Waterdeep Election Coverage

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Waterdeep Election Coverage

Post by Raona » Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:49 pm

The purpose of this topic is to keep a readable record of writings related to the ordinal (first ever) elections in Waterdeep.

Entries are added in the order in which they came to pass.
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Lord Piergieron's Announcement of the Elections - Ramirus

Post by Raona » Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:59 pm

A transcript of Lord Piergieron's announcement to the citizens of Waterdeep, followed by a question and answer session, as transcribed by Ramirus Dranigar, Loremaster of the Binder.
  • For several years, the Lords and I have taken decisions and created laws and regulations for the welfare of our beloved city. For several years, we have done all we could to help Waterdeep and its citizens grow. Some might say that we succeeded, some might say that we failed. Some might agree with our decisions, and others might think that we were wrong. During our last gathering, we reached the conclusion that Waterdeep and its citizens should now be ready to take their fate in their own hands. That does not mean that the Lords are going to abandon Waterdeep and its citizens, nor that we will stop working for what we believe is right. Yet, it does mean that we will assume a secondary role, that we will not deal with day-to-day decisions anymore. We desire that those changes be made as smoothly as possible, and we do not wish to give the governance of our beloved city to inexperienced leaders. That is why we shall remain and work behind the scenes and help those new leaders as well as we can. We have thus decided to let Waterdeep's citizens govern themselves. Now,it would be an administrative nightmare to give each of you a voice in each decision, so, in a first time, we will set up elections during which representatives will be chosen. Since we, the Lords, are currently in charge of Waterdeep, we have decided that three representatives will have to be chosen. Those three ... Lords of Waterdeep ... will be part of the City Council, along with two members from the City Watch. Together, the five Lords of the Council will thereon take all the day-to-day decisions related to Waterdeep and will have the power to change the laws. They will have the power to determine who is and who is not allowed in the city, to determine how crimes should be punished, and how trials for more complex cases are to be set up. They will also have the power to choose how and when the future elections will take place, and how they will work. They will have the power to determine whether the laws apply to themselves, the Lords, and what other powers the Lords will have over the citizens. This point is very important. It means that each of you should carefully think and select the candidate you are going to support. Several tasks now lie in your hands, citizens of Waterdeep. The first task is to spread news of this decision, so that those who would want to be candidate for this election can come forward as such. The second task is to spread news of this decision and make sure that all citizens know what it entails. To make sure that they all know what their vote means. They must know that they will be well-governed if they elect good representatives, but that they will be ill-governed if they choose candidates who are more interested in serving themselves than the city. And more ... the elected Lords will also represent Waterdeep and will decide Waterdeep's responses to threats and calls from the exterior, from allies and enemies alike. This is thus a huge power that the Lords have placed in the hands of the citizens today. A huge power that the citizens will have to put in the hands of their representatives. And I trust you to make sure that all citizens and friends to Waterdeep know this.
Question and Answer Session

Isaldur: What happens if everyone attempts to get themselves elected and therefore no one votes for anyone but themselves?

Lord Piergieron: Then a new election will be thrown in; and in the unlikely case that there are ties, then I will choose amongst the tied candidates.

A blonde-haired, tall male halfelf: 'What manner of power will the current Lords retain?'

Lord Piergieron: 'We will mostly act in the shadows.'

Lord Piergieron: 'Some problems are better solved without going public, those are the ones that the Lords will deal with.'
Lord Piergieron: 'Also, at least in a first time, we will keep the power to veto any decision made by the Council.'
Lord Piergieron: 'But this right will only be used for very poor decisions, like spending all the city's money on building a bridge between Waterdeep and the Moonshaes.

Roderick: 'When will the election take place, or will that be announced at a later time?'
Lord Piergieron: 'It will be announced at a later time.'
Lord Piergieron: 'We first want to give citizens the time to think about those changes.'
Lord Piergieron: 'We also want to give candidates enough time to think upon the kind of decisions they would like to support.'
Lord Piergieron: 'And give them time to set up meetings, debates perhaps, and other events to make their stances known.'

