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Builders notes on dwellings

This lesson contains information needed for the making of mobs and objects specific for dwellings. Most builders will never need to use this information as most of the dwelling work is done by the builder admins.

Dwelling Mob Type Wages

Certain mob types in dwellings perform special functions. For instance a servant reduces the cost of repairs each month. In order for the code to know what type of mob is in the dwelling it looks at the wage rate. The wage rate of the mob needs to be set to that rate. The following is a list of mob types and the wage rates:

  • Servants - 299 copper per month
  • Cooks - 298 copper per month

Dwelling Special Mob Fields

Mobs that are for hire in dwellings have fields that must be set. All dwelling mobs must be unique as the code uses the line of 5 zeros after the mob stats line. These are defined here on after as Value0 to Value4 from left to right.

  • Value0 == This is set by the game when the mob is hired to the treasury room of the player that has hired the mob.
  • Value1 == This is the mobs wages each month in copper. Certain mob types like servants must have this value set to a predetermined amount in order for them to function correctly.
  • Value2 == This is the vnum of their hire room. This is the room they will go back to if they have been dismissed or they quit for not being paid.

Dwellings use the 40000 to 41000 vnum block presently. Hire costs are set by progs on the mob itself.

Dwelling Book Shops

Bards will be able to purchase books from a publishing house at 25% of the value of the book. They can then place the book in their shop storeroom for sale and make around 25% profit. Each bard has their own publisher, most should be in Tym Waterdeep Limited on Book Street.

Bards are told they may only sell in their own shop, not to other shop-keepers. All sales of the book from the publisher are logged. If we find bards abusing this system the bard will no longer be able to sell their own books in their shop.