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[TRADE] Craft Magical Item

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:09 am
by Yazzt
I recently found a nice site for various items along with abilities and general lore.

EDIT: This site here has the Pathfinder d20 SRD for magical item creation as well as provides a list of known artifacts and legendary items. Given that, it also covers all things Pathfinder.

Anyway my suggestion is, provided that you have a MW item PC crafted or PC mined gems, ores, or ingots required of the SRD value along with any extra GP and EXP costs... You should be able to app for an item creation. This would add flavor beyond the random and drive PC interaction via the increased need for materials. It would also create a use for the mundane MW items that the loot table gives you - instead of piling up in a shop, you could hold onto them and have them enchanted.

Of course there would be a limit to the enchantments that are allowed, but this could also foster more ideas for the loot tables.

Maybe a glory cost as well, but this is hard to come by for many and the initial cost and time required would be extensive... Maybe factor in Spellcraft skill level to determine capable creations.

This isn't to say that the random table doesn't give "good" items, only that, given the character being played, you could end up completely under-powered in terms of items - especially for a wizard - if you happen to get duplicates or items that you cannot use.