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Bribe programs

Bribe progs are triggered by the giving of coins to the mobile.

>bribe_prog 1000~
sayto $n Fare Thee Well $n.  
sayto $n I hear that in Faerdale a young hero is needed. 
mpecho The priest utters a few strange words. 
mpecho The priest reaches into a pouch and throws something onto the ground. 
mpechoat $n You cough and splutter at the smoke that rises up from the ground. 
mpechoat $n You find yourself elsewhere! 
mpechoaround $n The smoke produced makes you cough and splutter. 
mpechoaround $n You look up and $N is gone! 
mptransfer $n 28464 
mpat 28464 mpforce $n look

This prog WAS on the Priest of Ilmater in Waterdeep. If he is given the equivalent of 1000 copper he will perform his program of several echos and transfering the PC to the Master of Faerdale. The amount of the bribe prog is always in copper. What you tell the players is up to you. For instance in this case, 10 gold works, or 5 platinum, or 1000 copper, or 100 silver, or 50 electrum. However, despite this it is a good idea to give players a definative amount to work with.

>bribe_prog 50~
mpechoat $n The captain guides you aboard his ferry.
mpechoaround $n The Captain guides $N aboard his ferry.
mpecho The Captain pushes off across the river.
mpechoat $n Before you know it you are at the other side of the river.
mptransfer $n 15102
mpat 15102 mpforce $n look

This program is on the ferry master on one side of the river in Zazesspur. For 50 copper or the equivalent he will transfer the player from one side of the river to the other. Notice that he forces the player to look at the other side.