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Castle Ward is the largest ward within the city, it contains Mount Waterdeep, the Castle itself, Piergeiron's Palace, and many of the barracks and other public buildings around them. Generally only the wealthy and powerful live here, and then only if they are involved in the daily intrigue and "night-life", the social cut-and-thrust of city life. Now, a number of temple complexes and education centres occupy this ward, though their effects on the ward as the centre of the city's political life are minimal.

Points of Interest

  • Ahghairon's Tower This small tower rises as a slim stone pinnacle with few windows, and a conical roof four stories from the street. It is always quiet, never visibly changed by the passage of years, nor disturbed by passersby. No one has been able to enter it since Ahghairon's death.
  • Blackstaff Tower This tower is currently occupied by Waterdeep's most powerful wizard Khelben Arunsun. Laeral, one of the Seven Sisters lives here too.
  • Castle Waterdeep Waterdeep's great fortress is a thick-walled stronghold that frowns down on Castle Ward from the flanks of Mount Waterdeep. Pennants and banners are often hung and flown from its battlements to signal the arrival of this or that diplomat or the commencement of gathering for this or that ceremony.
  • The Market The largest open space in the city, the Market is, as its name implies, an open marketplace with a perimeter of buildings that encloses the maze of temporary stalls and carts that appear there day and night.
  • Mount Waterdeep The mountain is a bald, rought crag, topped by a lookout tower and griffon steed eyrie. Several catapults line its sides for attacking emeny ships entering the harbor. It was on this mountain that Lord Ao appeared and raised Cyric and Midnight to Godhood at the end of the Time of Troubles.
  • Piegeiron's Palace This elaborate palace was built for the third Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lhestyn Arunsun, nearly 80 years ago and still stands as a shining symbol of the Lord's Rule today, its white marble walls never blemished by the corruption so common amoung Sword Coast governments.
  • Walking Statue This huge, 90-foot-tall stone golem stands at the Gull Leap at the western end of Julthoon Street, its usual location unless moved elsewhere in the defense of the city.
  • Temples of Castle Ward
    • Spires of the Morning - Lathander
    • The Font of Knowledge - Oghma
    • The Halls of Justice - Tyr

  • The Yawning Portal This inn is run by Durnan, a retired adventurer rumoured to a secret Lord of Waterdeep. What makes this inn so special is the shaft in it leading down into Undermountain.
  • Sea Ward