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What is a Paladin?

A paladin is a holy warrior of his or her god. They are elite warriors who follow a strict
ethos proscribed by their church and eventually from an order (if they choose to join one
of the available orders and are accepted). Their powers are great, but depend upon their
loyal obedience to the strict code of conduct given to them - paladins who stray from the
path of good and righteousness are surely struck down by their god.

Please read HELP PALADIN or HELP SQUIRE for more information regarding the class and
its requirements (these are available on-line or in the game). There is a lot of information
available on the forums, but this sticky and these help files are the most up-to-date and
overrule any other, more dated information.

There are nine faiths that a player character (PC) can serve as a paladin in Forgotten
Kingdoms. Three of these may have any number of paladins (Tyr, Torm, and Helm).
The other six (Ilmater, Kelemvor, Lathander, Mystra, Sune, and Corellon) may have
only four paladins and squires at any given time (so four paladins or four squires or
two paladins and two squires or any other permutation of the two groups that adds to
a total of four) and would-be paladins and squires of these faiths must apply for the

Players interested in making a new squire should inquire in-character to their faith
(or to an appropriate one if not already a member) and ask if they are taking on new
squires. If no one is available to ask or none of the church members you find know
the answer, please feel free to apply and you will be told the availability.
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