Halfling Bard performs Pipton and the King (ZK)

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Halfling Bard performs Pipton and the King (ZK)

Post by Sancho » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:50 pm

Today's Costume:

Half his hair has been curled flamboyantly while the other remains

The Hin's face has been thickly painted with white and is split down the
middle with a black line. Exaggerated expressions have been vibrantly
coloured on his skin, one side being angry and bushy-eyebrowed, while the
other is younger-looking and jolly.

A bantam, baby-faced male lightfoot halfling is in perfect health.


A Common Square at the Junction of Several Roads
N-Teshwave Street E-Zhentil Avenue S-Centre Street W-The Pride of Zh
Large flagstones abused by years of foot traffic comprise an
open area spread beneath a layer of caked earth. Those stone
buildings which gather around and stare down onto the square
of Zhentil Keep look no better than the square itself; their
facades are worn and soiled with years of neglect. Teshwave
Street, Center Street, and Zhentil Avenue meet here.
The sky is rainy and a warm southerly breeze blows.
Corpses sway gently in the wind from several gibbets. (bad)
A small dark spheroid drifts high above, across the skies of Faerun. (perfect)
A common fountain of dark stone gurgles here. (very good)
A Zhentilar soldier is here.
Gottschalk is leaning on his staff.
Cabadath is standing here.
Saevitia is standing here.

Tales spread of a bard's show in fabulous, glitzy Zhentil Keep. Regulars at bar boards the Realms over agree that the novelty alone is worth a look.

Saevitia says to Gottschalk 'I think she'll be a few minutes more.'

Gottschalk nods at Saevitia.

Zethanon walks in from the east.

A Zhentilar soldier bows at the waist to Zethanon before resuming his watch.

Cabadath says 'Maybe a few minutes more for the fashionably late, yes.'

Zethanon dips her chin towards a Zhentilar soldier.

Sancho comes along, cloaked in black and wearing a mask. He tries to remain inconspicuous at this time, sticking to the sidelines and holding something under his garment.

Saevitia subtly tilts her head towards Zethanon.

Zethanon moves to stand near Saevitia and cracks a grin, lifting a hand and wiggling her fingers in greeting, 'Mornin' lass.'

Cabadath nods at Zethanon, 'Lady Zeth, it's good to see you.'

Saevitia smiles faintly, 'Aye, mornin', Lady Zeth.'

Zethanon looks at Cabadath.

Saevitia gets a woollen beanie with a pompom from a crushed velvet pouch.

The sun rises in the east.

Saevitia stops using a golden crown set with abyssal heartstones.

Saevitia stops using a black horned steel helm.

Saevitia dons a woollen beanie with a pompom upon her head.

Zethanon dips her chin towards Cabadath, 'Aye, seen ya't recent in th'Deep aye? Nice t'see ya standin'n better soil.'

Zethanon looks at Gottschalk.

Cabadath smiles at Zethanon.

Sancho steps into the fading torchlight that brushes his outline in gold. In the chilly wind, his large woolen cloak threatens to leave him bare, writhing around his slight frame like shadows convulsing. A deep hood hides his head, and a golden mask veils his face. The streets are not as busy at this hour as they are in midday, so perhaps a two-foot-something's performance might be noticed. Noticed by someone other than a suspecting guard who had been tailing him and now lingers a distance away, anyway. Legs of wood scratch the cobblestone as a stool is dragged forth. A nervous but loud clearing of his throat makes a couple of heads turn, a few more following suit with some murmurs about his mask. Of note, he is unaware that his performance has garnered attention someplace, somewhere.

a leather strap with quill feathers glows briefly as Cabadath activates it.

A shimmering gate forms in front of you!

Kwll walks in from somewhere.

Kwll asks 'Uidqf are urkams up ze sfen?'

Sancho holds a glass flask of tongues, cats grace, bears endurance in his right hand.

Gottschalk beckons Kwll over to view the performance.

Sancho quaffs a glass flask of tongues, cats grace, bears endurance.

Sancho's face brightens with understanding.

Sancho suddenly appears more agile...
Sancho's face contorts with a bestial vigor...

