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Trade ward

The Trade Ward lies generally to the south of Castle Ward and the City of the Dead, and is an arbitrary slice of the bustling commercial area of the city, where most moderately wealthy merchants live, and much of the city's light-goods and respectable trade takes place.

Points of Interest

  • Court of the White Bull This place is a packet-dirt plaza built on a hisorical site. When this area was a grazing area for livestock outside the walls, an albino calf was born here (thus the name). The calf's owner eventually built the White Bull Tavern, which thrived for years until destroyed by Thongalar the Mighty and Shile Rauretilar in a spell battle so great that Azuth, god of mages, was needed to sew reality together again. Ever since that time, magic often goes wild when cast inside the Court. The site soon became a meeting place and market for caravan owners to peddle their wares from the wagons.
  • Virgin's Square This market and traditional hiring place for fighters is named for a local legend that virgins were sacrificed to dragons on this spot, long before Waterdeep. Whenever Cult of the Dragon agents are in the city, this is their traditional meeting place.
  • Sea Ward