LORE: Regional Adjectives

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LORE: Regional Adjectives

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  • Amn: Amnian
  • Anauroch: Anaurian
  • Arabel: Arabellan
  • Athkatla: Athkatlan
  • Baldur's Gate: Baldurian (never "Balduran" to avoid misusing the name of the city's founder)
  • Berdusk: Berduskan
  • Calaunt: Calauntan (neither "Calauntian" nor "Calaunan" and "Calaunthead" is a deliberate insult)
  • Citadel Adbar: Adbarrim
  • Citadel of the Rave: Ravenar (a citizen; garrison soldiers are "Citadel-helms" or, worse, "stone-heads")
  • Cormyr: Cormyrean or Cormyrian ("Cormyte" is a slang term favored by the current king)
  • Daerlun: Daerlunian
  • Elturel: Elturian (not "Elturelian")
  • Eversult: Elversian (not "Elversultian", a common Calishite insult for Elversians)
  • Eveningstar: Evenor (archaic)
  • Faerun: Faerunian (with an accent circumflex - the little arrow above the letter)
  • Gond: Gondryr (not "Gondian" although this term sometimes applies to objects)
  • Hillsfar: Hillfarian ("Helvar" is sometimes used, but older)
  • Immersea: Immersean ("Immerian" is frowned upon and "Mistfisher" is used more colloquially)
  • Iriaebor: Iriaeben or Iriaeban
  • Lantan: Lantanna
  • Luskan: Luskar
  • Marsember: Marsembian ("Marsemban" is also correct, but more rare)
  • Melvaunt: Melvauntian
  • Mintarn: Tarnian (never "Mintarnian")
  • Mulmaster: Mulmasterite or Mulman (the former refers to people, the latter to things)
  • Myth Drannor: Myth Drannan
  • Neverwinter: Neveren or Neverwintian (the latter is used in art or by Calishites)
  • Nimbral: Nimbran or Nimbrian (former usually for people and the latter for things, but not always)
  • Ordulin: Ordulian or Ordulan (the rarely-heard second term applies to goods, companies, animals, and items, but never to people)
  • Procampur: Procampan
  • Ruathym: Ruathen
  • Saerloon: Saerloonian or Saerlunan (the second term is older and less often heard)
  • Scornubel: Scornubian or Scornubrian (both are correct, but the latter if seldom used)
  • Selgaunt: Selgauntan or Selgite (the second term applies only to art or workmanship)
  • Sembia: Sembite or Semmite (either term, applied to citizens, is correct, the former used most often in the north and in the Dragonreach lands, the latter used more in the south. One speaks of a chair or sword of "Sembian" make, but of "Semban" habits or believes, or style of workmanship. Sembites do not often bother to correct outlanders who call them "Sembians".)
  • Shadowdale: Dalefolk (like all other Dale-dwellers, they use no other term; in Sembia, Westgate, and the Vilhon Reach they are often thought of as bumpkins and called "Daler" which corresponds to "hayseed")
  • Sossal: Sossrim or Sossar (first for beings and second for items)
  • Suzail: Suzailan
  • Tantras: Tantran
  • Tashluta: Tashlutar (the term "Tashalar" refers to the surrounding coastlands)
  • Thay: Thayan
  • Tilverton: Tilverian (never "Tilvertonian"; locals call themselves "Gap folk")
  • Urmlaspyr: Urmlassan (not "Urmlaspian" as used by snobs from Selgaunt)
  • Waterdeep: Waterdhavian
  • Westgate: Westhavian or Westar
  • Yhaunn: Yhauntan (not "Yhauntian")
  • Zhentil Keep: Zhent or Zhentish (the former term applies to a being and the plural is "Zhents", the latter to work or goods produced by those citizens. The archaic term, used mostly for artifacts, is "Zhentarian". The term "Zhentilar" refers to Zhentil Keep's soldiers, and the term "Zhentarim" only to the mages, priests, and agents that control Zhentil Keep.)
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