Gottschalk grins at Sancho.

Cabadath keeps a wary eye on Sancho as he brings a potion to his lips and quaffs it, relaxing visibly as he recognizes the effects.

Sancho tips his mask up a bit and downs the contents of a potion, his lips grimacing at the taste. Gagging mutedly, he swallows the whole thing down as a brief shudder comes over his minute frame.

Gottschalk leans over to Cabadath and whispers 'Skald's drink.'

Zethanon's gaze narrows ever so slightly on you before shifting to Kwll, dipping her chin. She tilts her head towards Saevitia and murmurs, 'Busy sort'f mornin'.'

Cabadath nods quietly at Gottschalk, 'You can never tell what they'll drink.'

Sancho gulps a big ole lump down as he steps onto the three-legged stool. He's a nervous lad, that he is. Still barely reaching noticeable height, he tips his chin up and pontificates without even asking folk to gather for a story (while he secretly presses on his diaphragm within that cloak of his), 'L-long ago--' A brief distracted glance aside at the guard who had started to clank his way, a hand on his hilt. 'Long ago, a kingdom wan / Was ruled by a selfish, greedy man...' Several more heads turn, some boots pause their journey. 'Ahem, ahem... King Grinaldi was his name! His cruel acts had brought him fame.'

Kwll stops using a gnomish mining pick.

Kwll gets a flask of water from a black silk bag.

Kwll drinks water from a flask of water.

Cabadath cants his head at Sancho, lending him his atention as well as his curiosity.

Kwll holds a large black leather ore bag in his left hand.

Zethanon rest her hands lazily at her girtle, gaze shifting over to Sancho with a hint of a smile as she listens.

Sancho continues, his voice betraying his only-just-maturing age, 'He had one enemy!' The cloaked figure holds up one finger. 'Just one. A young lad by the name... Pipton.' Sweeping one arm out to the left, and one arm to the right in a practiced motion. The portals distract him some, but he tries to keep his voice from trembling. 'S-so many times been put to shame / By this lad's cleverness and games.' The approaching guard had stopped closeby, doing nothing else for now but listen to this story. Sancho hunches forward, lifting his arms at the elbows so that his cloak rises like wings of a werebat... of sorts. 'Angry King Grinaldi told / His guards to capture his foe of old / To tie him, cage in bars of steel / Then throw him right into the sea!' he scary-voices toward Gottschalk's side of the growing crowd, ending this part with a fist balled so tight that it may put constipation to shame.

Sancho is still wearing the mask, by the by.

Sancho suddenly raises his arms defensively, crouching on the stool like a helpless, little thing. Such an extreme moodswing. 'Pipton was caught! Nowhere to hide / The guards had dragged him off with pride,' he whimpers, doing his best to maintain his volume. 'Alas, the sun was all a'rage / The sea was very far away...' Unfortunately, the weather right now is far from what he describes. In order to better thrust listeners into his story, he whips out a set of juggling clubs and sets them ablaze by rudely using the torch of a bystander. A quick 'my thanks' is whispered as he hops back onto his stool again.

Cabadath crosses his arms over his chest, squinting at Sancho.

Sancho holds a set of juggling clubs in his left hand.

Gottschalk smirks.

Sancho sets a set of juggling clubs ablaze in an impressive fire!

Sancho tosses a set of flaming juggling clubs into the air, catching one after the other!

Sancho tosses one club after the other, his timing perfected by obvious training. Despite this, some women still gasp each time a fiery torch is flung skyward. An awestruck child (with the potential to be a future pyromaniac) pads closer, only to be dragged back by his untrusting mother. 'Tired guards took to some shelter / Beneath the palm trees, shade felt better,' the cloaked figure states, voice maybe going a bit monotonous due to concentration being more on the juggling. Hey, there's a biting wind after all. 'Lulled by heat, they fell asleep / But Pipton was still in trouble deep.'

Sancho tosses a set of flaming juggling clubs into the air, catching one after the other!

Zethanon wears a giddy grin as she watches Sancho toss up the flaming clubs, nudging gently at Saevitia with her elbow as she asks a quiet, 'Remember seein' them when ya were smoller? Ya liked 'em lots then.'

