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Trap resets

See the lessons on making traps, trap triggers and trap types for more information on using traps in your area. A current list of traps can be seen by typing showtraps on the testport with your builder character. More information about the trap can be seen by typing showtrap #.


If placed after a D reset it is applied to the exit. If placed after an object (O,G,E,P,H) reset its applied to the object.

[1|0] 1 is reset after repop. 0 is never reset after the first time.

TTYPE_ is the trap type. We can add these as easily as spells or races.

# is the number of times it can be triggered per reset.

TRIGGER is the things that trigger it. See the Trap Triggers lesson for a list of Trap Triggers. If two of the triggers are used it will only trigger once. So when coded, the lowest level trigger should be used, ie no need to use TRIGGER_PICK and TRIGGER_UNLOCK because anything that triggers PICK will also trigger unlock.

Example Trap


The T reset can be placed after a door reset, and it will be on that door, or it can be placed after a O reset and the trap will be on that object.

Refer to the door and object resets lessons for more information.

The trap will trigger after anything is done with the door or object: get, open, shove etc. No door needed for door resets so will trigger on move, open door, unlock etc.

The trap will reload once.

Thieves and perhaps some other guilds are able to set traps in the game with the detrap skill.

Builders can make traps for sale in the game. See the other trap lessons for more information.

If you as a builder cannot find a trap that you want in the game, you can submit a trap design to the builders admins in the following format. Use the example as your base.

Name a strong negative energy trap~ 
DamageType SD_HEALING 
DNum 25
DType 8
Learnmod 8
Expmod 60
Level 40
Skill blindness~

Use either the dnum (number of damage dice) and dtype (number of sides on the dice) or the skill (spell or skill coded into the game). A trap will either do specific damage or utilise a coded spell or skill in the game to do its damage/affects.