Hoildric: 'Since the first leaders would decide the ammount of time they were to serve, whats to keep them from staying in office for life?'
Lord Piergieron: 'Your votes.'
Lord Piergieron: 'Also, since the Council will have 5 members, if three of them agree that one of the Lords behaves poorly, they can remove it from his seat.'

Ynaura: 'I have a couple of questions. How are we going to get candidates? Do people nominate themselves or are we going to nominate them? How do we go about nominating people or getting people nominated?'
Lord Piergieron: 'Candidates simply have to present themselves to the Castle.'
Lord Piergieron: 'The precise procedure will be explained later. We might or might not require that each candidate be supported by a minimum number of citizens.'
Lord Piergieron: 'Only people from Waterdeep can vote.'
Lord Piergieron: 'I would guess that candidates should be from Waterdeep too, but this has not yet been decided.'

Lord Piergieron:'There is no requirement on the nature, either.'
Lord Piergieron: 'We trust that the citizens of Waterdeep will make the right choices.'

Isaldur: 'Will there be a release on what constitutes a citizen of Waterdeep?'
Lord Piergieron: 'Those who consider that Waterdeep is their home, to such an extent that recalling magic would bring them back here.'
Lord Piergieron: 'There might be a few additional restrictions on who gets to vote. We might for example require that only citizens who have been attached to Waterdeep for a long enough time can vote.
Lord Piergieron: 'There might be additional restrictions too, but those will be decided later.'

Jakoora:'Will there be a way from long time residence to petition for citizenship of the city?'
Lord Piergieron: 'After the elections ? That will depend on the Council's decisions.'
Jakoora: Lord Piergieron 'Not before?'
Lord Piergieron: 'Before the elections? You can submit your petition for the current Lords to examine.'

Lord Piergieron: 'People who are already managing a faith or another organization can apply, yes.'
Isaldur: 'You don't think that would cause a conflict of interests?'
Lord Piergieron: 'It certainly could.'
Lord Piergieron: 'But we do not want to close off options that others might want to keep open.'
Lord Piergieron: 'The only restriction might be about Watch members.'
Lord Piergieron: 'Since two of the five seats in the Council will be occupied by members of the Watch, we might consider not allowing other Watch members to apply.'

Jakoora: 'You know what Watch members will be on council?'
Lord Piergieron: 'Not yet, though it is quite likely that at least the commanding officer would be in the Council.'

Lord Piergieron: 'Who amongst you currently consider going for those elections, as a candidate?'.
[Interest from several people is shown]

Lord Piergieron: 'I thank you for attending, and now I task you with spreading this message to all citizens you meet.'

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First Debate - Enig

Post by Raona » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:37 pm

As transcribed by Enig Quetia:

(The evening started with opening statements from all of the candidates.)

Enig: Right, well it's best if we get started. Mister Hviti, if you'll kindly address the crowd with your opening?

Candidate Hviti: I am perhaps an unfamiliar face to many of you, but I have been a citizen of Waterdeep for many years now.'

Candidate Hviti: I believe that our city faces a variety of challenges of all sorts, many of which stem from the fact that tis a central hub for not only commerce and trade...

Candidate Hviti: ...but also those of bolder aims like your goodselves.

Candidate Hviti: As a citizen of waterdeep who shares with you a predeliction towards adventure-seeking, I believe that I can balance fairly both the needs of the city and its people.

Candidate Hviti: I would like to make a note that I do not formally espouse any faith - I believe this will help me be an impartial leader.

Candidate Hviti: Without such demands coloring my views.

Candidate Hviti: I welcome your questions on my background or on my opinions on any subjects.

Enig: Our next candidate is a member'f the watch, and therefore does not rely'n the citizens'f Waterdeep for her position, but rather'n her commander.