Kwll looks at Sancho.

Sancho's voice goes more curious in lilt as he says, 'Luck shone upon him that very day / A merchant happened to be passing his way!' He hops off his stool with the nimbleness of a swallow and catches each club one by one, no longer throwing them back up. He teases those listening nearby by swaying his flame bouquet their way with swift movements. As he comes across some young'uns in the crowd, he says conspiratorially to them, 'Pipton's mind instantly started to make / A wonderous plan for his next escape!' He then dips his fire clubs in the snowdrift at his feet, extinguishing them with a satisfying crackle and hiss.

Saevitia grumbles ever so slightly under her breath as she strikes Zethanon with the elbow of her plate, a glancing blow, but she keeps her eyes mesmerized on the juggling flaming clubs.

Cabadath sideglances at Saevitia and Zethanon and smirks a bit, before eyeing the Sancho again.

Sancho carefully extinguishes the fire on a set of flaming juggling clubs.

Sancho stops using a set of juggling clubs.

Zethanon makes a quiet, 'Heheheee.' of a noise as she prods over at Saevitia again with her elbow, focus kept still on Sancho.

Sancho speedily tucks his clubs back into his cloak on his way back to his humble pedestal. His stage fright seems to have all but gone now since the youth is actually having fun with his performance. With a fabulous whirl, his cloak is unclasped, revealing the brightest of costumes underneath. His mask is also finally doffed, but his true face remains a mystery. The lad's visage has been whitened with cream and powder, plus a peculiar split down the middle. Both halves are equally as decorated but each depicts a drastically different persona. The halfling's hair has been dabbled with, too - all gathered in a loose ponytail but with one side overly curled like those pompous dogs sold at the temple of Waukeen.

Sancho stops using a smooth golden mask with upturned ends.

Sancho stops using a black traveler's cloak.

Sancho fits a flowing cloak of shimmering ruby silk on his body.

Gottschalk licks his lips, remembering the dogs.

Sancho faces the side, showing the half of his face painted to be a happy-looking, clean-faced fellow. A pewter fork from a hidden pocket is held over his eye. 'Boohoohoo! Pipton cried,' comes his toddler-style growl-cry, exaggeratedly feigning an eye-rub (because it'd be a pain to fix kohl liner mid-performance). 'I don't want the Princess to be my bride!' With a single stomp and a swift flurry of colours, he changes angles to have the furrow-browed side with the pencil-thin mustache favour the crowd. Notably, this side does not need the fork prop. 'The merchant heard him and thought - Oh how foolish! / If he doesn't wa-ant a wealthy royal family, -I'll- do this!' he says in as best a burly voice as he can muster. His voice breaks during the second line, sadly. Blame puberty.

Sancho tightens his lips at his unstable voice, but presses on when he spies someone in the Ebon Thorn's uniform passing by. A huge gulp of air is made, expelled with the next lines of 'The merchant came over, feigning concern...' Then back to his burly voice, 'Goodman, let -me- marry her, if you prefer.' He easily slides back into his usual narrator tone, voice carrying over the heads gathered around him as he faces the crowd squarely. The pewter fork held over the Pipton face's eye is evidently shifted to cover the Merchant face's eye. 'Pipton agreed without a second to lose / Switched places and clothes so the guards'd be confused!'

Sancho edges his face so the Pipton half is seen again, and instructs with a waggle of his finger, 'When I have gone far, just shout-- Pipton said.' Raising both hands skyward, he shakes up his vibrantly-clothed body from toe to head as if he were the bustiest woman in all of Calimport, 'I agree now to marry the princess!'

Zethanon makes a quiet, 'Heheheee.' of a noise, crossing her arms over her chest as she leans towards Saevitia and murmurs, 'Oldest trick'n th'book.' with a slow bob of her head, quieting to continue watching the play.

Cabadath chuckles softly, eyeing some children as they run past with a irksome gaze, then returning to spectae the presentation.

