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Stabling programs

PC's with pets and mounts like to be able to stable them in a safe place, so they are not killed or stolen from. If you put a stables in your area you are encouraged to have this aspect to your stables.

A stable that sells pets AND stables them will need to have 3 rooms allocated to it. The main room where the buying, selling, and paying for the stabling is done. The second room, which must be the next vnum after the first, where pets are sold, and then a third room, that is not able to be entered by normal means, where PC mounts and pets are stored.

stable selune oracle tristi~
{C0}Tristi grooms a horse here.
{C0}A tall and slender elven woman who works with the horses in
the temple. She has a rare touch with them that some claim is
nearly magical.
>greet_prog 100~
sayto $n For 1 gold coin, I can stable your horse.
>bribe_prog 100~
mptransfer $n 22891 pet
mpat 22891 mptransfer $n 22889
sayto $n Here you go.  
sayto $n Give me this token when you want your mount back.
mpechoat $n $I hands you a starstone token.
mpechoaround $n $I hands $N a starstone token.
mpechoat $n $I leads your mount off to a private stall.
mpechoaround $n $I leads $N's mount off to a private stall.
mpoload 22892
mpgive i22892 $n
mpjunk all
>give_prog i22892~
sayto $n Very well, let me get your mount.
mpecho $I heads out to the back of the stables.
mptransfer $n 22891
mpat 22891 mptransfer $n 22889 pet
mpechoat $n $I leads your mount out to you.
mpechoaround $n $I leads $N's mount out to $m.
mpjunk i22892

This mob sits in the main room where pets are sold. She doesn't sell anything else because if she did it would actually interfere with the code to sell pets, that is set on that room. When the PC gives coin to stable their mount, they are given an object, a token of some sort that indicates to the PC where they have stabled their mount. The PC AND mount and pet are transferred to the storage room, and then the PC is transferred back out alone. As there are no mpforces to look, this action is not visable to the PC.

When the PC wants their pet/mount back, they give the object to the mobile. The mobile then transfers only the PC to the storage room and then transfers the PC with pets back out to the main room. Again this is not a visable thing to the PC.