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Design your own quest!

Post by Solaghar » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:59 am

If you want to add a quest to the game, you can do it here. If you want the end result to be a secret, you can PM it to me, I'll try to add it to the game ASAP. When you write a quest, think like this...

First - Describe the quest step by step. For example, to describe the Howling Peaks quest step by step, I'd say it's like this... (I'm using this example because I think if any quest is well-known in the game, it's this one, so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone)

1. Meet the Knight of Torm
2. Accept the quest
3. Find Mistress Thann
4. Kill the goblins holding her
5. Free Mistress Thann
6. Return to the Knight

Second - Simply state the dialogue as you would like it. You can use existing quest mobs or new mobs which will load for the quest.
For example...
The Knight of Torm says You must help me find the Mistress Thann! She's been kidnapped by goblins, the fiends! Will you accept?

Third - If your quest uses any new items, or mobs, just describe them as you'd like them to be seen.
For example...
A sacrificial knife - This long, thin and jagged dagger is of obvious goblin make.
A skin bag of Mistress Thann - This is a bag made of poorly skinned and untanned human hide.

Don't worry about quest rewards, based on the difficulty of the quest the builders will judge what the reward should be. If you want to add a new quest, we encourage you to do it! Don't let your creativity go to waste on a poorly edited blog, tumblr account, or self-serving fan fiction where you insert your character into Star Trek or something. Add quests to the game, and make it more fun!

(P.S. If your quest is unworkable, ridiculous, inappropriate or really lazy quest making, the builders of course reserve the right to reject it or request changes)
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Re: Design your own quest!

Post by Hrosskell » Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:44 pm

Recently, Alaron has gotten some love in changing the mobs that inhabit the forests. For a character who hails from the Moonshaes, this has been an excellent opportunity for story-telling, but I think that maybe the area could use a bit of love to show "heightening tensions." My idea would be to add three new quests to the area to reflect the change from straight drow soldiers to assorted priests, driders, and wizards as the opposition ramping up their efforts; these three quests wouldn't involve a lot of building--maybe 5 rooms tops--which would include a tavern for the area (sorely needed imo, but this one has already been converted mostly to a staging area for the resistance of Holyhead and treatment of wounded soldiers/volunteers) and a place for some of the quest activities to transpire.

The first would be a more passive "help keep the town alive" quest; you'd do this by gathering a few different things for each leg. First aid supplies (bandages, herbs, etc.) from currently existing vendors around the world; food -- basics like vegetables and fruits, possibly from the existing plants across the world map; and last, building supplies for fortifications (wood and stone, not sure how I'd implement the stone part yet). Afterwards you could do these things again and have meaningful coin income from the turn-ins. This one would start and end in the aforementioned tavern. The idea is that the ground-floor/common room of this building is abuzz with military action, so it would likely be in the same room as the barkeep.

The second would be an aggressive "thin the ranks" type quest; characters would (hopefully with a party) venture into the forests to help hold the drow at bay with force. I could see the flavor of drow insignias coming into play here; maybe allow turn-ins for rewards, but have their drop chance limited. After the first turn in of maybe 10, you would get a decent coin income from turning in bundles of 5. This one would start and end at the aforementioned tavern, but maybe in a separate room--a side table covered with maps and little plastic drow and spider figurines there-in. :B

The third quest would open up after the first two, and it would involve stopping a specific ritual that certain drow priestesses are performing to harm the forest (possibly with an alternate route for evils). For this you'd do a combination of the two earlier quests--gathering what you need to disrupt the ritual and eventually slaying the ritualists involved. This part would require a bit more work and possibly an extra room or two for the ritual area. I could see it starting in the "command room" and referencing the medic for components.

Both quest givers would explain drow assault tactics, and maybe the reason these specific drow are attacking this specific town on the large island of Alaron. I can write up some dialog later, and would prefer to send that specific information in so that the good bits aren't spoiled. :D
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Re: Design your own quest!

Post by Grenwyn » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:17 am

As discussed in this thread:
The apprentice wizard looks at you closely. "Ah, so you want to be a wizard, do you?"
[say Yes]
The apprentice wizard grins and rubs his hands together. "Right! I see you've got a spellbook, that's a great start. Now, a big part of magic is finding the right material components to use in your spells. Some spells you can cast without components, but most require a focus to shape the magic into the effect you're after."
The apprentice wizard wizard says "Do you know the Armor spell? If not, I can teach it to you. Tell me when you're ready to continue."
The apprentice wizard continues "The armor spell uses hide as a component. Hide is used to make leather or hide armor, right? Our spell relies on that connection and the magical principle of sympathy."
The apprentice wizard demonstrates, casting the spell in slow motion.
The apprentice wizard casts 'armor' on you.
The apprentice wizard waves you off. "Give it a try! Go fight a few dummies with your mage armor on. If it wears off, come back to me and I'll cast it again."
[on return:]
The apprentice wizard says "Do you need me to demonstrate the armor spell again?"
[after killing 5 dummies while under the effect of the armor spell:]
The apprentice wizard says "Great work! It's a simple ward, but it'll serve you well. Here, take this hide. Don't stop practicing!"
The apprentice wizard gives you the hide of a cow.
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