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Re: Druids

Post by Vaemar » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:21 pm

- Shapechange seems not to have a trainer for Malarites.

That said I had difficulty to find the following spells on my Chauntean druid:
- air walk (I think there is one suitable teacher but it is kind of hard to reach, so one more would not hurt)
- ice storm
- drown
These spells are actually easily available in game, but they are taught by priests of enemy faiths.

These spells I was not able to find after searching and asking quite a bit:
- detect buried
- spider climb

This was available to my druid but not to my ranger, due to an intercept program:
- charm animal

Of course these spells may be available somewhere, and I would need to explore more, but it struck me as odd that they were either so difficult to acquire, despite being minor, or easily available but taught by mobs who are enemy of faith for most druids.

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Re: Druids

Post by Thurgan » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:19 am

I am late to the party, but regarding spell trainers and top 5 requests here goes.

Spell trainers that seem to be missing(at least for good aligned druids, and they may be available but are hidden away in some deep dark corner or at a unrealistic location such as enemy faith etc):
detect buried
spider climb
spider swarm
dominate animal
call lightning storm
mass drown

Every other spell on the druid list is accessible to good aligned druids in one way or another, and has been personally verified.

Top 5 things I would like to see done with druids:
1)Allow malarites to spontaneously cast cause spells
2) Either significantly alter shapechange, and or lower the polymorph spell for druids to a much lower level
3)Would be good for the game overall, but especially or rangers and druids. Add several herb type vendors to wilderness/ranger/druid encampments. These would really just be potions of various things but would be more fitting to be using a herbal salve, or a herbal tincture etc, or eating a leaf of this or that etc etc
4)Add in much stronger animal companions available only to druids,or maybe druids and rangers. Druids currently have quite a few utility spells that only work on animals....yet the animal companions we can get are bested by bandits and rats, and fiesty goldfish.
5) I know adding spells to a class is difficult, so if we can't add more druidesque spells to the druid spell list. Would it be possible to modify some of the existing ones. For example thorn spray is indeed significantly underpowered, as is storm of vengeance for that matter. in DnD thorn spray can target multiple creatures, and you also get more thorns per level. Would a simple fix be to perhaps keep it a single target but make it more like magic missile so where you can additional thorns as your skill increases?

Just some thoughts.

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Re: Druids

Post by Talos » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:07 am

Suggestions have been taken into consideration, and changes will continue to be made, which may or may not stick. But remember this section is for 'suggestions.'

Also when a suggestion is made, there is value in debating its merits, but not in just repeating the same ones already stated over again.

Disclaimer: We are 3.5 based so we will always look to SRD first, but we are not solely governed by it either. Mud vs PNP can and will dictate variances. Diverging from SRD does not make something a bug, nor guarantee all changes will be made to match it.
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Re: Druids

Post by Yazzt » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:51 pm

Somewhat in the same vein... I agree that some classes are unfinished or unbalanced.

Proposals overall:

1. Add spontaneous casting as a feature (for all casters that are able to do this). This would give Druids the needed edge to survive the newer content/DC. It could also be used as a platform to add new classes later (warlock/sorcerer) and as a way to introduce Wild magic and/or the Shadow Weave.

[I know that Planes are a WIP - but this would be a nice place to find outsiders for pacts - I'm just saying.]

2. Add the ability to choose deity portfolio (clerics/druids/paladins). It would most likely be a big revamp to do this, but it would greatly improve the game in terms of balance and PC flavor later on.

3. More Spells and Portfolio. The game needs more spells to make more portfolio viable, which would make the ability to choose possible. This would not only help all casters, but it would create a way for clerics to specialize based on deity (which is what they are supposed to do).

4. Not only more spells, but different class spell lists. I think this is one of the main issues in terms of balancing classes. All of the classes use the same 'magic' system and when spells and prayers overlap with these classes in FK, they get the same coded spell. If different instances of the spells existed based on class - then you could adjust the affects and power level of the spell accordingly without unbalancing the other classes that have access to them. It would allow the "similar but different" spells to be represented within the game.

In summary, power creep is inevitable... building to deprecate this for the sake of balance never seems to work. It always breaks something else. In most of the games that I have played, the solution was variety. If you isolate the class and allow them a different set of mechanics, you can then tweak that specific set without skewing the others.
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