Semi-private Roleplay

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Semi-private Roleplay

Post by Caylin » Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:34 pm

Last night, as I was about to head to bed, a character Caylin had not previously met showed up and initiated an 'adventure' with him; this was a dwarf named Jarngron. I wasn't expecting it, and I do not know who was playing the dwarf but as far as I could tell we were hitting it off nicely ICly and OOCly(though we kept the OOC talk to a minimum, which makes sense). The adventure didn't really take off as we went off looking for a horse for Caylin and then I went to bed. I said would be on most of today but I don't know when to expect them back as we didn't discuss a time(or timezone for that matter).

So, whoever plays Jarngron, if you're seeing this, let me know when to expect you or simply look for me in-game. Hopefully not the same hour as last night, I can't really stay up late right now, last night I made an exception because we had just met and I like IC interaction.

For anyone else:
I put the subject as semi-private roleplay because it's not private, it just involves the two characters and no one else, at least thus far. If someone wanted to join us, I wouldn't turn them away. Just know that the goal is to teach Caylin a trade, so it's not like a quest or anything. I wasn't even sure I should post in Events.
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