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Trap types

See the lessons on making traps and putting traps in resets for more information on using these types. A current list of traps can be seen by typing showtraps on the testport with your builder character. More information about the trap can be seen by typing showtrap #.

TTYPE_NONE 0No trap at all
TTYPE_SPIKE_MINOR 1 a minor spike trap : 5d6/PIERCE on CHAR
TTYPE_SPIKE_AVERAGE 2 an average spike trap : 10d6/PIERCE on CHAR
TTYPE_SPIKE_STRONG 3 a strong spike trap : 15d6/PIERCE on CHAR
TTYPE_SPIKE_DEADLY 4 a deadly spike trap : 25d6/PIERCE on CHAR
TTYPE_BLADE_MINOR 5 a minor spinning blade trap : 5d6/SLASH on CHAR
TTYPE_BLADE_AVERAGE 6 an average spinning blade trap : 10d6/SLASH on CHAR
TTYPE_BLADE_STRONG 7 a strong spinning blade trap : 15d6/SLASH on CHAR
TTYPE_BLADE_DEADLY 8 a deadly spinning blade trap : 25d6/SLASH on CHAR
TTYPE_STONE_MINOR 9 a minor falling stone trap : 5d6/BASH on CHAR
TTYPE_STONE_AVERAGE 10 an average falling stone trap : 10d6/BASH on CHAR
TTYPE_STONE_STRONG 11 a strong falling stone trap : 15d6/BASH on CHAR
TTYPE_STONE_DEADLY 12 a deadly falling stone trap : 25d6/BASH on CHAR
TTYPE_ACID_MINOR 13 a minor acid trap : 5d8/ACID on CHAR
TTYPE_ACID_AVERAGE 14 an average acid trap : 10d8/ACID on CHAR
TTYPE_ACID_STRONG 15 a strong acid trap : 15d8/ACID on CHAR
TTYPE_ACID_DEADLY 16 a deadly acid trap : 25d8/ACID on CHAR
TTYPE_FROST_MINOR 17 a minor frost trap : 10d4/COLD on CHAR
TTYPE_FROST_AVERAGE 18 an average frost trap : 20d4/COLD on CHAR
TTYPE_FROST_STRONG 19 a strong frost trap : 30d4/COLD on CHAR
TTYPE_FROST_DEADLY 20 a deadly frost trap : 50d4/COLD on CHAR
TTYPE_FIRE_MINOR 21 a minor fire trap : 10d4/FIRE on CHAR
TTYPE_FIRE_AVERAGE 22 an average fire trap : 20d4/FIRE on CHAR
TTYPE_FIRE_STRONG 23 a strong fire trap : 30d4/FIRE on CHAR
TTYPE_FIRE_DEADLY 24 a deadly fire trap : 50d4/FIRE on CHAR
TTYPE_ELECTRICITY_MINOR 25 a minor electrical trap : 8d6/ELECTRICITY on CHAR
TTYPE_ELECTRICITY_AVERAGE 26 an average electrical trap : 16d6/ELECTRICITY on CHAR
TTYPE_ELECTRICITY_STRONG 27 a strong electrical trap : 25d6/ELECTRICITY on CHAR
TTYPE_ELECTRICITY_DEADLY 28 a deadly electrical trap : 42d6/ELECTRICITY on CHAR
TTYPE_NEG_ENERGY_MINOR 29 a minor negative energy trap : 8d8/HEALING on CHAR
TTYPE_NEG_ENERGY_AVERAGE 30 an average negative energy trap : 16d8/HEALING on CHAR
TTYPE_NEG_ENERGY_STRONG 31 a strong negative energy trap : 25d8/HEALING on CHAR
TTYPE_NEG_ENERGY_DEADLY 32 a deadly negative energy trap : 42d8/HEALING on CHAR
TTYPE_SPELL_RAZORBAIT 33 a razorbait spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_SWORDBAIT 34 a swordbait spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_WINTER_MIST 35 a winter mist spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_BLAZEBANE 36 a blazebane spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CHARGED_BEACON 37 a charged beacon spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_WEAKEN 38 a weaken spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_FUMBLE 39 a fumble spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CURSE 40 a curse spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ILL_FORTUNE 41 an ill fortune spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_BLINDNESS 42 a blindness spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ENTANGLE 43 an entangle spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_HOLD_MONSTER 44 a hold monster spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_RAINBOW_PATTERN 45 a rainbow pattern spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_COLOR_SPRAY 46 a color spray spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_FAERIE_FIRE 47 a faerie fire spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_POISON 48 a poison spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_DISPEL_MAGIC 49 a dispel magic spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CAUSE_LIGHT 50 a cause light spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CAUSE_SERIOUS 51 a cause serious spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CAUSE_CRITICAL 52 a cause critical spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_HARM 53 a harm spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_SHOCKING_GRASP 54 a shocking grasp spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_BURNING_HANDS 55 a burning hands spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CHILL_TOUCH 56 a chill touch spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_MAGIC_MISSILE 57 a magic missile spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ACID_ARROW 58 an acid arrow spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_FLAME_ARROW 59 a flame arrow spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_FLAMESTRIKE 60 a flamestrike spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_PHOENIX_CLAW 61 a phoenix claw spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_FIREBALL 62 a fireball spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_SOUND_BURST 63 a sound burst spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ACID_BLAST 64 an acid blast spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_LIGHTNING_BOLT 65 a lightning bolt spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CHAIN_LIGHTNING 66 a chain lightning spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_CONE_OF_COLD 67 a cone of cold spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ICE_STORM 68 an ice storm spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_ENERGY_DRAIN 69 an energy drain spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_PHANTASMAL_KILLER 70 a phantasmal killer spell trap
TTYPE_SPELL_DISINTEGRATE 71 a disintegrate spell trap