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Object layers

Various wear locations can be layered. That means that the character can wear up to three layers in the one location. Not all locations can be layered. For a list of locations that can be layered, refer to the locations listing. To set the layer of the object refer to the table in the Item Types Listing to see which value is reserved for the items layers.

LAYER_ALL 10 Nothing else can be worn with the item in the same locations.
LAYER_UNDER 11 Worn under armour. Such as padding and under clothes.
LAYER_ARMOR 12 Actual armor. It can have something worn under and over it.
LAYER_OVER 13 Can be worn over armour. Like robes.

Values CANNOT any combination of the above. You can only choose one of the above layers.

When choosing a material for an item at a certain layer level, make sure it makes sense. For instance layer under items will tend to be made of cloth, and not steel or leather. Layer over items will also tend to be cloth. Because of game balance, layer over and layer under items that are made of material stronger than cloth will be rare. Anything else will only be allowed to be made with area administrator approval.