HOW TO - Report a Problem with the Game

Reports on bugs, and questions on if something is a bug.
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HOW TO - Report a Problem with the Game

Post by Japcil » Tue Sep 11, 2007 5:53 am

The following are guidelines on how to report problems with the game efficiently so that they are fixed faster.

First, we have consolidated all bug and problem reporting into one place. If you find a bug, typo, or error in the game's hard code, area code, helpfiles, or website, please report it in this forum. To the extent possible, we ask that you have your PC live with the consequences of the error, because the more time we spend treating symptoms, the less time we have to treat the underlying cause. But if you feel substantive and permanent damage has been done to your PC and you would really like to have it repaired, submit an application for a fix to the applications forum. Reporting a bug here will not automatically initiate such a request, you need to make a separate posting to the applications forum. Note that applications for a personal fix aren't looked upon as kindly if you have been too lazy to report the problem here, leaving other people to have the same problem you have had and are now asking for a remedy of.

If you have encountered a code problem, please try to be as detailed as possible in reporting it. This involves many things:

A) Logs are a bug testers best friend, don't be shy about including them. Include them. If they contain too much IC information, they will be put in a forum only the bug team can see.

B) One of the most helpful things when it comes to testing is an object/room/mobile's vnum. To obtain this use the ask channel to locate a code council member or IMM to gain this information for your bug report, when possible. If you can't get it, please provide the exact name of the room/mobile/object in question, and if you are reporting a quest bug, let us know what the quest log says for this quest/area.

C) The third best thing to place in a bug report is how you found the bug. If we can find out how to reproduce the bug faster, it will move through the system even faster.

Of the three things I have listed it is understandable if you cannot supply some of them, we just ask that you do your best. And please, please search the forums before you post, the bug might have already been posted, but you can always supply more information for the original post. Doing that saves us time, and lets us crush more bugs!

Thanks for your help in improving Forgotten Kingdoms!

Disclaimer: We are 3.5 based so we will always look to SRD first, but we are not solely governed by it either. Mud vs PNP can and will dictate variances. Diverging from SRD does not make something a bug, nor guarantee all changes will be made to match it.
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Re: HOW TO - Report A Bug

Post by Mask » Wed Aug 27, 2008 4:03 pm

This forum has been set to 'moderated'. This means that your posts and replies will go to a moderation queue and will remain there until approved by a moderator. This means: don't panic if your post hasn't been released - you can be sure that it has been read by someone who can action it!
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Re: HOW TO - Report a Problem with the Game

Post by Raona » Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:08 am

Just to expand upon this a little:

When you post to this forum (in contrast with others), your post will not immediately be visible. It will go into a "moderation queue" where it will remain until a senior bug tester reads it and approves it. At that point, they may also move it into a hidden forum, if it details a temptingly exploitable bug or reports quest information. As a consequence, you may never see it again, or may be contacted by PM (private message) for more information, rather than in a reply posting as would normally be the case.

As a consequence of this system:
1) Don't be shy about posting quest information, character information, or other sensitive stuff here. Please feel free to give all the details you have, sensitive or not, in your initial bug report. (Well, that is, unless you are a member of the Bug Testing team! In that case your message skips the approval process, so be sure to post it to the Sensitive Bugs forum directly if appropriate!)
2) Do not panic, or re-post, if you can not see your bug report. It either hasn't been approved yet, has been moved into the sensitive report forum, or has been merged with another bug report.
3) Please do remember to search for a bug like your own before posting, if it is a general bug. However, if it involves a quest or exploitable issue, don't bother - you won't find it, even if it exists!

Thanks for your help in our constant efforts to improve the game!