Enig: Nevertheless, she's graciously agreed to speak to us about her plans, if she's given the position'nd to answer questions leveled't her. Sergeant Jaenoic'f Ilmater.'

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: As a member of the city watch as well as a member of the lawmaker's organization, I have had a hand in Waterdeep's politics, security, and law for o'er 20 years.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I have been a resident for o'er 50 years, and I proudly keep my home here, by the river gate. Nae just as a politician, but also as a citizen, I understand the problems facing Waterdeep.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Throughout th'years I have dealt with many criminals and troublemakers, and I believe that Waterdeep needs a stricter security policy to keep its citizens safe and grant them peace of mind.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I have many ideas which I believe, should they be implemented, would benefit the city greatly, and I would be glad to share them with ye today.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Again I thank ye for attending, and I look forward to making this monumentous change with ye.

Enig: I'm sure I speak for the majority of the city's citizens when I say that we're all thankful for your service and the service of the watch. Our next candidate's a doughty fighter as well, though he's in service of the church of Mystra. Mister Roderick.

Candidate Roderick: Thank you, Enig.

Candidate Roderick: For those of you who don't know me, my name is Roderick and I am proud to call Waterdeep my home.

Candidate Roderick: This city has helped make me the man I am today and I have often wondered how I can begin to repay this debt to the city that I love.

Candidate Roderick: I view these open Lord of Waterdeep positions to be an excellent opportunity to start to repay that debt. This is a pivotal time in the ongoing story of the city...'

Candidate Roderick: and I want to do my best to help make sure that story continues to be a grand and historic one.'

Candidate Roderick: The current lords have done an excellent job in shaping the City.

Candidate Roderick: The foundation for success and longevity is there. This election gives the citizens the ability to make their voices known as they have never been able to before.

Candidate Roderick: This input will help make the existing foundation that much stronger.

Candidate Roderick: If elected, I vow to be a visible Lord of Waterdeep. I will be a frequent visitor to the Square and other high traffic areas...

Candidate Roderick: as well as to the businesses and temples in the City to ensure that any citizen who wishes to make their opinion known will have the ability to do so.

Candidate Roderick: I will keep this short and conclude with a request.

Candidate Roderick: Please, good citizens and friends of the Deep....do your part in this election.

Candidate Roderick: Become informed voters, get to know the candidates personally. If you do this,

Candidate Roderick: then you will have helped make sure Waterdeep continues as one of the strongest cities in all the land for generations to come.'

Enig: Wise words, Mister Roderick! I think it's safe to say that the people of Waterdeep are deciding the future of one of the greatest cities on the coast and therefore should tread with due caution.

Enig: However, this's the purpose of these debates. And... This over here's our next candidate and the last one who'll be speaking this afternoon, the learned user of magic, Mister Takket.

Candidate Takket: Good evening to you all! For those of you who haven't met me yet, I am Takket Keppur.

Candidate Takket: I'd like to begin by taking care of the main question I am certain is on all your minds.

Candidate Takket: Why is someone who dislikes the city running to lead it?'

Candidate Takket: Tis a legitimate question. Well, to be quite honest with all of you, I have, in the past, had various problems with this city.

Candidate Takket: However, that being said I've always seen great potential in this city.

Candidate Takket: I will not criticize the Masked Lord's work as I don't think anyone can argue that by their leadership, this has become the greatest city in the realms.

Candidate Takket: I think, though, that it is time a more personal approach be taken to deal with it's citizens and this was my problem with it before.

Candidate Takket: We all want leaders who listen to our concerns and do something about it. Now like I've said I've not always liked the city and I will openly admit that, but I see it's potential for greatness and want to do everything I can to help it reach that.

Candidate Takket: What then of my faith and service to nature? I can assure you all that despite my affiliations with nature and the wyldes, serving Waterdeep will be my primary concern and I promise that I will not compromise that service for any reason.

