In Memoriam: The Tributes of the Fifth Annual Starvation Festivities

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In Memoriam: The Tributes of the Fifth Annual Starvation Festivities

Post by Neleya » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:38 pm

A full cycle has passed since the Fifth Annual Starvation Festivities hosted by The City of Splendours, and it is time for us to commemorate the six valiant heroes who had gone before. Over the seasons now past, legendary tales and anecdotes have been shared of them over many a tankard and campfire, and in plays and storybooks alike.
THE MEMOIR (by 31 Jan)
To give remembrance to this great Loss the realms have suffered, The Church of Shar seeks contributions from the community of tales and anecdotes, tall or otherwise, to compile a book of memoirs on our beloved heroes, Embra, Kelton, Maleveaen, Ivellios, Draglor, and Leonardo. Your stories can be submitted via the straw dolls from The Ferryman's Refuge (located in the Waterdeep and Zhentil Keep piers, more information is on the doll itself). Submissions will close when it does (end of 31 Jan).

THE MEMORIAL (~2 Feb: [URL= ... T21&p1=%3A[/url])
Be you a friend or foe of the Church, put down your swords and favours and join us for a memorial at the Starvation Festivities plaque located within the City of the Dead in Waterdeep, and light a single candle for the dearly departed. Visitors may prepare a single word in offering, and if they wish, a small token to be cast into the bonfire as an offering to our fallen tributes. However, we ask that these tokens be simple, as ostentation is not our way.
May we find comfort in sharing our grief, and may their memories live on to fill the voids in our hearts.

OOC: This is not a trap. For the memoir, this is a chance for you to make up absolutely any story you want about these characters! Perhaps your character heard it in a tavern once, or read it in a storybook as a child. Change the details if you want, make up their backstories. Make it an anonymous submission, or boldly declare your name!

I would also be very grateful if the players of these heroes could post below or PM me with some pointers/the descs of your characters to help inspire the stories! I will do some investigation myself and update this thread periodically too.
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Re: In Memoriam: The Tributes of the Fifth Annual Starvation Festivities

Post by Neleya » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:48 pm

Last updated 10 Jan 2019.

I will be updating and adding to this post as I get new information. Don't be afraid to bastardise any and every element! For some idea of their personalities, you can refer to the log here.

Pointers for Kelton

Code: Select all

{70}A {B0}flamboyant shock of blond hair crowns {70}the head of this wild-looking
{70}halfling. His {80}l{70}a{80}rge ey{70}e{80}s {70}flicker back and forth like a caged animal,
{70}and he has a nervous twitch that seems to never completely disappear.
{70}He is small, even for a halfling, and lightly built - possibly due to
{70}malnourishment as much as any hereditary factors.
  • Backstory: Kelton told everyone that he was a squirrel who had been turned into a halfling by a wizard, presumably an evil one (?). He had been promised that he could be turned back if he won the Festivities. He did not, sadly, so whether or not that story is true may never be known.
  • He hid for a very long time during the Prelims.
  • His entry in Maleveaen's autograph book:

Code: Select all

{30} ,;;:;,
{30}   ;;;;;
{30}  ,:;;:;    ,'=.
{30}  ;:;:;' .=" ,'_\
{30}  ':;:;,/  ,__:=@
{30}   ';;:;  =./)_
{30}     `"=\_  )_"`
{30}          ``'"`
{30} [chicken scratches]
{30}   GooD LuCK MalXXX
{30} (the writer seems to
{30} have given up on the
{30} full name)
Pointers for Maleveaen

Code: Select all

a twiggy, candle-like female fire genasi

{80}Lanky and stick-thin, there is little way to describe this girl and
her features other than to liken her to a tree branch. Stringy charcoal
l{70}i{80}nes lightly etch long channels along and over every inch of her face
and body in generous, sweeping lengths and swirls, and bear an uncanny
resemblance to wood gra{70}i{80}n. When agitated, however, these channels begin
to widen, and a hot, fiery glow grows from the tight swirls on her
chest and flows through the courses charted for their journey through
the expanse of her skin, which is the colour of an {30}ev{B0}e{30}nly o{B0}v{30}erto{B0}a{30}sted
{F0}marshmallow{80}. Her {90}flaming, red hair {80}exists as the only disruption to the
angles abound in her form - an ultrafine mass of it swept up and back,
ending in a point just grazing the middle of her back, looking as
though it were dipped and slicked back with a hot magma. Her teeth are
round and are {10}r{90}e{10}d as {90}ga{10}rnet{80}, while her heavy-lidded gaze contains
matching pupils.

