Old log I found, in honor of Estrild (circa 2011)

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Old log I found, in honor of Estrild (circa 2011)

Post by Isolrem » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:19 am

The Market Square
N-Traders Way E-The Market S-The Market W-The Market
Bustling with activity, the market square teems with both stall holders and
shoppers. All manner of goods can be bought here, from fruits to fabrics. The
scent of herbs and spices fills the air, which is punctuated from time to
time with the cry of a hawker. To the west the spires of the Font of
Knowledge can be seen stretching towards the sky. A beautiful mermaid
fountain takes pride of place in the centre, around which people often seem
to congregate.
The sky is hot and humid and a hot southerly gust blows.
A prominent brass signpost planted here bears upon it the laws of the city. (superb)
A mermaid fountain makes soothing watery noises here. (perfect)
A guard is here wandering the market keeping the peace.
Kalaela is standing here.
Estrild is standing here.
a sleek orange and white cat is here, upon Estrild.
Vantaniael is standing here.
Gerto is standing here.

Palas colors faintly, 'You are a legend, you must know.'.

Estrild brushes this off lightly, 'Only by the graces of the gods, as any man is.'.

Estrild adds after a thought, 'Or woman.'.

Vantaniael gives Estrild a small peck on the cheek.

Estrild gives Vantaniael a small peck on the cheek.

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Don't corrupt the innocent'

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'Impossible.'

Estrild begins to sing.
You guess Estrild is casting friends.

Estrild finishes the song.
Vantaniael's positive qualities stand out more than usual.

Palas turns briefly to nod at Kalaela, 'I am at that, but... the Lioness would but open her mouth to put any art I have to shame.'.

Estrild seems delighted by your confession, and she sets down on the edge of the fountain, elbows on her knees, 'Oh ho, no!'.

Vantaniael frowns at himself.

Estrild says to you 'We won't hear any excuses.'

Estrild says to you 'I believe I can speak for everyone when I say we'd all be delighted to hear you perform.'

Vantaniael asks Gerto 'Is my armour suddenly s-shinier and my cloak brighter?'

Gerto looks at Vantaniael.

Kalaela turns jade eyes to glance at Estrild, before she nods once and glances back to you. 'The only way to improve one's skill is to practice.' She gives him an earnest smile.

Vantaniael says 'My beard also feels longer'

Gerto shrugs faintly and shakes his head 'Looks the same to me..'.

Estrild gazes thoughtfully at Vantaniael and says 'Hmmm.'

Vantaniael nods at Gerto.

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'That was a mistake.'

Vantaniael says to Gerto 'True sight'

Kalaela looks at Vantaniael.

Vantaniael tugs on his beard, and smiles at Estrild, 'It's glossier. Good s-spell'.

Estrild gives Vantaniael a wry smile, 'I'll get you to shave it eventually, my dear.'.

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'You remember what I resorted to last time.'

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'No paladin-bribes t-to be had'

Estrild Hmmmms...

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'That makes it a little more difficult.'

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Anyway, your apprentice was going to p-perform'

You say to Estrild 'Ahm... I am ill prepared for this-'

Estrild nods her head in agreement with Vantaniael.

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'I'm as delighted as anyone.'

Estrild looks back to you with interest.

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'And megalomanical too'

Palas blinks at Vantaniael, 'Her apprentice?'.

Gerto exclaims to you 'Be bold friend, be bold and sing. Dance! Play!'

Kalaela looks at Gerto.

Vantaniael says to you 'All but bears are s-susceptible to her inexorable charms'

Estrild says to you 'Everyone becomes my apprentice in the end.'

Estrild says to you 'It's irresistible.'

Palas smiles wryly, 'All would strive to, m'lady, but few could claim the honor.'.

Kalaela watches the trio with an amused expression.

Vantaniael coughs, 'Amongst the living anyway'.

Estrild laughs.

Estrild asks Vantaniael 'I like him. Can I keep him?'

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Okay, but he shares with the familiar for space'

Estrild Hmmmms...

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'Keryn's very jealous.'

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Morality. It's a lesson'

Estrild wiggles her eyebrows towards you.

Palas inclines his head, 'Ah, but I do sense I've become the object of everyone's amusement in this'.

