The Raventhirst Case Files: The Mystery of Viversnare Manor

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Will you attend a run of a second Raventhirst Case File?

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The Raventhirst Case Files: The Mystery of Viversnare Manor

Postby Levine » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:10 am

Thank you all once more for all the IC and OOC support. The signs for advertising were getting incessant and old, so I figured I might as well kill it while it was still somewhat tolerable. I had a lot of fun hosting the runs, and every group had their own distinct style and flavour. I tweaked the script along the way, and after every run, and covered loopholes that I had to cover.

I have included in this post a poll to estimate interest for a second run. Everyone right after the run usually does the compliments thing, which I appreciate, but I figured anonymous voting would be better. I haven't included "No"s to the poll because if I had 100 players interested, for example, I would still run it.

Behold, the four logs:

Run #1: Cabadath, Nisaiya, Saevitia, Zia (Bunny) ... tG3VlV3LeV

Run #2: Alessandra, Amira (and her baby), Celric ... O0kjHnnxFX

Run #3: Ichi, Ithrael, Yasu ... 9oYYBRhVPX

Run #4: Myn, Raelikh, Varaqin ... hOFVdCxJCy
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