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Mobile trade trainers

Trades are not trained like any other skill in the game. Our policy is that they require a quest to learn. And the reward from the quest is a couple of points or so in the trade skill. Often a character can do more than one quest in the same trade and thereby improve his or her skill by doing the quest and not just by actually working the trade. Please note that the code for the trades skills are within mobile programs, not in the skills listing of what the mobile trains.

The command to give the character a skill point in the trade they are doing or have done the quest in is as follows:

mppractice $n 5 tradename

For example mppractice $n 5 mining will give one point in the trade and only if the PC has no more than 5 skill points in the trade already. The low number is ideal for low level quests expected to be the first quest that a PC will complete in that trade. That number will have to be raised for quests that characters can do in addition to other quests in that trade. It also depends on what kind of abilities the mobile has. If the mobile is not a master in their trade, then they should not be able to teach those are better in the skill than they are. If you want to give more than one point in the trade, then you will have to repeat the command in the program.

For a listing on available trades see the trades list. Also if you want to put a trades quest in your area you should run it past the Area Administrators FIRST.