Estrild smiles at you, 'Affection, not amusement.'.

Palas adds with a dry laugh, 'It is only fair, for my profession in any case. But I warn you, Lady Lioness, I'd be inclined to take it seriously it you speak o'it much more'.

Vantaniael nods at you, 'She needs someone to keep her busy. She gets lost e-easily'.

Vantaniael gets a copper compass from a silvery silk sack.

Vantaniael glances at Estrild.

Vantaniael puts a copper compass in a silvery silk sack.

Estrild rises to her feet, her expression more serious, 'I always take apprenticeships sincerely, Palas. Unfortunately most are not sincere in persuing them.'.

Estrild says to you 'The College no longer requires it.'

Estrild shrugs.

Estrild says to you 'It's become a lost dedication.'

Kalaela looks at you.

Gerto sighs slightly 'That is actually pretty sad to hear.'.

Estrild inclines her head to Gerto, 'Some of my fondest years were under my two mentors.'.

Estrild says to Gerto 'The Battlebard Betandor taught me everything I can claim to know.'

Gerto says to Estrild 'Well than it sounds to me like those whome pass up the chance of apprenticeship are the onse who are really missing out here.'

Vantaniael exclaims to Gerto 'You could become a bard!'

Estrild exclaims to Gerto 'Good idea!'

Vantaniael says 'No one s-sings in the market anymore'

Estrild asks Vantaniael 'What instrument shall we start him on?'

Palas chuckles, 'We all learned of your exploits, Lioness. The fact is... it is difficult these days to find the ones with qualifications enough to mentor a younger generation. I scarce think any would pass the chance to have't from you.'.

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Oboe'

Gerto says to Vantaniael 'Me? A bard? Oh no, I've no talent what so ever.'

Estrild grins at you, saying brightly, 'Fantastic! So, you *are* a performer then? Did we establish that?'.

Estrild asks you 'Or was that just something we sort of forced on you?'

Estrild looks at you.

Kalaela looks at Estrild.

Kalaela says 'I beg you excuse me. I will be taking my leave for the evening.'

Kalaela bows deeply.

Kalaela limps south.

Palas shakes his head, 'Nay nay, I would call't my trade to perform, be it by song or tale... normally I'd not flaunt my feeble crafts before you, Lioness, but...'.

Estrild scoffs, 'Come now, you haven't even heard me perform. Maybe I'm awful!'.

Estrild winks at you.

Estrild says to you 'You know how gossip lies.'

Estrild says to you 'I'd be glad to hear anything you have.'

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf walks in from the west.

Estrild exclaims to A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf 'Just in time!'

Estrild says to A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf 'My apprentice is about to perform for us.'

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf offers Estrild a courtly bow, 'What? Oh, most excellent.'.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf looks at Estrild.

Palas looks aside, 'It seems I have lost the interest of the young lady I'd been entertaining... it seems clear my art needs work still'.

Estrild smiles at A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf looks at you.

Estrild waves this off, saying to you, 'Nonsense, ladies come and go for bards.'.

Estrild says to you 'A copper a dozen.'

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'What's that they say, 'You can d-do better?''

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'Well put.'

Estrild says to you 'That.'

Vantaniael shrugs under the heavy armour, 'I f-found such advice useless, but it is the tradition'.

Gerto wanders his wat to the fountain and dips his hand in to take a drink.

Gerto drinks water from a mermaid fountain.

Palas smiles despite himself, 'Well, it seems I have little excuse now to do anything but what the Lioness demands of me.'.

Estrild says to Vantaniael 'You should learn from him. Take notes.'

Vantaniael glances at Estrild.

Estrild looks at Vantaniael innocently.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf looks at Vantaniael.

Vantaniael says to Estrild 'Unnecesary. I am never allowed to forget a-anything'

Vantaniael looks at Estrild innocently.

Estrild asks Vantaniael 'How can I resist that face?'

Vantaniael gets a blank look on his face.

Vantaniael listens carefully to you.

Estrild looks at you.

Gerto glances at you.

Palas composes himself, then begins softly, 'Still, I daren't place my own art before that of the Lioness. If I should sing, let it be one by her.'.

