pray that you are able to redeem yourself from the marring... That you are able to keep from becoming bitter.'.

Nixa nods her head, 'I have been reading the teachings of the ugly duckling.' She fidgets a little, 'And I am hoping that my inner core, my inner being rids itself of that darkness and blossoms into something beautiful and... in turn, my beauty returns with it.' She winces, 'I was very worried that you would not even listen to me because of... how I look.'.

Rylee says to you 'There is a place for everyone with Lady Sune, so long as they have good intentions. If you are pure and true in your life, you can overcome this.' She smiles and adds 'I believe it is as you say, that when your inner beauty returns, it will radiate outward and your apperance will reflect this.'.

Nixa nods her head with a soft smile, 'And just so there's no mistake. My desire is to perform acts of love and be loved. I am not doing this ... reform... to get my beauty back. I mean, that is not a pure heart. So even if it does not return, if I am forever scarred... it does not change my h' eart. I no longer wish to cause pain for anyone."

Rylee says to you with a gentle nod of her own, 'I have faith that if that is true, the Lady would see fit to restore the wrong. It will take some proving before such would happen, however.'.

Nixa nods her head, 'I suspect as such. After all, I am damaged goods. I already turned my back on one god, so I can understand if Lady Firehair has doubts. But I hope with the guidance I have gotten from many different sources, that my heart will prove true.' She sighs quietly, 'But for now, I will not lie. I am more worried about the Willing Whip. She still holds my soul, and I fear that she is not done with me.'.

Rylee frowns to you, shaking her head slowly, 'I do hope that is not the case. Surely they have done enough already.. You are welcome to find sanctuary within the Temple as long as you are working to right your wrongs, should you need such. We have housed many through hardships in the past, and are ha' ppy to do so for you.

The corpse of a raven from someone appears in your hands!

Nixa nods her head in understanding, 'Your priestesses have been wonderful and understanding.' She fidgets a bit, 'Um... and Marguerite has done wonders. I ...' She blinks.

Rylee eeps at the sudden arrival of the bird!

Nixa looks in shock as a corpse of a raven appears in her hands.

Nixa sighs quietly, 'No, they are not done with me.'.

Rylee frowns deeply before saying 'I fear moreso now, that you may be right.'.

Nixa looks around, 'I need to put this raven to rest.'.

Rylee nods at you.

Rylee exclaims to you 'Be careful in doing so!'

Nixa shakes her head with a frown, 'I do not know how to properly dispose of a body. The Willing Whip desired sacrifices.'.

Rylee suggests to you 'Perhaps a fire would be best? To rid the poor thing of the horrible message it was used for.'.

The corpse of a raven decays into dust and blows away.

Nixa nods her head, 'Perhaps an offering to Lady Firehair?' She then furrows her brow as the corpse decays into dust.

Rylee says to you 'I think it would be best to put it behind you.. I don't think she would much appreciate such a terrible thing as a barely-veiled threat by wicked, evil, nasty people.'.

Rylee asks you 'Have they come for you, here in the city before?'

Nixa nods her head, 'They have come, though only to taunt.' She wrinkles her nose, 'A Talonian has been more vocal than the Loviatans. I suspect it is because not many of the Loviatans are welcome here. Why the Talonian seems to have no issue? I could not tell you.'.

Nixa shakes her head, 'I try not to leave the walls of this city, except to travel to Silverymoon.'.

Rylee frowns to you before saying 'I am sorry that you have had to endure them..' to her. 'It is best not to be caught in the open, as frightening as it is to think about such.'.

Rylee looks from you to the purse at her hip as she searches for something 'It isn't much, but please, something to help if you find yourself in trouble..'.

Rylee gets a draft of evergold from a shimmering ruby silk spellpouch.

Nixa nods her head, 'I fear for Joy's safety.' She tilts her head, 'My adopted sister. Well, not really my adopted sister. But a very close friend who I wished could be my sister.' She exhales, 'She knows my situation. And I kind of suspect that something may happen to her, to lure me into whatever trap they have for me.'.

Rylee offers a petite bottle to you with a 'It's a small token, should you find yourself wounded.'.

Nixa furrows her brow as she looks at the draft.

Rylee gives you a draft of evergold.

Nixa smiles gently, 'Thank you. I will use it when necessary.'.

You put a draft of evergold in a black silk bag.

Rylee shakes her head again 'How terrible of them to target innocents as well..' she frowns again, 'I wish I could understand them more..'.

Rylee says to you 'Or, better, that they could come to their senses..'

Nixa shakes her head, 'Do not try to understand them. Understand that they wish to destroy a life of love. They may not be enemies of the Lady Firehair, but they are dang near close. They do not promote love, but fear and hate.'.

Rylee agrees with a nod of her head 'Yes, it does seem that.' with a continued frown, she says to you 'I don't envy your path in the least, and only hope that Lady Firehair finds reason to show some of her affection upon you.'.

Nixa tilts her head, 'As someone pointed out, I am willing to die trying to gain Her affection.' She closes her eyes, 'As that may happen.' She then looks back up, 'But my heart is resolute.'.

Rylee nods to you, 'I pray that it does not ever come to such. It seems that you have made friends here, keep them close and pray that their love will help to shield you from such' she shakes her head with disapproval 'Nasty people.'.

Nixa nods her head, 'Well, if you could keep me in your prayers, I would be eternally grateful. Both literally and figuratively.' She exhales, 'But, I will trouble you no further. I am sure you have more important faith matters. Oh, and I should commend Natania for being a positive influence.'.

Rylee smiles to you, saying 'I am glad she has been helpful, she is quite wonderful from what I have seen so far.' She says with a nod of her head 'You will be in them, and I am often here if you need anything at all, alright?'.

Nixa nods her head, 'And if you have any need for an enchantress, please let me know. I will serve the Lady Firehair to the best of my ability. Even if the Willing Whip currently holds my soul, I am resolved to serve Lady Firehair. So please, call on me for anything... even if it is to simply keep the young priestess Natania from harm."

Rylee smiles at you.

Harroghty walks in from the south.

Harroghty keeps a respectful distance from Rylee, you, and the altar.

Rylee says to you 'Thank you, I will keep that in mind.' before offering a brief prayer for you, saying 'May Lady Firehair keep you safe.'.

Nixa looks to Harroghty and then to Rylee, 'Another one of the many voices who have offered their insight to my plight.'.

Rylee begins to chant.
You guess Rylee is casting sanctuary.

Rylee utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
A luminous aura spreads slowly over your body.

Nixa accepts the blessing with reverence. She then looks between the two, 'But I will excuse myself, so that you two may converse.'.

Harroghty bows his head shortly to Rylee and you before saying, 'A thin reedy voice of insight when measured beside hers.'.

Rylee smiles brightly to Harroghty after you speaks of him, giving a bow of her head as greeting. She says to you 'He is certainly one of the best, I would heed well any of his advice.'.

@--->---- End of Log ----<---@

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