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Mobile feat trainers

The code for making a feats trainer is similar to the code for other skills. But instead of costing gold and experience, it costs gold and a feat point. Characters recieve 1 feat point every 5 levels. If a mobile teaches a feat it will show up with the "train" command. Most feats can only be trained once, as in they use one feat point. So in general, the first number is going to be 1. There are a couple of exceptions to this. Like toughness. The character can train this feat more than once. So you can use a number up to 5 for the number of times the mobile is prepared to train this feat with the character. The second number like with other skills etc, is the price factor.

Some feats are regionally restricted or restricted in other ways. Read the help file of a feat before putting it on a mob to make sure they should be able to train it.

We can make our dwarf teach improved bash. Refer to the Feats Listing for a list of feats that can be taught by mobiles. It is important to check the help files for each feat before using it on a trainer. Some feats have restrictions on who can learn them. For instance some feats are only good for characters from specific locations and you will want to not train those feats if your mobile is not from those locations.

smelly dwarf short~
{30}a short smelly dwarf~
{30}A short smelly dwarf is drinking an ale here.~
{30}He is very short for a dwarf with dark hair and a dark beard.  He has a
stubby nose and beady eyes.  His hands are large and calloused from
many hours of work at the forge.  He is of a very sturdy build with arms
and legs like small tree trunks. Be sure to hold your nose as he stinks!
d10+2 500
13 13 13 13 13 13 13
0 0 0 0 0
%1 5 improved bash~
>fight_prog 15~
say By Moradin's Hammer I will defeat you!