Palas continues with a small bow towards Estrild, 'But let it not be said that I've no originality in my work. For though this was originally written for a hymn, I've taken a lighter tune for it, and for that I hope the Lioness takes no offense.'.

Estrild seems a bit taken aback, and inclines her head to you, 'I would be honored to hear a hymn of mine rendered.'.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf claps his hands together gently, watching you.

Gerto hoists himself up ontot he edge of the fountain and sits, watching you.

Rilm walks in from the south.

Vantaniael gets a large red tomato from a shimmering sapphire silk spellpouch.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf looks at Rilm.

Rilm looks at Estrild.

Vantaniael eats a large red tomato.

Estrild looks at Rilm.

Rilm blows a kiss to Estrild.

Estrild winks at Rilm.

Palas spreads his arms then, 'To those gentles present, I beg pardon for my ill preparations. There is nary a harp I carry, so I must sing the song unarmed - but worry not, for 'tis a simple tune.' He then hums out the the melody, two jaunty rhythms of ten beats.

Rilm flutters his eyes in Estrild's direction and he smiles, 'Quite the afternoon, eh?'.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf nods at himself.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf drinks water from a mermaid fountain.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf drinks water from a mermaid fountain.

Estrild chuckles at Rilm, her attention mainly on you, although she lowers her voice to repeat in a murmur, 'Yes, quite.'.

Vantaniael asks Estrild 'Play accompaniment?'

Estrild says, "Bah!" and turns away in contempt.

Estrild stops using crimson leather gloves studded with gold.

Estrild gets a gold leather lyre case decorated with a majestic lion from a brown leather shoulderbag.

Estrild gets a weirwood lyre engraved with a majestic lion from a gold leather lyre case decorated with a majestic lion.

Palas repeats the verse once more in melody, before starting the tune in words, with a soft, steady voice.

Rilm waves his hand nonchalantly in Estrild's direction and he turns to his jacket.

Rilm takes smoked venison from a pocketed under jacket.
Rilm eats smoked venison.

Estrild makes a great show of going as slow as possible when drawing out her instrument while she listens to you.

Palas sings, 'Like the willow whose old branches droop, its hardships many, yet that time can't sway,'.

Rilm pulls a piece of tough jerky from within his robe and he chews on it, cow like, for a few moments.

Palas sings, 'My strength is not from me, I know, and so I kneel now, who never learned to pray.'.

Palas sings, 'Like the bird that chirps in golden notes - a song of praise that heralds in the spring,'.

Palas sings, 'And filled with simple awe and joy and love, I raise my voice, who never learned to sing.'.

Palas raises his voice appropriately, catching the tune at a pace faster but drawing out the second line to keep in rhythm, 'Like the seed that drifts upon the breeze, its hopeful fate held in the hands of chance,'.

Palas sings, 'Believing too, I stand to catch the wind and leap for joy, who never learned to dance.'.

Palas softens slightly then, 'I cannot say for certain love is blind, or that it makes the world turn, but do'.

Palas ends with a mild adjustment to the melody, adding to it a conclusive finish that lingers on the last syllable, '...know simple truths are meant to be revealed. My whole world spins because of you.'.

Estrild's face breaks into a smile, waiting until your finished before putting her hands together to applaud, 'Marvelous! Oh, you have a lovely voice!'.

Estrild gets 12 platinum coins from a shimmering ruby silk money purse.

Estrild gives you 2 platinum coins.

Gerto claps his hands together slowly and grins 'Indeed, a very pleasant preformance.'.

Estrild puts some coins in a shimmering ruby silk money purse.

A midnight blue-eyed male halfelf claps his hands together, 'Well done, goodman. A beautiful rendition.'.

Vantaniael claps his hands together.

You are momentarily distracted by something.

Palas bows grandly, 'Be it warranted or not, I'll gladly take praise from the Lioness, for that is worth more than any coin'.
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Re: Old log I found, in honor of Estrild (circa 2011)

Post by Estrild » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:25 am

I popped in at a really coincidental time to say I am flattered and adore you.

Here I wrote you this poem:

Isolrem I love the most
'cause he flattered me in a post
I popped by to say hi
and this caught my eye
bc we all know I like to boast

or something, look you get what you get
Estrild scoffs the rest of the bread before it can come up with a response.
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