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Malar Druids and Animal Empathy

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:52 pm
by Rordan
It seems to be that Malar Druids, I don't know about otherdruids, are not granted animal empathy as a skill. The helpfile for this skill states that it is a druid skill, and I think it wouod be a nice addition ti malar deuids, let alone all druids if its missing from the class as a whole, due to the fact that druids get animal companions.

Looking at the fact that our companions are a little limited to what you can buy at a stable, and most druids make their companions from wild creatures, that the skill would provide a valuable rp hook to befriending different creatures to travel woth the druid.

It was mentioned to me before that an evil druid might not get it because we don't play with chipmunks, it's good to remember that not all animals in the firest are goodly creatures who want to cuddle. An evil druid might find common understanding with an aggressive mountain lion and mutual benefit to one another in terms of survival, or a feral wolf that senses a stronger hubter than itself to follow in its pack.

Anyway! The point being is that i would love to see this added so we malarites can take all the things in a manner that is more aligned with their rp than purchasing animals.