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Gesine Keppur, High Mage of Possibilities

Gesine Keppur was born to a wealthy merchanting family an undetermined number
of years ago. She had a privileged upbringing with private teachers and all
of the luxuries that her parents' money could afford Her mother wished her to
be brought up a proper lady. Married to a nice rich man and settled down at
an early age. Gesine, however found this life dull and was often pestering
her father to be allowed to be able to go on his travels with him. Something
he often indulged her in. On these trips, Gesine became fond of an elderly
Mystran wizard that her father employed to help guard his caravans. The
wizard taught Gesine bits and pieces of magic and the ways of his faith. Much
to her parents' dismay, as soon as Gesine was of age she left home with her
then puppy, Scruff and set out to learn the ways of the weave.

Gesine was a very smart girl as far as books and things go, but she had led a
very sheltered life. She had no street smarts at all and was very naive. She
trusted far too easily. After suffering many setbacks while studying at the
Font of Knowledge in Waterdeep, she would finally find her place in her
studies many years later than most of her peers. During this time she met a
few people that would be very influential in her life and her studies. Most
notably Takket Keppur and the great Mielikkian mage Miriel.

After graduating from the School of Wonder, Gesine put her faith into the
Lady of Possibilities, under the watchful eye of the famed war wizard and
then leader of the Mystran church Spaki. She developed a close relationship
and apprenticeship with her friend Miriel, and over the years grew in her
role in the Mystran church, taking a position of learning to one of teaching
and passing on her knowledge of the Weave.

After many years of an on again off again relationship with Takket, the two
were married, and have been happily married since. Soon thereafter, Gesine
was named the High Mage in her mentor Spaki's absence. These days she spends
her time teaching both of the church and of magic. Working closely with her
husband, and the faith of Kelemvor who was led by her dear friend and
companion Rynn Irsei. When not spending time with church matters or teaching,
she can normally be found spoiling one of the many young people of Faerun
that she considers to be her nieces and nephews.

Scruff, who has probably received more fame in his days than his human
companion Gesine, spends his days stealing slippers from the unsuspecting
citizens of Waterdeep and burying them throughout the city. He's makes
occasional trips across the street from the House of Wonder to the Temple of
Sune to visit his poodle friend Fiifii and their brood of puppies. Ever the
trouble-maker, he is probably hiding somewhere within the Mystran temple
hoarding half-eaten slippers and spellbooks.

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