(HOWTO) Re-describing areas

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(HOWTO) Re-describing areas

Post by Dalvyn » Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:02 pm

Here is a summary of the main commands used to re-describe areas. I'll add in some standards that are set only for Waterdeep (other areas might have other standards).
  • Room description

    redit desc: This is the main command to edit a room description. You must be in the room you want to (re)describe before entering this command. You will then be placed into an editor (like the editor for character description) where you can edit the description.

    For Waterdeep: To determine whether a room has already been reworked or not, check the beginning of the description (once you are in the editor). If it starts with a colour code, it has most likely already been reworked. If it does not start with any colour code, it still has to be reworked.

    For Waterdeep: it's useful to turn on the vnum display. The rooms that can be redescribed are those in the range 8000-8999. If you are in a room with a vnum that is NOT between 8000 and 8999, then you have wandered into another area (and should make your way back to Waterdeep).

    For Waterdeep: to give the streets a consistent look, we chose to use {70} as the base colour for the descriptions of all street rooms (that does not include special rooms, like the City of the Dead, or interiors, or gardens/parks, ...).

    !! Once you have written/edited a room description, don't forget to use the /j command to justify the text !!
  • Extra descriptions

    redit ed keyword1 keyword2 ... keywordn: to add a new extra description to a room. An extra description is a text that characters can see when they type "look (keyword)". When you CREATE a new extra description, you must list all the keywords that can trigger it.

    redit ed keyword: to edit an existing extra description. If you EDIT an extra description, you must only give ONE of the keywords, not all of them. If you give all the keywords, it will actually create a new extra description.

    redit rmed keyword: to remove an existing extra description.

    !! Once you have written/edited an extra description, don't forget to use the /j command to justify the text !!
  • Changing the room name (should normally not be used)

    redit name (new name): to change the name of the room you are in. Note that room names are NOT colourized.
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