[Weaponsmithing] Add Missing Weapons

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[Weaponsmithing] Add Missing Weapons

Post by Raelikh » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:46 pm

As the subject suggests, there seem to be some weapons missing from a grandmaster weaponsmith's construct list. I went through and collected all those that are missing, then reduced that list based on the weapon's usual material and differences from existing craftables regarding damage dice and type, critical range, critical multiplier, finessable-ness, and exotic-ness, to simplify potential addition of the list into the game. For instance, boomerangs are missing, but they are made fully of wood so belong in woodworking; kris and cleavers are missing, but every kris and cleaver I've seen have the same stats as dagger and battleaxe, respectively, I think, so there's little reason to add them.

Here is the list at end:
  • Great Chains:
    • spiked chain (high expert or low master)
  • Long Axes:
    • greataxe (high master or grandmaster)
  • Short Blades:
    • sai (journeyman)
    • kukri (adept)
  • Thrown Projectiles:
    • shuriken (inept or ameture [as often improvised as manufactured])
  • Thrusting Blades:
    • siangham (?)
I also added suggestions for possible skill levels at which these could be unlocked based on the current list and what (admittedly little) I know about RL weaponsmithing. Despite that skill level seems fairly ad hoc for some of the weapons anyway, maybe some folks more familiar with the exotic/fantasy weapons above could toss in their two cents on that subject. I don't know how difficult it is to add such things to the trade, but on the off chance it's something that can be done on the soft-code side of things, I thought it couldn't hurt to throw it out there.

Thanks for reading.
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