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Area Submission Process

1. Submit an Application to Build

You must submit an application via our Applications subforum. You can find an example application in help example building application. The key to a successful application is to explain how your area will provide other players the opportunity to adventure and role-play, but there is no guarantee that your application will be approved.

2. Begin Building

You will receive specific instructions if and when your idea is approved. You will either begin to build on your own, off-line, or you will be given instructions on how to begin building on our test port with the On-line Creation (OLC) system.

3. Submit Your Area for Initial Review

If you are building on-line then this is simple: you need only notify an area administrator that you are ready for your initial review. They will look your area over and point you in the right direction to finish up via specific guidance. If you are building off-line then you will submit your file to an area administrator for his review. He will review it and assign you VNUMs, set you up on the test port, and enable you to complete your project there.

4. Complete Your Area

Complete your area based upon guidance and corrections from the area administrators.

5. Submit Your Area for Final Review

One or more area administrators will review and test your area for functionality and format (e.g. spelling, color use, etc.). This will be a back and forth where they will identify issues and provide the descriptions of the problems to you, the builder; it will be your responsibility to fix them, but the administrators will help you if you are stumped. Caveat fabricator: everything is subject to approval or disapproval by the administrators.

6. Add Your Area to the Game

Your area will be added to the game port. Upon completion of testing and corrections, you will be asked to apply any final details necessary (e.g. connections to outside areas). You will also be asked for information to complete a help file and an area announcement. Your area will become a part of the game when all these things are complete.

7. Revisions

Do not plan for later revisions, but if they become necessary then one of two things will happen: first, an area administrator may just repair a simple issue, or, secondly, an area administrator will send you an up-to-date copy of your area and ask you to make the changes.