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Roleplaying an elf

There are five subraces of the elven. Each subrace has particular 
characteristics while maintaining important ties to the whole.

Gold Elves: These elves are often called sunrise elves. They tend
to have bronze skins and hair that is black, copper, or blonde. Their eyes
are silver, black, or gold. Gold elves are most often considered to be the
most civilized of the elven subraces, however they are also the most aloof
from mankind as well.

Moon Elves: Moon elves are sometimes called silver or grey elves.
They are very pale of complexion with tinges of blue in their skin. Their
hair is generally silver-white, black, though occasionally other colours of
the elven race may be found. Their eyes are most often blue or green with
gold flecks. This subrace tends to be more tolerant of mankind than others.
This also is the most often subrace found to be adventuring or of mixed
half-elven heritage. The royal family of Evermeet is of the Moon Elf subrace.

Wild Elves: Wild elves are also called green elves. Wild elves tend
to have the deepest distrust of the non elf races of all the subraces. Wild
elves tend to have a copperish coloured skin with tints of green. Their hair
is generally brownish in colour though occasionally black, blonde, and copper
crop up. Of the elven subraces, this one is the least organized.

Sea Elves: Sea elves are also called water elves. The sea elves are
divided into two groups; those of the Great Sea (including the Shining Sea
and the Sea of Swords) and those of the Sea of the Fallen Stars. Great Sea
elves are brightly coloured in hues of greens, with patches of brownish
stripes along their skins while Fallen Sea Elves tend to have various
shades of blue with white patches and stripes. Both have a wide variety
of hair and eye colour and all have webbed feet and hands.

Dark Elves: Dark Elves, also known as drow or night elves, are the
most sinister of the elven subraces. Their dark obsidian skin and eyes
contrast distinctively with their stark white hair. This race of elves was
driven underground and are shunned by their elven cousins. They are ruled
as a matriarchy and most often worship the goddess Lloth. The play of this
subrace on FK is limited to those experienced with mud gaming and roleplay.
This is a particularly difficult race to play because of restrictions placed
on them in a variety of cities. Despite the restrictions this is a rich field
for roleplay.

Elves in general are governed by a nobility. Elven rule is autocratic and
absolute, and it is theology and philosophy which keeps abuse of the power
of rule in check.

PLEASE NOTE: For the purposes of Forgotten Kingdoms Moon Elves and
Gold Elves are the most common to be found. Play of other types of elves
should be run past administrators first, with an appropriate background for
approval. Do not attempt to step outside the bounds of the above given
guidelines. To do so will result in a twisting of the FK environment which
we are trying to develop.

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