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Dock ward and south ward

Dock Ward

The dock ward of Waterdeep is one of the roughest areas of the city. Is filled with taverns who's clientel consists of dock workers and sailors. The docks of Waterdeep can be found here. Dock Ward takes in the entire dock and harbor area from Mount Waterdeep to the southern end of the city, and is the most crowded, dirty, and "rough" district of the city. The vital commerce (and shady dealings) of Waterdeep keep its streets busy at all hours.

South Ward

South Ward, as its name implies, is the southern end of Waterdeep, and its people and business are dominated by the caravan trade, with its necessary stables and warehouses. Many poor but honest Waterdhavians live here, as well as a few rising merchants and retired adventurers. This is the common man's side of the City of Splendors.

Sea Ward