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The Sea Ward of Waterdeep lies to the north and west of Castle Ward, all along the seacoast. It contains most of the large temple complexes found in the City of Splendors, and many large private villas of the noble families and the very rich non-nobles. If one is not noble, and not a "swinger" or diplomat, but becomes very wealthy, the Sea Ward is the place to live.

Points of Interest

  • Field of Triumph
  • This huge, open-air stadium is the site of many spectacles staged for the populace of Waterdeep. During the late spring through to late autumn, thousands of people flood through the entrance and witness shows of magic, martial skills and horse races. The Field also acts as a public forum for such important events as the Open Lord's proclamations to the city and special gatherings for foreign dignitaries. The school of Combat for the fighters guild is near the Fields of Triumph.

  • Heroes' Garden
  • Waterdeep's only public park outside of the City of the Dead, Heroes' Garden is a large, lush area of grass, trees, and ponds. Many statues decorate the area including large marble statues to the Open Lords Baeron and Lhestyn.

    Temples of Sea Ward

  • The Shrines of Nature - Mielikki, Silvanus and Chauntea
  • The Temple of Beauty - Sune
  • The Tower of Luck - Tymora
  • The House of Wonder - Mystra
  • The House of Inspired Hands - Gond
  • The House of the Moon - Selūne
  • The House of Heroes - Tempus
  • Sea Ward