Sancho changes stances again, noting to the crowd and particularly eyeing Cabadath, 'The merchant remembered this as Pipton fled--' Once the Merchant half is visible, he repeats the hand throwing motion and shimmy-shimmy-shimmies like his life depended on it. 'I agree now to marry the princess!' he shouts hoarsely at the mage. All the bells around his waist are sent off on a ringing jingling frenzy.

Gottschalk cackles.

Saevitia lets out a quiet sigh as she listens to Zethanon and whispers back in a quiet voice, 'It's the second oldest, next to the mechanical nightengale trick.'

Sancho drums his fingers on his chin, acting all thoughtful as he faces center and says, 'The guards woke up laughing / They called the man mad.' Out of his tunic slithers a stark blue belt, its silver coins clinking pleasantly. He holds onto each end, wiggling it so that the fabric ripples. 'Sank the merchant in the ocean / Him and all that he had,' the halfling frowns. His Merchant half rolls its eye back and gags as he theatrically sinks beneath the belt. A voice from somewhere in the crowd complains, 'Stupid guards.'

Zethanon keeps a grin and rolls her eyes at Saevitia as she murmurs, 'Dependin' on th'book.' She then pauses and adds, 'Or'f ya could read...' while her gaze remains fixed on Sancho.

Sancho stops using a belt of golden bells.

Sancho wraps a shimmering sapphire silk belt decorated with silver coins loosely about his waist.

Cabadath glances sidelong at a guard and then back at Sancho, smirking a bit.

Sancho pockets the cloth belt as his story goes on. 'After a few days, Pipton made his return / The King was so shocked seeing the dead re-emerge,' he tells his audience with an overly surprised expression, brows lifted enough to wrinkle his forehead. He pats some soot onto the Merchant half of his face, instantly growing a full beard. That half is now the King. 'Why, Mister Pipton, are you not deceased?!' he asks in the most pompous, incredulous fashion - something he most probably had copied from a snooty sun elf. Knavishly swaying his shoulder sidewards so that Pipton comes into view again, he says, 'To which Pipton replied--' A smirk. 'A tale you wouldn't believe!'

Sancho narrows his eye and cranes it closer to the crowd, eyeing Saevitia and Zethanon with that... that one Pipton eye. 'When your guards, King Grinaldi, threw me into the water / I landed in a kingdom far greater, far vaster,' he purrs, bending some and holding one finger to his lips. Smugly chuckling, he straightens his spine as he boasts, 'Their king, I have found, is my long lost cousin! Gifted me with more riches than you can imagine.'

Sancho's narrator voice comes out then, remaining neutral but somewhat amused. 'King Grinaldi pondered the lad's little spiel / Considered its truth since the lad was alive here.' He slowly turns to reveal a narrow-eyed King face, nostrils gone wide with flaring. A perfect frown is fixed in place. 'Hmmm...' Changing sides again, he coughs, 'Pipton spoke up - Oh, and he's inviting you over. / That was enough to make the greedy king bolder.'.

Kwll raises his eyes at the story.

Cabadath laughs openly now, un-crossing his arms to hold a wrist on the small of his back.

Gottschalk smirks at Cabadath.

Sancho holds up the pewter fork again, waggling it gloriously. 'Hauled a cage to the seashore for the king to use / To keep sharks from eating him on his way to refuge.' A voice in the crowd randomly murmurs, 'Oh, that's meant to be the cage...' The halfing doesn't seem to hear her. The blue belt is pulled out of his pocket and rippled over his collarbone again, striking fear into the eye of angry-faced King Grinaldi. 'King Grinaldi got scared at the sight of the sea / But Pipton waved him over, said--' The Pipton half flashes a shit-eating grin and waggles its eyebrow. '--King, look at me!'.

Sancho assumes his normal, projected voice as he shimmied himself below the blue sea belt. 'The lad dove beneath the saltwater waves / King and guards waited for Pipton the brave.' When suddenly, one hand releases the fabric ocean and makes a brilliant white pearl shine in the torchlight. 'Up shot a hand with a giant, glistening pearl / The King had been watching - how his jealous eyes burned!'

Sancho gets a brilliant white pearl from a red embroidered spell pouch.

