Mai's Date Auction

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Mai's Date Auction

Post by Amethyst » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:29 am

Mai is currently doing a date auction, the details of which are on the note board, and copied here:
Mai's Date Auction!
-Sponsored by the Church of Waukeen

To enter, please see Mai for an introductory interview so that your information
may be included for people to bid on.

To bid, please contact Mai with the individual you wish to bid upon, and the bid
amount. Each winning couple shall be given a picnic basket full of treats to enjoy
together. If there are no bids on an entry, they are still given the picnic basket
to do with as they please. The winning bidder shall be the one to make plans for the
date, so do be prepared! Anyone may bid, including those entered!
Here is the end date to enter, or to bid! Good luck to all. ... 7T23&p1=64

After this time, the participants and the bidders will be given the name of their date partner, as well as the basket of goodies, for their date to take place upon their own timings.
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