Color Codes for Area Titles and the Area List

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Color Codes for Area Titles and the Area List

Post by Harroghty » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:42 pm

The area list command will populate based upon the color code used for the #AREA line in your .are file. Please update these color codes as necessary during your building process (you should begin as {40} and then wind up in one of the special categories). Here is the legend for the color codes.

I have edited all existing areas to conform to this standard.
----- Areas
{20} Wilderness Areas
{30} Low level dungeons/quest areas
{40} Incomplete areas
{50} Mid level dungeons/quest areas
{60} High level dungeons/quest areas
{70} Areas from other planes
{80} Underdark Areas
{90} Special areas
{A0} Villages and encampments
{B0} Major cities and towns
{C0} Areas for imms and special rps
{D0} Guildhouses and Academies
{E0} Organization HQ and side areas
{F0} Temples
Feel free to ask one of the builder administrators (or post in the "Area Discussion" forum) if you are unsure which category your area should be labeled as.
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