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Textpad is a general text editor program is the best windows program that I have found for building. It shows line numbers and is a fixed font, making it easier to work out an 80 character screen width. Textpad can be downloaded at textpad.com. Textpad is free to evaluate and can be evaluated indefinitely (but if you can afford it please support them).

Textpad Font Enhancer

This add on package was created by Dalvyn and fiddled with by Mystra. It is a wonderful tool because it tells you at a glance when you have typo'd an area flag. It colourises various flags in textpad for you, making it easier to read your area file.

  • Download the area.syn file here.
  • Place the area.syn file in the system subfolder of your textpad folder in program files.
  • Then in the textpad program, select Configure, New Document Class.
  • Choose a name for the class (area files or something like that), Class members should be *.are, then choose 'Enable syntax highlighting' and select the file areas.syn.
  • Now, to choose the colours for the different classes of keywords, choose Configure, Preferences, Document classes, Area files, then the 'color' section.