Candidate Takket: In fact, One of my main goals, if elected, will be to see that the education of the city is improved. I would like to sponsor more classes that everyone can benefit from, as well as some more career specific classes

Candidate Takket: Beyond that, I will work to improve relations with surrounding communities and cities to increase trade and gain valuable allies.'.

Candidate Takket: Does that mean I will simply turn my back on the community I've worked with for so long? Of course not.

Candidate Takket: However, I recognize the weight of this position and I want everyone to know that I will not ignore the duties.

Candidate Takket: Above all though, I wish to serve the citizens as their voice in what happens with this city. This is your city and I want to ensure that you are all an integral part of what happens in your city.

Candidate Takket: OUR city.

Candidate Takket: If elected, I want you all to know that I will not only listen to your ideas and suggestions, I will actively seek them out.

Candidate Takket: And before I finish I'd like to answer two more questions I know you all have. No, I will not abolish clothing and Yes, I will start wearing pants.

Candidate Takket: Thank you all.

Enig: I'm sure your proactive attitude will win you some favour, Mister Keppur. Not to mention your latest promise, which'll give you an edge on the pants-wearing-citizen's vote.

Enig: I'll give you fellows five minutes to gather up your thoughts and then we'll commence a period of questions. We'll cycle through each of the candidates once, starting with Hviti and ending with Takket again.

Enig: And each of them'll get one question. I'd like if the audience members'd raise their hands and I'll pick from you, to avoid a bit of chaos.

Enig: After all eight questions have been answered, we'll go to an open floor and questions may be asked of any candidate.

(Five minute break)

Enig: Right, if you're all refreshed then we'd best be started on questions. Since he's the first fellow'n the list, we'll start off with a question for Mister Hviti.

(Lirith is chosen to ask Hviti a question.)

Lirith: My question is really related the the fact that I don't know you.

Lirith: I spend a lot of time in this city, and I know quite a few of the folk that live here. It seems to me that you are often not in the city.

Lirith: Will this change if you are elected, and how can we be sure that will be the case?

Candidate Hviti: A very fair question.

Candidate Hviti: If elected, I would certainly hope to get to know my fellow citizens better. I've been in something of retirment for several years now...

Candidate Hviti: Though I once was a a wandering blade.

Candidate Hviti: However, I have not one thing which keeps many personages busy...

Candidate Hviti: That is, a specific espousal of faith.

Candidate Hviti: And as such I do not have many daily worries, apart from earning my daily bread.

Candidate Hviti: It is this which primarily attracts me to the post, since tis something I feel I can serve without need for a deity's bension.

Candidate Hviti: And without any fears of conflict with such.

Candidate Hviti: As for guarantees, they are only as good as the person who makes them. I would hope that my answers and my actions will answer your question.

(Athose is chosen to ask Roderick a question.)

Athose: Recently the subject of goodly "drowbloods" has been bothering me. What is your stand on the subject of a passport system for proven drowbloods?

Candidate Roderick: A good question indeed, and thank you for bringing it forward.

Candidate Roderick: Currently the laws forbid drowbloods of all kinds from our fair city. One of the many advantages the citizens will have with the new Lords will be the ability to address items like this on an individual basis instead of with a broad stroke as in the past.

Candidate Roderick: If a case arises with a drowblood or any of the banned races, they will be able to come forward to the new Lords to make their presence known. The Lords will, of course, make the decision that is best for the City as a whole.

Candidate Roderick: I can not predict if something like that will happen, but if it does, the new structure will be capable of handling it.

(Telnier is chosen to ask Jaenoic a question.)

Telnier: In the past there have always been questions on how to deal with the relationship between the forest folk and Waterdeep. Such as someone committing an act within the forest that we wish to deal with.

Telnier: But he flees to the city, and the city wont let the forest folk deal with it. How do you propose this will be delt with in the future?

