Building in Forgotten Kingdoms

Forgotten Kingdoms is a dynamic game world that is constantly expanding within the Forgotten RealmsŪ campaign setting. There are currently more than 300 active areas on the game with more than 15,000 rooms, thousands of mobiles, and thousands of objects. Builders use our Version Control System (VCS) and our Online Creation (OLC) system to enhance those existing areas and add to them. We aim to be "canonically sound", but not "canonically bound". In other words, we seek to follow the setting closely, but not slavishly. Probably just how the venerable Mister Ed Greenwood would want us to be.

We appreciate your interest in helping us to improve this fantastic game. Thanks!

New Builders

New builders may either build on-line using OLC or off-line using VCS. In either case, there are a number of resources available to help with the process. New builders may learn via the on-line builder lessons, the subforum Area Building Discussion, or from other builders. In order to begin the process of building your first area you must follow the process detailed in help new builders and submit an application via our forums. This application will be viewed by builder administrators, however; they will probably not approve or decline your application "as is", but seek you out and discuss how best to implement your idea.

Qualified Builders

Qualified builders have completed one area which was tested, approved, and brought live to the game port. They receive increased abilities on the test port in order to faciliate more complex building assignments. (As George Eliot wrote, "The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another".) Qualified builders may be elevated to the rank of Builder Administrator and the responsibility for testing and approving new areas.

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