On-line Builder's lessons

This page is an index of all lesson topics related to building areas in the Forgotten Kingdoms (FK) game. Please report out of date topics or dead links to the builder administrators via our Bug Reporting forum.

Building Tools

  • Textpad - An excellent text editing program for builders.

General Area Lessons and Area Design information

OLC Sources and lessons

  • OLC Commands - A guide written by Dalvyn (former FK area administrator) to the basic OLC commands used in most building on FKMud.

Area templates and main headers

  • Area Template - A listing of all the headers and sections in an area file.
  • Area Sample - A sample area with sample mobs, objects, rooms and resets.
  • Area Sample (2) - A sample area designed to help explain quests and QBITs.
  • Header flags - What do each of the header flags do?
  • Justice System - What do you need to do to make the justice system work in your area?

#MOBILES section

#OBJECTS section

#ROOMS section

#SHOPS section and #REPAIRS section

#RESETS section

#SPECIALS section

#QUESTS section

Mud Programs

Other lessons

Helpful general building links


  • Off-line Builder's Lessons - An older version of the builder lessons in PDF format courtesy of Arnof. (This is now out-of-date, but still useful.)