Telnier: I ask you this because you are a big part of the law.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: This be a matter I believe rather strongly about. I firmly believe that Waterdeep should cement its relations with like-minded cities and establishments, the ranger's council being one of them.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I would push for formal rules of cooperation to be established, that should such problems arise, the two sides could work together to swiftly bring the culprit to justice.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Under such cooperation, any fleeing felon caught in the city would be handed o'er to th'authorities of the place of transgression upon request of said authorities.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Also, the same would be met in return for Waterdeep.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: In my years as a watchwoman I have seen criminals use Waterdeep's laws t'hide, and I am tired of it.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Waterdeep's laws exist to bring criminals to justice and protect innocent civilians, nae t'allow fugitives t'hide from proper authorities.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: So t'answer yer question shortly, I would strive t'establish well documented and clear relations between cities and establishments to combat such a problem.

(Janon is chosen to ask Takket a question.)

Warden Janon: I am glad that ranger Telnier asked the question he did because it is one of long standing importance and concern for those who live nearby.

Warden Janon: I would, eventually, like to hear the answer of each candidate on that question.

Warden Janon: For now. I would ask the candidate of any plans or restrictions concerning the expansion of Waterdeep.

Warden Janon: I will have other questions later.

Candidate Takket: A great question. First off, I'd like to point out that I wholeheartedly agree with the Sergeant's answer. Solidifying relationships should be a top priority.

Candidate Takket: I understand your own concerns as to the growth of the city, and as of now, I've not heard any plans for expansion. However, should that situation arise, I think our best option would be to speak first of the matter with those allies we-

Warden Janon: And if those allies object?

Candidate Takket: If they object then I think it would be best that all work together to come up with an alternate solution. Expanding outwardly may not be the best option for the city anyway.

Lirith: And if it is?'

Enig: This question seems to logically flow... I think't seems reasonable to allow you a brief answer to't, but I won't push you to make one.

Candidate Takket: I believe no one here wants open confrontation with our neighbors who we've maintained peace with for years. Our best option would be to work together with them. As I stated earlier, I wish to see education improved here which may yeild individuals with creative solutions to such a problem.

Enig: It's a fair answer, Mister Takket, to a fairly nebulous question. Ah, let me just add that the second question was only allowed as an elaboration of the original question.

Enig: Now we'll start on a second round of questions for each of the candidates, starting with Hviti.

(Gesine is chosen to ask Peverell a question.)

Gesine: You say you've lived in Waterdeep for a very long time..but perhaps you've been away awhile I'm not sure. If you are elected, do you plan on making yourself more available..

Gesine: I think we should be able to count on someone in such a position to be there when we need them.

Gesine: Not just someone we see once a year.

Candidate Hviti: Certainly. Reiterating, I haven't been active in service to a particular deity and thus have had little to occupy myself during retirement.

Gesine: Sorry if that question was addressed already, Ariala is comfortable.

Candidate Hviti: Not at all...in brief, I can make any guarantee you wish, but I would prefer that your own opinion on my availability or lack thereof be formed on my own actions.

(Telnier is chosen to ask a question of Hviti, since Gesine's was a repeated question.)

Telnier: I will ask you the same question I did Lady Jaenoic. It is a large concern for many. I have friends in the city, but I also am not sure how many situations concerning criminals will be dealt with.

Candidate Hviti: Aye. The forest community is indeed important to Waterdeep and, I hope, vice versa. While some say that good fences make good neighbors, I see no reason that the two should not interactfor mutual beneift.

Telnier: Say two rangers chase a criminal into Waterdeep, and the Watch catches him. What would you propose would happen to the criminal. Who would gain custody of him?

Candidate Hviti: As far as the administration of justice goes, I do believe that criminals should not be able to escape justice be fleeing in either direction...

Candidate Hviti: If the watch arrested him without knowing what crime was committed...

Candidate Hviti: That would be an entirely different problem.

Warden Janon: Or the Watch doesn't catch him and he hides behind the "laws" of the city to protect him.

