Garden Party of the Century

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Garden Party of the Century

Post by Enig » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:13 pm

Hosted by the novice cleric Rannas, born in a town with no name and called from the north by the allure of mystery, and his able assistant the illustrious Maribel Veronique Appleblossom III, descendent of the legendary wizard Claribel Appleblossom, you are invited to join us for an unforgottable evening of flowers to dazzle the eyes and riddles to twist the mind, with the potential to find friendships that will last you the rest of your lives!

We're holding a fantastic party of absolutely wondrous proportions in the Brewing Gardens of Waterdeep at the end of the month and you're all invited! As it is such a momentous occasion we'll be having games and contests from start to finish: namely, two to speak of! Let's elaborate on them below.

~ The FORBIDDEN Word Game ~

When you first arrive at the party you'll be handed a drink, obviously, and also a list of words that you must somehow convince other people at the party to say out loud, by directing conversation or making allusions. If you manage to clear your entire sheet you can ask for another, and at the end of the party the guest who has cleared the most FORBIDDEN words, by getting at least one person to say them, will receive a fabulous prize! Also, your wonderful hosts do NOT count unless you can trick us somehow. Tricking to be determined on the fly, at our discretion/whim.

~ The Flower Arranging Contest ~

Whose floral arrangement will reign supreme? This is a contest for all you budding sunites out there for sure, and for anyone else who has a keen eye for colour and composition! You're directed to create an original design of flowers, whatever that might be. A good example might be wreaths or bouquets. You can either bring your own flowers with you, or you can use the house flowers, but there are no guarantees we'll have enough, or of the right colours, so you're highly encouraged to bring your own!

Now here's the really exciting part! You'll assemble the arrangements in the crates provided, but you're also to be judged on a sheet of artistry included with the flowers! This sheet must include what kind of occasion the arrangement is designed for, as well as any special meaning the flowers might have. You can also feel free to include flowered words of poetry or praise for your two hosts and judges.

Here's an example...

Wreath of Daisies and Daffodils
Designed for: Daisies are a near universal symbol of innocence and purity and daffodils represent the idea of new beginnings, so this is obviously a wreath tailor-made to celebrate the birth of a new baby! The circular shape of the wreath is a wonderful symbol of growth and longevity, to help bless the infant with a long and happy life. Also, it would look fantastic stuck up on the wall or the front door of your burrow.


And that's just about everything, because it goes without saying that we'll have a spread for the ages, with as much wine, cheese, bread, stewing meat, and everything sweet as you can stomach. Be there or live forever haunted with the knowledge that you missed out on the most amazing party to ever grace the gardens of Waterdeep!

(OOC Note: The time is ... 0200401T00)
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Re: Garden Party of the Century

Post by Rordan » Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:37 pm

A bit late for me but I'll try to make a brief appearance for an hour or so if I can!
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Re: Garden Party of the Century

Post by Rannas » Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:07 pm

Reminder this is in a lil under 2 hours!
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