[General] Raise/Lower Requirments involving Griffons

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[General] Raise/Lower Requirments involving Griffons

Post by Terrock » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:45 am

Hello, something has just come to my attention, that I find odd and counter intuituve and frustrating - and that is the aquisition of Griffons, and this came about when trying to find out more about griffons.

1 - The game Indicates to you that you can by a Griffon before lvl 20 (the ^ symbol by the pet dissapears).

2.The game than lets you know you must first train up your mount skill before the griffon trainer will train you.

3. (Apparently) the griffon trainer will not train you until your lvl 40 at least.

That is where the frustration comes in. if this is true this should that your not allowed to be trained to ride griffon untill lvl 40, than the griffon mount should not be indicated to be avaible to you before that time, and perhaps let you know that in addition to the level requirment you have a skill requirment. And the game should do a better job of indicating this. Or perhaps lower the level requirment to be trained to line up according to when the game indicate yo you whenyour allowed to buy a griffon - which is again before lvl 20

If this is not true...well than just completly disregard this post!
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