Candidate Hviti: Hiding behind the laws ought not to be an option...

Candidate Hviti: For instance, someone burning large swathes of the forest ought to be responsible for arson or the equivalent.

Candidate Hviti: Harder cases are those in which rules exist in one area but not in the other.

Telnier: But would the city give the criminal over to the rangers if we notified you of his actions?

Candidate Hviti: If the city had custody of the criminal and the crime was serious and confirmed, they would most likely be handed over.

Candidate Hviti: It's hard to say without a specific case - someone who slew a bear because it attacked him...

Candidate Hviti: And someone who light a fire in the forest are quite different cases.

(Athose is chosen to ask a question of Jaenoic.)

Athose: Considering that you are already part of the city watch, would that effect your ability to nuetrally consider a new law? Or change an old one?

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I believe that my serving on the Watch offers nae'ny conflict toward my considering a law.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: As a member of the Watch, my utmost concern be the benefit of the citizens. As a lord of Waterdeep, my utmost concern would remain that.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I believe that th'idea of neutrallity be one which be nearly impossible t'uphold. E'eryone has their own biases, their own agendas, and their own beliefs whether they serve a Lord or Lady or an organization, or nae.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: So I believe that my service in the Watch only enables me to better consider a new law or alter an old one, because my experience has shown me how different laws play out and the real consequences of them.

(Telnier is chosen to ask Roderick a question.)

Telnier: I am sure you can predict the question that I am about to present to you. But I will ask it anyway.

Telnier: What would your vote be if a criminal attacked two people in Ardeep, and then stole from another fled into Waterdeep. Would you vote the city aids the rangers, and turns over the criminal to them?

Candidate Roderick: It is a very difficult situation indeed. We are two different entities, the rangers and the City...if we stick to your example..

Candidate Roderick: But the rangers are a wonderful ally and neighbor of the city. One that we depend on. At the end of the day, if elected my job will be to ensure what is best for the City.

Candidate Roderick: And having allies and good neighbors is what is best for the City in my opinion. There needs to be trust to makes those relationships work.

Candidate Roderick: So, in your example, yes I would support turning the criminal over to the rangers. It is what I would expect the rangers to do if the roles were reversed. Crime is crime and the lands will suffer if we do not do all we can to stop it.

Warden Janon: I am unsure that Roderick is as acquainted with rangers as the others, my question may be more difficult for him to answer.

Warden Janon: So I will ask it and any who feel qualified to answer can do so, with Enig's acceptance of course.

Warden Janon: As I have recently declared publicly, I will not be Warden of Rangers for too much longer, is there any ranger with whom you, as a Lord Of Waterdeep, would have difficulty maintaining positive relations?

Enig: That's a tricky question, Warden. Why don't we give the candidates a bit of time to mull it over while Lirith asks her question of Mister Takket?

(Lirith is chosen to ask Takket a question.)

Lirith: Well. You have made no secret of your dislike of this city. But you failed to answer your own question of why you would like to be a Lord.

Lirith: In addition, why would someone who is so vocal about their position on it, decides to abandon their previous position for an opposing one.

Candidate Takket: Forgive me for not making it clear enough. This city is what taught me what I know now. I've always wanted to see the city improved. The problem was, however, that I have had some rather disturbing run-ins with the watch.

Candidate Takket: It was these occurances that made me lose faith in the city. Since then however, the city has taken great steps rectify the problems I've had with them.

Candidate Takket: I was VERY impressed with their effort and this has reaffirmed my faith in the city.

Lirith: Would you spend more time in the city if you were elected?

Candidate Takket: Of course. As I said before, I recognize the duties of the position and fully intend to abide by them.

Lirith: And how to propose to convince people that you stand by your opinions when you didn't stand by this one?

Candidate Takket: As I said, my dislike of the city was drawn from my enounters with the watch. Since they've put the effort and time into researching and correcting the problem, my prior opinions are no longer valid.

