Alinor's Knighting Ceremoy

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Alinor's Knighting Ceremoy

Post by Alinor » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:01 pm

I don't mean to slight anyone who took the time to attend but for the sake of brevity, as I'm not feeling very good, I'm going to pare this down to just the ceremony itself. If there happens to be any interest, I can try and post a more full accounting with the greetings beforehand and the celebration after, another day.
Top of the alabaster spire
D-Within the Temp
The alabaster architecture dissolves into weightless and seemingly floating
arches, delicate pillars and flowing tracery encircling a roughly octagonal
hall opening to the sky above. A magnificent altar sits in the center of
the hall, rays of starlit moonstone extending from it to touch each of the
smooth corners of the room. Framed by leaf-traceried archs, two tall windows,
big enough for a humanoid to step through open into towards the green canopy
while a third opening displays a swirling mist of dull emerald.
The sky is rainy and a cool northern breeze blows.
(Glowing) Flowing banners of woven moonsilk sway in an ethereal breeze. (perfect)
(Glowing) A moonstone-studded gleaming altar radiates holiness. (perfect)
Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha stands by the altar here.
Aramil is standing here.
Auraelyse is standing here.
Skylar is standing here.
Ivellios is standing here.
Alariel is standing here.
Liric is standing here.

Alariel looks at Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha.

Auraelyse looks at Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha.

Liric says to Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha 'I could not agree more.'

Harroghty leans down a little to speak softly to Saoirse.

a short leather gorget glows briefly as Harroghty activates it.

Saoirse quietly shakes her head at Harroghty.

Alinor takes a deep breath as he enters the temple, his smile now replaced by a solemn expression.

You bow before Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha.

Keryth Blackhelm switches his gaze to you now that they are gathered.

a short leather gorget glows briefly as Harroghty activates it.

Saoirse nods at Harroghty.

Aldaril offers a bow to Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha before moving off to one side of the temple, turning to watch the others.

Aramil offers Feywarden Mistale Amrallatha a courteous, respectful bow, then turns around to face those assembled, speaking up in his calm and even voice 'Be welcome all that have choosen to join us here today, squires..' he dips his head at Aldaril, Sao and Skylar 'Sir Harroghty' he dips his head at Harroghty 'And our allies and friends.' he pauses a moment, then indicates to Keryth Blackhelm 'And it is a great honor for us to be visited by the high marshal of the Green Isle far to the west.'.

Liric stands quietly in the hall, resting his left hand over the mouthpiece of his sheathed blade. He looks on, soft smile playing on his face.

Alariel remains aloof and composed, with her expression practically unaltered and impassive, to the point she could be mistaken for a statue were it not for the fact she breathes from time to time.

Skylar's brightly smiling face dips at Aramil's greeting, then she straightens again with her hands neatly folded before her robe.

Keryth Blackhelm stands beside Aramil with an impassive expression.

Aldaril places his feet shoulder width apart, hands folding against the small of his back as he watches Aramil.

Alinor stands with his back straight and his hands at his side as he focuses on Aramil and Keryth Blackhelm.

Liric looks at Harroghty.

Harroghty wears a thin smile upon his lips as he watches Aramil, glancing from time to time over at you.

Saoirse remains with her hands clasped at her back as she quietly watches the proceedings.

Aramil tilts his head and continues to speak 'We came here to mark the end of a long journey that squire Alinor of house Evanara underwent, from being an young page newly arrived upon the shores of the mainland to the respected and experienced squire that he now is.' he pauses briefly 'Squire Alinor has undergone his training with a disciplined determination and has never refrained from any task given to him.' he dips his head at you 'And he has been given quite a few tasks during his lessons and also afterwards.'.

Alariel looks at Aramil.

Keryth Blackhelm keeps his steady gaze upon you as Aramil speaks. So long and constant his gaze, he might be preparing to paint a portrait.

Harroghty looks at Keryth Blackhelm.

Skylar looks at Harroghty.

Onatah watches quietly, occasionally shifting her eyes between Aramil , you, and Keryth Blackhelm.

Aramil puts his hands together 'For those of us born most noble, it can be a difficult...situation to get accomodated to the humble life of a page and squire, something that squire Alinor did manage to do so quite applaudably and we have no reason to believe that his disciplined demeanor will change.' he pauses again, then bows his head 'In short, we have all the reasons to look forward to welcome squire Alinor into the church of Corellon as one of his most holy knights.' he nods at you 'Lord Ralikanthae has related an oath to you that you will remember and seek to follow, squire.' he allows a slight smile to cross his sharp features 'But you already did so admirably.'.