Sancho holds a brilliant white pearl in his left hand.

Neris appears in the room.

Zethanon covers her amulet with her hand, attention narrowed in on Sancho, who is currently performing.

Neris tilts her head at the gathering.

Zethanon looks at Neris.

Kwll looks at Neris.

Kwll says to Neris 'We kfet ygaim'

Sancho swiftly pockets the pearl, tongue sticking out through his teeth subconsciously. The fork is now held over the King's eye. 'He entered his cage and instructed his men / Pull when the rope moves. Now, lower me in!' With a wiggle here and there, the King half dips beneath the belt that he stretches across. 'Glug-glug-glug...' The belt is then given another purpose, twisted tightly and dangled from a single hand. The halfling shakes the blue belt like mad. Breaking the fourth wall, he squints at the crowd and points to the moving belt, 'Goodmen and women, they never heeded these words / For Pipton kept stopping them - They're just having fun! It's how it works!'

Neris says to Kwll 'Vf neet agaip to you too.'

Sancho stops using a brilliant white pearl.

Sancho puts a brilliant white pearl in a red embroidered spell pouch.

Zethanon waves Neris over, lifting her index finger to her lips, looking back over at Sancho, recrossing her arms over her chest.

Gottschalk grins at Sancho.

Sancho then holds the rope still, letting its movement fade to a subtle sway. 'When the rope suddenly stopped all its jiggling about / The king's guards panicked and pulled the cage out / They were shocked at the King all bloated and blue / He was very near death, but they knew what to do,' he informs Gottschalk, tidying up his belt as he solemnly nods for emphasis. Sighing, even.

Neris doesn't hesitate to obey Zethanon , at least while the woman is in arm's length, and folds her arms under her own breasts as she watches.

Sancho loosens his knees a bit and pumps his arms alternately as though sprinting only with his upper body. 'Rushed him to the healer, pumped out all his fill.' He clutches his throat, turning King face to the audience's field of vision. 'The King later awoke, angry he'd nearly been killed!' The diminutive halfling roars with the power of a lion cub, clawing the air in frustration, 'PIPTOOON!'.

Cabadath sideglances at Neris for the shortest moment, ere turning to intently gaze upon Sancho.

Zethanon makes a quiet, 'Heheheee.' of a noise at the roar, shaking her head slowly as she murmurs, 'That's th'right response.'

Neris waggles her fingers at Cabadath with an amused smirk before turning her attention back forward.

Sancho cants his shaking head and expresses with twinkling eyes, shrugging at the unremarkable pair in the audience, 'Alas, Mister Pipton had disappeared in the end / Clever Mister Pipton had tricked him again.' Without a second wasted, he teeters forward in a practiced bow, one hand over his abdomen, one behind his back.

Cabadath claps at Sancho's performance.

Gottschalk slow-claps the performance.

Gottschalk grins at Sancho.

A Zhentilar soldier looks around furtively and then sneaks a cheer of praise for Sancho.

Saevitia grins as she puts her hands together in a little bit of applause, quicker at first, and then dying down quickly enough.

Neris gives a long, slow clap at the performance of Sancho.

A Zhentilar soldier says to a Zhentilar soldier 'For slacking...'

Sancho tucks his chin in at the clapping, dropping his eyes in embarassment as the soldier from earlier claps for him too. He hastily packs his things back into his bags.

Zethanon cracks a grin at Sancho and claps her hands together for a bit of applause, moving to approach Sancho wiggling a hand in her beltpouch as she murmurs, 'Ya right entertain'n, fella.'

Zethanon gets 10 platinum coins from a beltpouch.

A Zhentilar soldier's severed head plops on the ground.

A Zhentilar soldier severs a Zhentilar soldier's head, causing his bloody death!

A Zhentilar soldier assumes the post.

Saevitia looks at Sancho.

Neris cricks her neck one way, then the other and flips Sancho a single coin.

Saevitia clucks her tongue and flicks something over to Sancho.

Zethanon tosses the coin over towards Sancho carelessly as a Zhentilar soldier gets her attention. She cracks a grin and dips her chin towards a Zhentilar soldier as she says, 'Thankee, I were gonna do somethin' but ya saved me th'trouble. I'll see'f th'Captain can't get ya pay raised.'

