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Mobile size and gold

Size - Size is not determined by the builder. The size of your mobile is determined by the race of the mobile. That way all goblins will be small, and all giants large. Use the showrace command on the testport to see what size a particular race is.

Gold - As a builder you do not set the coins that the mobile carrys in the actual mobile code. For simple mobiles coin is calculated automatically depending on what the settings are for coins in the race file. For unique mobiles it is set with resets. See the lesson about Coin Resets for more information on how to give mobiles coins. Please be reasonable in the amount of coin given to your unique mobiles. If you are unsure as to the amount to give, then you can type showrace racename on the test mud to see what the standard coinage is for that race. As a rule of thumb the coinage amount is based on 10 copper per level. Dragon type mobs obviously will have more than that.