Enig: It's a fair thing for a leader to adapt to changing circumstances, Mister Takket, and it speaks well of you in this. However now in open session, which means that questions may be asked of any candidate. To start off with, unless I'm quite mistaken, Warden, did you have a question for all of the candidates to answer?

Candidate Hviti: I believe I have an answer to that question, if I may speak?

Warden Janon: As I have recently declared publicly, I will not be Warden of Rangers for too much longer, is there any ranger with whom you, as a Lord Of Waterdeep, would have difficulty maintaining positive relations?

Enig: We'll cycle through in the same order we have throughout the rest of this, which does give you first answer, Mister Hviti.

Candidate Hviti: Individual rangers do not come to mind, however, in general...

Candidate Hviti: It is essential that a Warden be devoted to the forest, yes?

Warden Janon: To all of nature, not just forests.'

Candidate Hviti: If that measure of devotion to nature is such that it strains their ability to deal with the city because they cannot abide a city as a 'blot upon nature'...

Candidate Hviti: That would prove difficult.

Candidate Hviti: If they are ammenable to working together with the city, then there need be no issues.

Candidate Candidate Hviti: Just as it would be difficult to work with someone who is devoted to a faith above all else.

Candidate Hviti: Which is a difficulty in the process of selection of a lord - what if their duties conflict with their faith? What comes first?

Warden Janon: And is there any ranger you know who fits the description you have just outlined?

Candidate Hviti: I for one would not wish to bandy names. There are a few I have known who are extremely devoted to nature, but I do not know how the process of selecting a warden continues - or who is up for selection.

Warden Janon: My original question stands for the rest of the candidates?

Warden Janon: Some would call it bandy names, others would call it straight talk.

Candidate Hviti: In such a public setting, I do not believe rendering personal opinions is necessary. They are, indeed, personal, and may not be valid.

Candidate Hviti: I would likewise hope that disparaging comments about candidates will not be spread among the rangers and their allies.

Candidate Hviti: Though that is entirely your own jurisdiction.

Warden Janon: My question did not ask for names, it asked whether or not you knew of any.

Warden Janon: If an answer were affirmative I would ask in a more private setting for the names.

Warden Janon: I am sure the rangers will discuss rather than disparage the comments of candidates and endorse those who we feel will work best with us.

Warden Janon: I do have other business to attend but will stay long enough to hear the answers of other candidates if they have them?

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I would answer, if'n good Hviti has finished?

Candidate Hviti: That would be ideal. Simply put, yes, there are perhaps one or two whose devotion to nature is such that it might be difficult to work with them.

Candidate Hviti: I do not know if they are in the running for Warden.

Candidate Hviti: And aye, that is all, thankee.

Warden Janon: The candidates for Warden have not yet been announced.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I am proud to say that I count many friends amongst the rangers. I can think of a few who, should they rise to the position of Warden and I a lord of Waterdeep, 'twould vastly improve the relations due t'our personal relationship.

Warden Janon: As I am sure Waterdeep will appreciate it is rather important for those new to power to understand the imperatives of alliance.

Warden Janon: That is a different question than the one I asked.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: Well, I was getting to the rest, but we can speak more on it another time.

Warden Janon: Please excuse my rather abrupt departure. It is a good thing you do here.

Enig: Although the Warden has left, would any of you like to adress his question nonetheless, for the rest of the audience?

Candidate Roderick: I would, once Lady Jaenoic is finished, of course.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I am finished, aye.

Watch Candidate Jaenoic: I feel that 'twould be best to speak more with the Warden, as I dunnae know who runs for the position of Warden.

Candidate Roderick: Indeed, that is an excellent point.

Candidate Roderick: The newly elected Lords must do the same as the ranger representatives have done here. If there are public debates, then the Lords should attend. If it is not public, then I would hope...

Candidate Roderick: the rangers would let the Lords know the candidates so they could research them and make any compliments or complaints heard...but at the end of the day it is the Rangers decision, not the Lords...