Neris gets 142 silver coins from a small suede purse.

Saevitia gets a simple pinewood chest from a crushed velvet pouch.

Zethanon gives Sancho some money.

Saevitia gets a ring of smooth hiexel wood from a simple pinewood chest.

Saevitia gives a ring of smooth hiexel wood to Sancho.

Neris gives Sancho some money.

Sancho has his jaw hanging open at the head that bloodies up the cobblestone. He whistles and casually looks away, towards Gottschalk and those around him. The coins are received with a surprised blink, palms automatically cradling to accept them though.

Kwll gets 3 copper coins from a black silk bag.

Kwll gets 2 gold coins from a black silk bag.

Kwll gets a platinum coin from a black silk bag.

Kwll Hmmmms...

Cabadath whispers a soft incantation as blood starts spewing his way, it stops, collects itself in a blob of blood, and deposits itself harmlessly on the ground.

You get 5 platinum coins from a concealed pocket.

Cabadath gets 5 platinum coins from a small suede purse.

You give Sancho some money.

Zethanon wiggles a finger towards the corpse on the ground as she asks a Zhentilar soldier, 'Think ya could get someone t'deal with this tho?' She murmurs under her breath, 'Right unsightly.' before she rejoins Saevitia and tells Saevitia, 'Were a nice showin', don't ya think?'

Sancho puts a belt of golden bells in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts a smooth golden mask with upturned ends in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts a set of juggling clubs in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts a ring of smooth hiexel wood in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts a silver coin in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts 15 platinum coins in a fur rucksack with many pockets.

Kwll gives a platinum coin to Sancho.
Kwll gives 2 gold coins to Sancho.
Kwll gives 3 copper coins to Sancho.

Kwll says to Sancho 'Iu ht all I hawg on oe'

Gottschalk tosses a few coins of his own into the pile.

Saevitia gives a short nod towards Zethanon, 'Aye, it's good havin' a talented performer around here, unlike the last few bards we've seen. This one's got some smarts to him.'

Gottschalk nods his head in agreement with her.

Sancho has been rewarded by Zethanon!

Cabadath moves towards Sancho after the others are done congratulating him, and nods, 'You'll go far,' giving him a handful of coins.

Cabadath gives Sancho some money.

A Zhentilar soldier glances at the corpse out of the corner of his eyes, but looks back to his duty quickly.

Sancho has been rewarded by Cabadath!

Sancho has been rewarded by Gottschalk!

Sancho studies the hiexel ring from Saevitia. He blinks his made-up lashes at her and bows his thanks, being a little too timid to speak at the moment. It's almost as if he isn't used to such praise.

Zethanon bobs her head slowly in a nod as she tells Saevitia, 'Aye, might's well've called 'em soldiers...Eh? Eh?'.

Zethanon nudges Saevitia.

Zethanon makes a 'Heheheee' noise.

Kwll Hmmmms...

Sancho has been rewarded by Saevitia!

Neris hmms and yawns, stretching her hands up above her head. 'Wish I'd seen more than the tail end of it.'

Zethanon looks at Neris.

Cabadath says to Neris 'If i knew you were a resident, would've offered a hand getting here.'

Sancho looks at Kwll.

Sancho looks at Neris.

Kwll says to Sancho 'We mdt as thd hbsjgpiph'

Zethanon's gaze looks over Neris idly as she bobs her head in a nod, telling Neris, 'Aye, would've been right nice for ya t'see. Th'lass's good.'

Zethanon says 'Lad.'

Zethanon looks at Sancho.

Zethanon tells Neris, apparently undecided, 'They good.'

Cabadath looks at Sancho.

Neris tilts her head at Cabadath 'A resident?' she asks him. 'Oh, I'm just passing through is all...'

Cabadath motions at Gottschalk, 'If he needs his clothes fixed, i could spell that away.'

Sancho quietly counts his coins, having tiptoed behind Gottschalk. Sideward does he peek at Zethanon, skimming her garments up and down and keeping his eyes low later on.