Her body radiates warmth and she smells of a raging campfire and
  • Blunt, always ready to roll. Enterprising, business-minded. Campaigned hard with the slogan "Maleveaen wants YOU".
  • Supposedly left her home in Skullport for SF. Left no one behind but a slaver eyeing her.
  • Remarkably vain at times. She gave out lockets with portraits of herself and larger gilt portraits too.
  • She had a stallion named Vim and had an artistic nude of her riding bareback blazing through a field with him painted.
  • She hired professional mourners for the event, and her "parents" camped by her pink lemonade stand, asserting that the pink lemonade were "Maleveaen's Tears".
  • She made people sign her autograph book and pretended they were unsolicited. This is the foreword from her compiled book:

Code: Select all

It is with great pleasure that I compile this book of unsolicited letters
that were sent to me over the course of my practice for the Fifth Annual
Starvation Festivities. Whether I survive or perish the Festivities, I
hope that the contents of the book will give an insight to the magnetic
enigma that is Maleveaen, the Tribute of the People.
Pointers for Embra
  • A lady dwarf with many sisters. They are a part of a family of shield dwarves. Sister list here:
> Embra (deceased at the Starvation Festivities, eldest)
> Deidra (current eldest, but was the second-eldest when Embra was alive)
> Avila (second youngest)
> Thoma (youngest)
  • Seemed to be closely allied with the champion of SF, Hyldest. They were best friends.
  • Joined SF to win the money for her sisters.
  • Good-natured, smiled easily.
  • Embra's entry in Maleveaen's autograph book:

Code: Select all

{60}Lass! You're a tough fighter, a worthy opponent, and, hopefully, a friend to the end.
I'll miss you, wherever we end up. Stay strong, stay fiery, fight hard.
Pointers for Ivellios

- a silver-haired young male moon elf
- He died naked, wearing nothing but the holy symbol of Corellon. He was a wizard and decided the armor provided was too restrictive for him.
- The player has lost most of the notes about him, but Ivellios wrote a letter to Aramil, explaining why he is participating:
Lord Neidre,

I write to you with shaking hands, but two squires have advised me to
seek your help. My past has found me and I fear I might not live to
see another sunrise.
I should start from the beginning. I think I have told you that I
have spent some time sailing the seas. What I failed to tell you is
that I also sailed upon a pirate's ship for a while. To make a long
story short, I accidentally burned down this pirate ship and while no
one was harmed, the captain was not amused. I ran. To Waterdeep. And
tried to become a proper elf. A respectable one. You helped my greatly
on that path and for that I thank you.
However, this pirate captain has found me a couple of nights ago and
now seeks payment for his destroyed ship. He wants 1000 platinum. And
he wants them soon. Sooner than I can manage to earn it. Squire Galeena
and squire Elisabeth Marshall as well as Sir Andreas listened to my
story and advised against paying the captain and instead reach out to
you for dealing with him.
Last night though things got worse. The captain found me again. He had
heard of a cruel competition in the city. A fight for one's life. The
captain told me he would forget my debt if I competed in that cruel
game. If I refused, he would come back to me and end my life.

So I have no choice but to compete in the games. And maybe, if I'm
lucky and the Coronal forgives my mistakes, I may live. If I don't
survive, I would like you to know that I am very grateful for everything
you have done for me. And maybe you even have it in your heart to pray
for my soul.

Supplementary gossip fodder on Hyldest, best friend of the fallen Embra

Anyone who has met Hyldest is not likely to forget. He's absurdly loud, completely unaware of appropriate social behavior, and horrifically enthusiastic about -everything-

After winning the SF, He descended into a deep depression, albeit briefly, prone to fits of rage. He regularly was in the market square with his pet Llama, Boodles. He and Boodles would both drinking large quantities of wine. He would angrily curse himself for murdering his best friend, Embra, in the SF.

He attributes his victory entirely to two things: his dedication to his goddess, Tymora, and his friends through the tournament.

Code: Select all

Tall and willowy, this air genasi appears to be cut from the same cloth as
many of his kin. However, a quick examination shows this to be untrue. He has
long, almost ethereal white hair that seems to be in a constant state of
turmoil. It flows out behind him and disappears into a faint mist. 

He has deep violet eyes, though they appear to be the only part of his
features that are somewhat alluring. His face simply appears to be wrong. His
mouth is too large, stretching back to reach his earlobes when he breaks into
a wide grin. His teeth are slightly pointed and are far too numerous, yet
manage to completely fill his mouth. 

His long and slender fingers have an extra joint, and when he bows, his body
bends in the wrong location. The same effect can be seen of his arms and
legs, as though he was entirely without bones. 

He speaks with the voice of wind roaring in your ears, and smells of old

A tawny, young male human
Draglor: A broad, carmine-skinned male bugbear

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Re: In Memoriam: The Tributes of the Fifth Annual Starvation Festivities

Post by Neleya » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:56 pm

Pulled timing back by three hours! New time here, and also updated the first post. ... T21&p1=%3A

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