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Trades listing

Please make sure to speak with the Area Administrators before adding any trade quests to your area. The first statistic in the listing is the statisit that most affects that trade, and the second statistic affects the trade, but not to the same degree as the first.

appraise       (Int,Wis)   armorsmithing  (Str,Dex)
fletching      (Dex,Str)   lapidary       (Dex,Lck)
leathermaking  (Dex,Str)   logging        (Lck,Str)
mining         (Lck,Str)   smelting       (Str,Con)
tanning        (Dex,Str)   weaponsmithing (Str,Dex)
woodworking    (Str,Dex)   clothmaking    (Dex,Str)
herbalism      (Wis,Dex)   tailoring      (Dex,Wis)