LORE: Coins of the Realms

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LORE: Coins of the Realms

Post by Harroghty » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:03 pm

  • Copper: Copper Thumbs
    Silver: Silver Falcons
    Electrum: Blue Eyes
    Gold: Golden Lions
    Platinum: Tricrowns
  • Copper: Fandars
    Silver: Tarans
    Electrum: Centaurs or Decimes
    Gold: Dantars
    Platinum: Roldons or Pearls
  • Copper: Unarches
    Silver: Decarches
    Electrum: Centarches
    Gold: Bicentas
    Platinum: Kilarches
  • Copper: Copper Nibs
    Silver: Shards
    Electrum: Moons
    Gold: Dragons
    Platinum: Suns
    Not used in FK but FYI: Toal, a brass coin worth 2 GP and the Harbor Moon, a 50 GP platinum and electrum coin.
  • Copper: Thalvers
    Silver: Bedoars
    Electrum: None
    Gold: Shilmaers
    Platinum: Ruendils
  • Copper: Iron Steelpence (square)
    Silver: Ravens (triangular)
    Electrum: None
    Gold: Nobles (pentagonal)
    Platinum: Unknown
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