Aramil gestures briefly at you 'Pray, then, squire, do step forward and present yourself. Speak now if you have words you wish to share.'.

Ivellios shifts his gaze from Aramil to you.

Skylar's bright smile grows as she watches Aramil and you with rapt attention.

Harroghty's eyes move now more fully to you.

Saoirse turns her concentrated gaze towards you.

Skylar looks at Lyristil.

Aldaril settles his gaze upon you, a hand raising briefly to adjust his circlet of violets.

Alinor steps forward with a measured tread. His gaze lingers on the altar for a few heartbeats before saying, 'I am honored that I have been entrusted to serve the Coronal and the People in this way. I will strive always to live up to that honor.'.

Aramil tilts his head and looks you over 'Very well, squire.' he bows his head at you 'It was an honor to have been the person that was allowed to walk with you and, despite the beauty of the time a paladin and knight spend with their squire, it is also well to see that time coming to an end.'.

Aramil takes a measured step back, then bows his head at Keryth Blackhelm 'If you would be as kind, Lord.'.

Keryth Blackhelm nods at Aramil.

Keryth Blackhelm looks to you again, then to the group. His gaze still seems to dance over the human faces in the audience as one might carefully avoid puddles in the road.

Keryth Blackhelm says 'It is fit that we meet here near to the place of my birth.'

Alinor turns fully to face Keryth Blackhelm.

Keryth Blackhelm says 'I once wandered this Lake of Dragons before I heard the call that now draws you.'

Keryth Blackhelm looks you over.

Keryth Blackhelm says to you 'That call will take you Evermeet, but until then you have much to do here among our people.'

Keryth Blackhelm says 'You have been well taught by a champion of our people and have much potential. I would like to commemorate this with a gift.'

Keryth Blackhelm turns again to Aramil.

Aramil folds his hands together, gently pressing his palms against one another while watching both Keryth Blackhelm and you.

Keryth Blackhelm asks Aramil 'If I may?'

Aramil bows his head at Keryth Blackhelm 'Please do.'.

Keryth Blackhelm hands a piece of armor to you.

Keryth Blackhelm gives you A layered elven steel cuirass emblazoned with a crescent moon.

Aldaril raises a slender brow, watching Keryth Blackhelm with a curious gleam in his eyes.

Alinor bows deeply before Keryth Blackhelm as he accepts the cuirass. 'Thank you, Lord Blackhelm," he says softly, a slight catch in his voice.'.

Keryth Blackhelm steps back from you.

Aramil looks at you.

Lyristil looks at you.

Keryth Blackhelm says to you 'Your call is not from me, or from your excellent teacher.but from the Protector. Do not fail him.'

Alinor bows his head, nodding his understanding of Keryth Blackhelm's words, 'I will not.'.

Auraelyse looks at Lyristil.

Keryth Blackhelm glances to Aramil.

Aramil observes a calm 'That being said, I am of the firm belief that squire Alinor is more than ready to be called a paladin rather than the squire he was for the longest part of his journey.'.

A blue nimbus descends upon Alinor as if endorsing that statement, bathing his body in a pale and pure azure glow

Onatah watches with a warm smile, her eyes adrift in the solemness of the moment.

Aldaril raises a hand to his pendant, murmuring a quiet prayer.

Skylar's eyes touch eastwards a moment, then return to you as she inclines her head while wearing a bright smile.

Aramil bows his head in a respectful gesture, offering a softly murmured prayer, then dips his head at you 'And you will best take the Feywarden's words to heart, Sir Alinor. The song of joy and the dance of freedom shall ever soar on the wings of those who dare take flight.''.

Alariel closes her eyes, clasping her hands and murmuring blessings.

Saoirse nods several times as she watches, though her expression remains the same.

Keryth Blackhelm nods.

Alinor closes his eyes as he bows his head in silence for a few breaths. He blinks away the moisture that has gathered in his eyes as his curl into a smile.

The same glow upon Alinor moves to envelop Keryth and there is a soft rush as he is translated from the room...

Keryth Blackhelm disappears in a cloud of swirling colors.

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