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Quest rewards

On Forgotten Kingdoms we have two main types of quests. Immortal run quests and area driven quests. Rewards for doing quests depend on the difficulty of the quest. We have no set guide lines or rules, but we ask that common sense be used. If we find that the rewards for an area driven quest are too high we will get the builder to change them.

A player can recieve more than just objects as a reward. Possible rewards include:

  • Magical Objects Magical objects are objects that have applies added to them or a special object program that gives the object a magical aspect. Magical objects are not very common and should be hard to find. Potions and scrolls are reguarded as magical objects.
  • High Quality Objects These include objects made of rare and expensive materials such as mithril and adamantite. We do not want objects made of these materials very common in the game so they are suitable reward for hard quests. Objects made from exotic materials should be from suitable quests. For instance a dwarven quest would yeild Mithril armour, and an elven quest elven chain and so forth. We want most of our mithril and elven chain items to come from the trades system, from players who work hard at the trades. It gives more value to the items. So these kinds of items should not be freely available in shops, but should be rare quest rewards.
  • Favor/Favour If the quest is deity related favour can be given or taken away. It is important to use mpmadd to current favour rather than mpmset.
  • Glory Points For most quests we would like to see glory points given. A simple two step quest will most likely not earn a quest point. The amount of quest points given depends on the difficulty of the quest. Players can then use accumulated quest points for special things like getting stat points at Aurora's. Generally quest points given range from 1 to 3 points depending on the difficulty of the quest.
  • Experience Killing mobiles shouldn't be the only way to earn experience and quests should be a good source of experience, especially at the higher levels. You can either use mpmadd exp and give a specific amount or use mpreward to give exp that is calculated by hard code based on level and so on.
  • Gold Our aim on Forgotten Kingdoms is to have gold mean something. So giving gold as a reward to a quest can be worthwhile. For instance escorting a VIP from one city to another will be a common way to give gold as a reward.
  • Alignment You can alter an characters HIDDEN alignment. There are two fields that are visable to deities only. The lawful and the good field. This is what we check to see that a character is acting like its CHOSEN alignment. If a player does an evil quest then both their good and their lawful should be lowered. Only use mpmadd not mpmset with the lawful and good fields.
  • Skills If the quest is teaching a trade skill, then you can reward the PC with a small amount of skill level in that skill. Some quests might teach a skill outside of a class and you can reward them accordingly. This kind of reward should be cleared with the Area admins first.