Cabadath hmms quietly at Neris, 'Ah. Well, then i couldn't have known.'

Saevitia looks at Zethanon.

Saevitia drinks wine from a bottle of 1332DR Zzar Reserve.

Neris gives Cabadath a too-sweet smile. 'I'm sure you couldn't have,' she replies.

Cabadath nods at Neris.

Cabadath snickers at the corpse, 'If only i could put that to use...'

Cabadath scratches the skin around a rune on his forehead.

Gottschalk gazes thoughtfully at him and says 'Hmmm.'

Sancho stops using a flowing cloak of shimmering ruby silk.

Sancho straps a black traveler's cloak loosely onto his body.

Gottschalk hmms at the corpse.

Sancho puts a flowing cloak of shimmering ruby silk in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts 2 gold coins in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts 3 copper coins in a fur rucksack with many pockets.
Sancho puts 6 platinum coins in a fur rucksack with many pockets.

Zethanon says to Cabadath 'None'f us wanna know what ya plannin', fella.'

Cabadath says to Zethanon 'Oh, nothing gross, just animation.'

Zethanon says to Cabadath 'Right.'

Cabadath nods at Zethanon.

Zethanon bobs her head slowly in a nod at Cabadath.

Neris shakes her head, but says nothing.

Cabadath nods back at Zethanon.

Gottschalk gets a blue triangular glass flask of bears endurance, cats grace, tongues from a loose potions bandolier.

Gottschalk passes a bottle to Sancho.

Zethanon claps her hands together as she comments, 'We got a right nice gatherin' 'ere. Nice t'see th'Keep populated.'

Gottschalk gives a blue triangular glass flask of bears endurance, cats grace, tongues to Sancho.

Gottschalk says to Sancho 'To be keeping you entertaining.'

Gottschalk grins at Sancho.

Cabadath nods at Zethanon, 'Certainly.'.

Sancho tries to hide his colours with that black cloak again. It's a futile attempt because his hair and face just scream bonkers, however. He keeps his head down for now, only glancing aside next when you hands him something. His eyes widen at the intent, and a light smirk plays on his lips. 'Thank ye, master,' he whispers.

Sancho puts a blue triangular glass flask of bears endurance, cats grace, tongues in a fur rucksack with many pockets.

Sancho stops using a glass flask.

Neris yawns.

Zethanon's gaze shifts between Sancho and Gottschalk a moment before she asks Gottschalk, 'Th'performin' ya friend?'

Saevitia showers Sancho with flower petals on the wind.

Saevitia gets candied flower petals from a loose potions bandolier.
Saevitia gets candied flower petals from a loose potions bandolier.
Saevitia gives candied flower petals to Sancho.
Saevitia gives candied flower petals to Sancho.

Gottschalk nods to Zethanon, leaning on his staff. 'Be... ah... -sponsoring- 'im.' He grins, showing a wide row of tiny fangs.

Sancho stares dumfoundedly at the petals that come from out of nowhere. He slowly lifts his eyes to all that candy Saevitia scatters over his head. He's a bit too struck by the bizarrity of it to comment.

Zethanon bobs her head slowly in a nod, gaze shifting over to Sancho curiously before she looks back at you and asks, 'They competin' in th'...festivities what're comin' up 'ere?'

Neris can't help but giggle at the candy shower show.

Cabadath glances at the petals flying about and snickers, 'That'll spoil them.'

Gottschalk shakes his head. 'Not be that kind of sponsoring. Thinking this one be worth keeping around.' He nods to himself.

Neris asks 'hmm? Festivities?'

Saevitia clucks her tongue sharply and points at Cabadath, 'Your face could spoil just about anything, lad.'

Cabadath looks at Cabadath.

Zethanon bobs her head slowly in a nod as she tells Neris, 'Bunch'f people fightin' t'th'death, takin' sponsors...figured what th'fella meant by't.'

Cabadath says to Saevitia 'Not my fault the rune is ruining my style.'

Saevitia says to Cabadath 'To be honest, I think it's sort of an improvement, aye.'

Cabadath blinks.
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