Candidate Roderick: and whomever is chosen I am sure the Lords will work well with as a valuable ally.

Candidate Hviti: Aye. Just as tis the citizens, not the rangers, who chose the lords.

Candidate Roderick: All yours, good sir.' to Takket.

Roderick (To Hviti): I agree completely.

Candidate Takket: Well...That is a fairly easy question for me. I've always maintained good relations with every ranger I've met.

Candidate Takket: I'm not certain what else I can say.

Enig: There's nothing more that need be said, Mister Takket. Let's move on to another subject, then. Do the rest of you have any questions for any of the candidates?

Jarus: I've none at present. The record of Lady Jaenoic is well known to me. For the present, I must simply attempt to gain some knowledge of the others, their backgrounds, and their qualifications to lead such a city.

Enig: I think we've lost most of our audience. That said it seems like a suitable time to draw the meeting to a close.

(Discussion is adjourned.)

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An Open Letter to the Candidates and Voters - Raona

Post by Raona » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:40 pm

An open letter to those who would be Lord Counsellors of the City, and those called upon to elect them

My fellow Citizens of Waterdeep -

I take quill to hand this morn as a member of the somewhat forgotten, but not defunct, body known as the Lawmakers of Waterdeep. We have continued our work in the background, carrying on in our efforts to clarify existing law, develop new legislation, and to address matters larger than but critical to the interpretation of Waterdhavian law, such as reciprocity agreements and jurisdictional limits. Our recommendations are approaching completion, upon which they will be put before the Lords. In part, their decision to elect a public council stems from this fact. Our present Lords, wise and experienced, realise that their many obligations keep them from interacting with the public on a daily basis, at least to the extent they might like, and that perhaps a less encumbered group of folk, chosen by the public from amongst their peers, would be better able to weigh these proposals in light of public opinion and the good of the City.

My purpose here is to lay out some of the matters with which our newly appointed Lord Counsellors will need wrangle, that they might consider their positions on these issues, assess the likely nature of their roles, and that the public might ask them questions related to the same.

Understand first that it is the hope of our present Lords that the Lord Counsellors shall, in substantial part, write their own job descriptions. They will be responsible for the well-being of our beloved City, but how they meet that obligation will be largely for them to debate and decide. This will include deciding the proper length of their terms and the extent of their remuneration, matters of succession and election rules, their legal status and powers, and the rules that will govern them, such as recall and impeachment. Our present Lords will hold ultimate veto power, but it is their full intention that they will not need exercise it. By default, all powers in the City will lie in the hands of this new council of Lord Counsellors, to be restricted, enhanced, or delegated as they see fit.

Secondly, please appreciate that these individuals will be responsible for both the inward and outward legal and political representation of the City. They will make and break alliances, decide jurisdiction and reciprocity limits, name individuals as friends or enemies of the City, and, should the terrible necessity arise, declare and manage war.

Finally, and on the topic over which I've the most insight, they will decide the fate of a great many legal initiatives stemming from the work of the Lawmakers. Our current system of laws hast been completely rewritten, pending the Lords' approval. Moreover, substantive changes are being proposed, including:
  • Restrictions on trade in stolen goods
  • Rules against aiding, abetting, and harbouring criminals
  • A legal requirement that certain crimes be reported unto the Watch
  • Changes in who may enter the City, including plans for Passports for members of certain races
  • A system of courts, possibly including the appointment of magistrates to hear serious cases
  • A public posting of the Laws, that all may read and know them
I hope that this information aids ye all in this important process. I will do my best to attend subsequent debates in person, but my Church be involved in a grave conflict in the crags of Icewind Dale, and if I be called to fight for Him, that is where I will and must be.

My fellow Citizens, I beg ye to vote not your fears, but your aspirations!

Lady Raona Corbin of Tyr, on behalf of the Lawmakers of the City of Waterdeep

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