Colourising an area

All mobiles, objects and rooms should be colourised. We want these items to follow a consistant standard, so that the game has a co-hesivive look and feel to it.

The syntax for applying colour to something as is {00}. The 00 is the colour number. It must be enclosed in the curley braces for the code to know that this is a colour code. The possible colours include (note that the graphic below does not show the braces):

The same information in the graphic above can be found in game by typing help colour codes.

When selecting the colour, you should be aware that the standard for most players is a blackground, not a white one. We work to the black standard. As a result {00} will not show up for most. This is an ideal code to use when you want to space out something with characters you do not want seen. It is often used for ascii art in the game.